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Borrow Startup Ideas

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A B2B company building a way for people to manage their small business borrowing and lending.


A tool for banks to vet potential borrowers based on their credit score, then offer guidance to help them get approved. “If you have a credit score, we can fix your credit score.”


A startup solving the student loan default crisis by letting borrowers streamline the repayment process.


A student loan refinancing platform that allows borrowers to pay off their debt in a number of different ways, including a lump sum or a fixed payment.


A platform that enables people to buy and sell things like furniture, cars, and apartments, and rent out unused rooms. Borrowers can use the platform’s software to manage the loan, and borrowers can access the property remotely. The platform is currently focused on the UK.


Currently focused on the UK, a B2B company that enables people to borrow money from their employer via a payroll deduction. It charges 1% interest for up to 12 months, and the company keeps 2% of the loan amount.


 A “Global Credit Network” where you can borrow money from anyone in the world — no credit checks and no collateral. The startup is building the infrastructure to make international microlending easy.


A company that wants to let people borrow a car with the touch of a button. The company is working with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to get insurance to work with the app.


A digital tool for borrowing money from friends and family for small business purchases. The current model is still simple: the startup is working to launch an app that lets you borrow money in seconds from your friends and family. The company has raised a seed round, and is launching today


This startup is building a student loan calculator for borrowers, to help them understand how much they will need to borrow in order to fund their degree.


A peer-to-peer mortgage marketplace, where borrowers could get a credit score, FICO score, and a monthly payment quote by asking friends to lend money to them.


A new kind of “bank” for the unbanked, where people can create savings accounts, send and receive money, and borrow short-term from peers.


A platform for connecting borrowers with investors, allowing for investments in anything from clothing and food to cars and real estate.


A startup that wants to help people unload the debt they've accrued from student loans. They are currently working with 3,000 borrowers in the UK and hope to expand to the US in the next 12 months.


A platform for lending and borrowing money with a goal of reaching 1 million borrowers. Users will be able to search for and compare loans online.


Student loans can be expensive, and this startup helps borrowers figure out what their rates are for different banks.


Fintech company that offers investors a way to borrow against their crypto holdings.


A platform that connects banks to business customers in the UK, helping them borrow from different banks.


A small loan marketplace that allows anyone to lend and borrow locally, in person, with no credit score required.


Create a new way for people to get their money from the bank. Give people a way to borrow and pay back small amounts of money to their bank electronically.


A loan application platform that uses machine learning algorithms to identify fraudulent loan applications and offers discounted rates to borrowers.


P2P lending is the new frontier for startups, with this one looking to build a P2P borrowing platform.


A platform that helps new businesses get started, allowing them to get a credit line and borrow money at favorable rates from lenders.


A personal financing tool that helps consumers save for retirement, borrow against their homes, refinance student loans, and reduce debt.


A company that lets people borrow a single printer that can print out 100,000 copies of a document. This smart printer will print at an incredibly high resolution — the company claims it will print at “40 times the resolution of a typical home printer”.


A company that provides a free loan to borrowers who have already been denied one from other banks.


A tool that helps you manage your courses and courses of study, along with the borrowing and loan information for each. It’s currently available on the web, but will be coming to iOS and Android.


A platform that connects borrowers with financial services and technology to transform the way they borrow and pay. They have a $2.5M seed round and are close to a round of growth.


This is an “automated” loan application process for small business borrowers. The startup says its technology can analyze the financials of a business in minutes and make a quick decision on whether or not to give them a loan.


A company that is working on a peer-to-peer lending marketplace platform that connects lenders with borrowers. CommonBond has raised $30 million to date.


This startup helps credit unions find and offer loan products for low-income borrowers.


A small business lending platform that takes a portion of the income of the borrower and invests it in loans to other small businesses.


A student loan refinancing company that helps borrowers get out of student debt by consolidating all their loans into one. It aims to make this process as simple as possible by allowing borrowers to make payments via their credit cards.


A payments app that allows you to lend or borrow money in minutes, for under 1% interest. The app is in the process of getting Fintech licenses in the UK, France, and Germany.


A San Francisco-based startup that hopes to be the Uber of finance, where anyone can get a line of credit and borrow money from friends and family.


A startup that doesn't have a specific use case but wants to be a store of last resort for people seeking to borrow money.


Magig is a startup that has a new take on how to borrow money. It’s sort of like Venmo, except for the borrower. The startup allows users to send money to their friends in exchange for lending them cash that they can pay back over time.


A P2P service that lets you borrow money from your friends to fix your car, fix your leaky roof, or do whatever you need to do.


LendingClub is a peer-to-peer (P2P) lending company that aims to cut out the middleman lending market by allowing borrowers to connect with each other directly. The company’s P2P model is based on an algorithm designed to match borrowers with lenders. P2P loans were responsible for $2.7 billion in loans in 2017.


An online lending platform that lowers the costs of borrowing for micro-finance companies.


The startup aims to be a peer-to-peer marketplace for student loans, to help students avoid high interest rates by borrowing from other students.


A web-based platform that lets you track your net worth, manage bank accounts, and borrow money from the bank


Borrower.io is a platform for lenders to manage their loan portfolios, helping them get a better understanding of their loan data and the performance of their loans.


A crowdfunding platform for startups, allowing people to invest in entrepreneurs as a way to get access to a new product before it’s ready for the market. Borrowing the model of Kickstarter, AngelList connects people with startups without the need to make a down payment.


This startup is building an app that allows “unbanked” consumers to borrow money from people in their network of friends and acquaintances.


A platform that lets both lenders and borrowers take advantage of cryptocurrency.


This one is a bit of a stretch to be sure, but the idea is that when you need a car for a day or a week, you can borrow one from a company in your area. The company then acts as a rental broker and rents the car to you at a set rate.


A startup that will allow seniors to access and borrow money from their families for medical emergencies.


A company that helps small businesses (both online and in-person) and entrepreneurs borrow money at a lower interest rate.


A credit reporting platform designed to make it easier for borrowers to understand their credit scores and learn from their spending. It was built by a team of three grad students from MIT and TWC Labs, and was launched in July.


A platform where people can borrow a car for a day or a week


Idea: A startup that helps people with bad credit get loans It finds loans for customers, and takes a 10% commission from the borrower


Idea: A SaaS for student loans that helps borrowers keep track of their loans and what they’re paying, as well as offers advice.


Easily accessible credit. The idea here is to enable people to set up accounts and be able to borrow money for things like furniture, or home improvement. So far, they’ve raised $5.2 million.