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Both Startup Ideas

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A startup to find and buy used furniture, which makes the process easier for both buyers and sellers. The company is currently in beta, with the site having been live on a small scale for just over a year.


Two different hardware startups that aim to help businesses set up a server farm on the cheap. Both claim their products are the lowest-cost solution for businesses looking to set up a private cloud.


A payment system that works with both cash and digital currency.


A platform that allows both consumer and business users to collect and share data about their lives with the goal of helping them improve their health and save money.


A platform that makes it easy for restaurants to streamline the food order process for both customers and their back-of-house staff.


A company that builds the “Airbnb for internships”, connecting students with companies looking for summer interns. It’s a platform that allows both internships to be created and offers a marketplace for applications.


A digital insurance company that enables companies to offer health plans. It’s currently working with both employers and individuals.


A tool to create a photo-realistic simulation of an office environment with a 3D avatar. Its founders say it’s the first 3D avatar platform that is both accessible and real-time.


A startup that is building a mobile app to help connect owners of both old and new cars in a seamless way, using data from the car itself and from the cloud to provide information.


This startup is building a payment platform to help rural local businesses accept credit cards. The startup is based in the Philippines and has been working with both credit cards and bank-issued debit cards in the country.


A “cool” conference that focuses on both thought leadership and new technological trends.


A tool for users to organize and plan their life and finances. The app also considers what people need and what they want to have, and then it suggests the most optimal way to get them both.


Plans to help businesses and individuals, both in the US and abroad, to pay for their healthcare with Bitcoin.


This search engine is trying to build the next generation of search results, with a focus on both social media and deep links.


A venture for helping people find and book cheap flights on both domestic and international flights. The startup is a spin-off of co-founder and CEO Zachary Mider’s previous startup, which is also focused on domestic flights.


A company that makes both low-cost and premium products for the fashion industry. The premium products include the T-shirt, the slim-fit denim, and the leather jacket. The company is also manufacturing a line of eyewear, and it recently launched a line of knitwear for women.


An all-purpose tool for both small and large businesses, for everything from invoicing to asset management. The business is currently doing $20M in annual sales.


Launched in August, this is an open-source chatbot that can handle both finance and consumer-facing business.


A startup that helps optimize your marketing campaigns, including both online and offline.


This startup is building a new approach to accounting where companies can be both the “source” and “destination” of revenue, for the purpose of calculating tax liabilities.


This startup is building a platform for sharing pictures of food. It’s simple and turns the act of eating into a social activity. It’s a way to get people together around food and helps businesses promote their products in a way that’s both fun and useful.


A tool that allows people to register for events, including those who are not currently able to attend. Like Meetup, it’s meant to help people find and attend events both in person and online.


A data-driven research and reporting platform for companies to help them do in-depth research. The company is building for both business use and academia, with a focus on the latter.


 A company that looks to make shared apartments more profitable, both for landlords and renters.


Asana is building an application for managing recurring meetings in a way that makes it easy for both attendees and hosts. They’re building out a dashboard for meeting organizers that helps them schedule meetings across personas and different time zones, and alerts them when meetings are about to start or end.


A mobile device management company, whose software allows businesses to track and manage both physical and electronic devices.


A software platform that allows people to buy and sell shares in companies for free or with as little as $5. The company is looking to compete with both traditional brokerages and stock exchanges like NASDAQ and the NYSE.


A sports team management company that’s been in business since 2012. It works with teams in both the US and Europe in terms of managing their rosters, travel, and other team-related needs.


The startup is building a platform for genomics data that is both more accessible, and more useful in the long run than other existing options. They are digitizing research from thousands of articles to make their platform the definitive source for scientific information.


A platform to make it easier for creative professionals to collaborate with clients. Both parties can share and comment on the project, and get feedback/input from others in the community.


A platform that connects employers and job seekers, letting both sides build a profile of the other, and then matching candidates with the right employer.


A new type of video chat that includes a “super-fast camera” and instant zoom. The company wants to build a video chat experience that can be both more intimate and more powerful than the current line of video chat apps.


A startup that is building out a system to help people invest in both the stock market and their own homes, with a goal of making investing affordable for everyone.


