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Bringing Startup Ideas

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Bringing good food to your kitchen and your home.


A startup that wants to make the process of bringing a new child into the world as seamless as possible.


A tool that helps brands looking to engage with influencers. The company claims to be able to find influencers in any niche, bringing them into a social network.


A startup that’s bringing equity crowdfunding to the US.


A startup that wants to help people find and hire home cleaners who are local, and who have the right experience. They want to help the market for home cleaning, which often lacks liquidity, by bringing order and transparency to the market.


The startup is looking to help small businesses grow by connecting them with customers, and bringing them together.


A platform that helps small businesses manage their finances by bringing together all their bank accounts and credit cards into one dashboard for employees, and for employees to request payments.


Bringing the consumer’s head into the product design process by using 3D printing.


A project management app for iOS. Per the startup, it’s a “new kind of project management app,” and they see it as a “platform for bringing order to the chaos of distributed teams.”


A Chinese-based startup that’s working on bringing a streamlining to the process of applying for a loan.


This startup is building an all-in-one platform for Fintech services, with the goal of bringing them all under one roof.


Just like Uber, which allows you to summon a car at any time, this startup wants to allow anyone to get a ride at any time. Currently focused on bringing services to the campus.


A company hoping to make it easier for companies to own and manage their IP, bringing a digital licensing alternative to the enterprise. The company is based in NYC, has raised $1.5 million, and is looking to use the funding to expand.


This startup’s idea is a combination of a travel guide with an Instagram feed where you can find unique places to eat and stay. The company is working on bringing in new geographies and businesses to get more exposure.


A company that makes whiskey-inspired food and drink, with the goal of bringing new flavors to the market.


The startup is bringing its AI to 100,000 small businesses in Germany and the Netherlands to help them run better.


A tool for bringing together the various employees in the supply chain of a product. The platform is meant to help manage the complexity of supply chains, which include multiple suppliers, and to keep a closer eye on the supply chain.


A startup for groups to build online communities, with the goal of saving money on travel and bringing people together in more meaningful ways.


This startup is building a platform that helps brands to create a distinctive voice in the digital landscape, bringing a familiar brand experience to a digital platform. It’s basically a quiz app that allows brands to build their own personality profiles to bring to the web.


A startup that’s building a unique product for the retail industry, an online marketplace for bringing in contractors to remodel your home or help you get around town.


A startup that wants to help people book last-minute flights and hotels by bringing together factors like price, travel time, and flight delays.


The startup is simplifying the process of encrypting files by bringing high-end encryption to small businesses, with an API that lets developers create their own encryption tools.


A “tame” version of the Snapchat app, focused on bringing its features to one’s phone.


A tool for patient-doctor communication. The startup was founded by a Harvard MD who saw a need to improve communication between patients and physicians. The company is already collecting patient data in some markets, and will be bringing the product to the US in the next couple of months.


A crowdfunded fundraising platform for startups. The startup wants to help startups get better funding, and wants to do it by bringing together investors and startups.


A platform for bringing together all the parts of an event — from venue, to catering, to security, to entertainment — into a centralized dashboard.


A smart contract platform for real estate, with the goal of bringing the real estate market to parity with the stock market.


A startup that aims to make it easier for independent contractors to build and manage their own online profiles, bringing a more personal, social and trusted experience to a traditionally impersonal service.


A chatbot for cleaning services that can be used by small employers, bringing a bit of automation to a very manual process.


A list-management app for restaurants. The company is focused on bringing a reasonable price to the market for customers who want to see a list of all the restaurants in their area, and offering a platform to send out reminders to the wait staff.


A startup that’s bringing Bitcoin into the physical world, with a prepaid debit card and a physical debit card. The founders want to make Bitcoin universally usable, and are building a physical card to use at stores, ATMs, and anywhere else.


A digital banking platform for Puerto Rico, bringing a mobile-first approach to the island.


A tool for bringing employees together. The tool allows you to add tasks by dragging and dropping from an online spreadsheet to a shared Google Drive.


Idea : This app and service helps urban planners and developers figure out what to do with empty lots, bringing a social element that allows neighbors to decide what to do.


A startup that aims to bring more transparency into the sharing economy by bringing more accountability to on-demand services.


A food delivery app for restaurants and food trucks, with the goal of helping them cut down on wasted food by bringing it right to the front door.


Idea: Bringing the first new generation cryptocurrency to the real world


The startup wants to make self-controlled health management a reality by bringing patients to doctors once they’ve self-monitored and measured their health regularly.


A software-as-a-service platform for startups that helps them collaborate more efficiently by bringing their office into one place.


Idea: This is the company behind the Bodega app, which calls itself a “Bodega box that comes with a free human.” The startup is building an app for small convenience stores in order to make shopping for milk, eggs, and other items more convenient. Its founders are betting that by bringing in a human to help customers, they’ll be able to differentiate from other convenience stores.