A platform for the entertainment industry to showcase talent, with a focus on both live events and social media stars. The company is looking to build out a 20,000-person network for talent.


 “A personal assistant for the last mile: an AI-powered tool that serves the last mile of travel needs of both humans and machines.” The startup, which was founded in May, seeks to take on the likes of Uber and Lyft with a new platform designed for last-mile travel.


A mobile app that allows users to report and receive ride-hailing pickups in real time, and to track the progress of drivers as they carry out both scheduled and unscheduled pickups.


Build a business that brings the customer service model to the cannabis industry, and helps the industry better serve their customers by creating a network that supports the needs of both the consumer and the industry.


This company wants to be a payment platform for businesses that want to accept cards from both Visa and Mastercard, including Square of course.


A tool to help businesses manage both the financial, and human aspects of their businesses. Businesses can use the tool to manage their customer relationships, manage their revenue, and create and communicate with their teams.


A startup that collects data about office space and lets landlords and tenants decide if both would be a good fit.


This startup is creating a platform for financial markets that can be accessed and used by both startups and big financial firms.


Not just a one-click solution for saving and transferring contacts, but a true platform for managing them. It allows users to create branded groups of contacts, and then schedule calls among them. It’s ad-free, secure and can be used on both iOS and Android.


A company developing a wireless, easy-to-install smart lock for houses. The product is designed to work with both traditional deadbolts and smart locks.


This company is building a platform that helps people manage and grow their wealth for retirement. It’s a robo-advisor that works with both individual investors and large investment funds.


An on-demand on-demand surgery service. Patients go to a hospital, get a procedure done, and go home the same day. The company is still bootstrapped, but has been working with both the UK government and the NHS.


This startup is working on a new type of storage for the connected home, where it can be both a sort of “in-home cloud” as well as an “in-home NAS”.


This startup is building a way to collaborate on a schedule that combines current project management concepts like Trello with the concept of a “workflow”, a name that describes a way to organize work in a way that’s both intuitive and structured. The company’s first project was building a lightweight but robust version of GitHub’s Jira.


A tool for editing photos and videos in the cloud, meant both for professionals and for anyone looking to preserve their work.


A charging station for electric vehicles that includes charging stations for both Tesla’s and Nissan’s vehicles.


A plan to build a messaging app that’ll be a hybrid of Slack and WhatsApp. The founders say that messaging apps are the fastest growing apps in the world, and that they want to create something that’s better than both.


 This is a company that has done a lot of research on the best way to get a message across to people in different places. They decided that one of the best ways was to create a system that is both language and location-agnostic, and designed to be culturally sensitive. They’ve put that system to work for a variety of companies, including a hotel chain, a coffee company, and a plastic surgery center.


This is a marketplace for buyers and sellers of vintage clothing, with the goal of helping both sides find more efficient ways to do business. The startup is working with a brick and mortar store in Amsterdam.


A platform for companies to integrate their CRM and HR systems into one, with the goal of saving both time and money for the company.


A startup for long-term rentals, allowing renters to find a home and a landlord to find the right tenant. Both sides can be verified by credit checks and the landlord can maintain control over the rental.


A tool that helps fuel station cashiers and shopkeepers make accurate purchases from in-store kiosks, and creates new revenue opportunities for both.


A startup that aims to solve the problem of long-distance relationships between people who are both working in the tech industry. The app takes advantage of voice and video chat to help people remain connected to one another.


This startup wants to make the process of renting a car easier for both renters and car rental companies. Their product, which they call “the first car sharing app”, allows users to book a car with just a few taps.


A web-based app that allows truckers to both hire and manage their drivers remotely. The company is also working on an app for drivers to manage their trucks remotely, and to improve safety in their trucks.


An alternative to the pay-per-click model of web advertising that’s based on a subscription model rather than a pay-per-click scheme. It’s pitching itself as a way for both marketers and consumers to get the information they want.


A startup that’s building a video chat app for people on the go. The startup is building a chat app that works on both Android and iOS.


The startup is building a platform for developers to create tools that help identify and prevent fraud for both consumers and businesses.


A combination of a private messaging app and a dating app, allowing users to send and receive text messages from both their phones and an app.


A company that wants to make it easier to sell stuff online, both on Amazon’s platform and on your own website.


A platform for D2C transactions that lets users set up payment and delivery on the same platform. The company claims that, because it includes both sides of the transaction, it’s easier for the companies to manage.


A restaurant search engine that uses both Yelp and Zagat.


A $15,000 tool to help people purchase and sell their cars, alongside their current vehicles, and get the most money for both. The founders of this startup say that people are willing to spend up to $80,000 to get a new car, but are not willing to spend the same amount on their current ones.


A software company that provides a platform to help companies sell their products and services to governments, nonprofits, and businesses. The platform allows for both quotes and payments to be made.


A mobile payments solution for mobile network operators (think AT&T and Verizon). The mobile payments startup wants to be the first mobile payments platform to offer both mobile network operators and mobile carriers a platform to build mobile payments solutions.


A small team of developers who specialize in both front-end and back-end development. The startup is looking to build a web platform to integrate data from other sources into Tableau. They’re currently $5,000 in debt.


A studio based in Australia that wants to use its expertise in motion design to help brands create new products, both physical and digital.


A startup that allows companies to deliver a customer service experience that is both efficient and personable. The startup is a spinoff of a company called Customer.io, where the founders had to implement a customer service software for a customer support company.


A startup that helps people learn how to work with their finances, both in one-on-one sessions, and through a “follow-along” plan. They’re launching their beta in mid-May.


A platform that brings together employers and job seekers, helping both sides stay informed of opportunities and manage their careers through an online dashboard.


A process that makes it easier to ship and track packages, for both consumers and businesses. They aim to use the same technology that's in most FedEx and UPS sorting centers to create a more streamlined process for businesses and delivery agencies.


A new mobile payment system that allows users to split a bill on their mobile phone, and pay both parties.


A 3-day conference for both founders and investors. It’s a conference for people who have acquired startups at some point in their career and want to learn from others.


This company is building a platform that connects real estate agents with short-term rentals, making it easier for agents to make money. The startup's founders are both previous Airbnb employees.


A way to report fraud, which is a huge problem for both the customer and the store — especially when it happens over the phone.


A new way to source and source product, both for offline sellers and online shoppers.


A startup for freelance work, available for both employers and employees.


A startup that helps employees manage their medical benefits, offering both the ability to manage the entire process at their fingertips and an automated process that could save employers up to 70% of the cost of doing it themselves.


The startup’s product is a one-step process for exporting data from a patient’s electronic health record. It’s designed to be both easy to use and integrate with existing software.


An all-in-one headphone that’s designed to be both high-quality and cheap.


A platform that lets both lenders and borrowers take advantage of cryptocurrency.


Another company that tracks and offsets a person’s carbon footprint by helping them track their daily activities, and then offsets those carbon emissions with payments to offset both the person’s carbon footprint and their daily activities.


A startup for booking a doctor's appointment for a specific patient in a specific location. Doctors and patients can both create and track appointments online, with the idea being that patients will be able to call in for an appointment from anywhere at any time, and doctors can only book appointments on the site.


A real estate startup that makes it easy for both buyers and sellers to find and share housing and real estate deals.


Filmmakers want to keep track of their own costs while they’re making a movie. They wanted a way to track what they’re spending on equipment and how long things take. They also wanted to be able to follow their work in real time. They’re both very common problems, and the startup helps solve them.


A company that helps small businesses (both online and in-person) and entrepreneurs borrow money at a lower interest rate.


A startup that helps people with agoraphobia by selling them a list of places where they can go and not be bothered


Idea: A documentation platform for software development sites. The startup makes it easy to build and manage docs that are both well organized and look great.


Idea: The team is building a web app that allows people to buy a single-letter domain name for $10. It’s a two-sided marketplace, with the buyer and the seller both paying a 10% fee.


Idea: A startup that wants to be the Citi Bike of Europe, with a fleet of electric bikes for both personal and business use.


Idea: A startup that provides data to help companies find and recruit new employees. It’s a SaaS product that helps companies with both applicant tracking and employee referrals.


Idea: A startup for small businesses looking to work with contractors. The startup helps make sure there’s a legal structure that’s sound and protects both parties.