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Booking Startup Ideas

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A B2B startup that seeks to help companies manage travel and expenses. The startup is building a booking tool that works for all travel types, from flight and hotel to car and rail.


A software company that allows musicians to completely manage their band’s finances, including booking, money management, and accounting.


A tool for online booking of flight, train and bus tickets in India, with a free mobile app.


This is a company that is building a hotel booking app.


A startup that wants to make it easier to schedule interviews by streamlining the process of booking meetings and recruiting for jobs.


A startup that wants to help make remote work more efficient by automating the process of booking a meeting or hiring a new employee.


A SaaS tool for finding and booking open-ended, immersive style tours in any city. The startup also offers a booking platform for short-term travelers and an app that lets you book tours in advance.


A travel booking app that uses AI to create itineraries for users based on their preferences. It launched in early July.


Idea: A scheduling app for hair salons, meant to streamline the process of booking appointments and also to provide a better customer experience by allowing customers to book their appointments directly through the app


A platform that connects people to travel agents, booking flights, hotels, and car rentals. It’s building a tour-planning tool that’s similar to Google’s Allo.


A company that enables companies to build bot-enabled services and chatbots. The company already has a beta product, a chatbot for booking a server that runs on Amazon’s Alexa.


A travel concierge platform that serves travelers who want to visit the same places. It is designed to connect travelers with similar interests and save money by helping them make a booking at the same time.


This digital platform is for booking conferences, events, and meetings between companies. It aims to be a “Facebook for meetups” and has already raised $1 million.


A travel booking app that lets consumers book airfare, hotels and car rentals all at once.


A travel booking app that helps travelers find the cheapest flights.


A mobile-first marketplace for cleaning professionals. Movers manages bookings, invoicing, and customer service. The startup also offers a suite of cleaning services like carpet and upholstery cleaning, gutter cleaning, and window cleaning.


A platform for finding and booking cheap rooms in hostels, hotels and other accommodations.


A travel booking app that allows users to book travel on a budget


A startup that brings the power of an “off-the-shelf” product like Uber or Airbnb to the small business owner. It makes the process of hosting, booking, and paying for a service as easy as booking a flight or an Uber.


A booking tool for tourist attractions.


A restaurant-booking app that pairs with your favorite restaurant so you can just look at the menu and book a table. The company has raised $1.3M to date.


A blockchain-based, peer-to-peer air travel booking platform


A tool for booking rooms, like Airbnb but for short stay hotels.


B2B software company that’s looking to replace the phone-based process of booking appointments with a website that makes it easier and faster to set up appointments.


A new way to book travel. Instead of booking a flight, the travel planning app lets users plan their trip route and pick the times they want to travel.


A startup that provides a mobile app for group bookings, with a smart algorithm that learns how guests prefer to travel together.


A travel booking app to compare prices and book flights to various destinations.


A startup that sells a tool for customers to book travel for themselves and their friends at the same time, and to help them understand the cost of what they’re booking. The startup has built a system that allows them to share the itinerary with friends, and helps them navigate and understand the cost of their own travel.


A software tool for booking appointments at doctors’ offices, hospitals, and labs.


A startup that helps customers book restaurant tables, with a check-in and payment feature. It’s the first startup in India working on a restaurant booking app.


A booking system for restaurants, with a focus on those in the travel and hospitality industries in the US.


The startup is looking to build a marketplace for corporate travel expenses. It’s a platform for companies to connect with people who can manage their travel arrangements, from managing flights to booking hotels.


A new tool for booking and promoting artists and live shows, currently in private beta.


A hotel booking app for the Middle East, powered by a social network of travelers and a marketplace of local and international hotel partners.


A startup that helps people find and book flights around the world. "We're not trying to be a travel booking site but more a package." The platform lets users see prices and deals from a variety of airlines, which is useful for travelers.


A “mobile and online platform” for booking and managing salon and spa services.


The startup’s app allows users to browse, book, and pay for hotel services using their smartphone without any of the usual frustrations from booking a room with a tech-less hotel website.


A web-based platform for booking and managing travel. It’s like Kayak but for travel companies and airlines.


A tool that helps people find the best travel deals, picking up on the long tail of unadvertised fares. The startup is pitching itself as a sort of early booking agent, where customers can search for flights and then call in to a travel agent.


A private hotel booking platform.


A travel booking platform that connects consumers with local businesses to offer services like free airport parking, meal discounts, or access to free Wi-Fi.


A company that wants to improve the way people pay for airline tickets. The startup is building a new online travel booking platform that they say will help travelers get the cheapest and best seats, and even get upgrades.


A startup for booking and managing automotive services. The startup builds software that allows customers to book services like oil changes, tune ups, and repairs, and also lets mechanics and mechanics’ shops set up recurring bookings.


A company that wants to help people find a way to use a home like a hotel. People can rent out their home for a day, two weeks, or longer, with Airbnb-like booking options.


A travel booking service for customers who prefer to stay in a more local or independent hotel. The company wants to make the whole booking process faster and more intuitive.


A multi-services platform that provides a complete end-to-end solution for small businesses. The company says that they’ve had $10m in bookings and a $1m ARR.


A booking app for millennials, featuring curated events from a local partner.


A company that promises to make travel booking and finding flights as easy as posting a free, ad-supported message on Facebook. The startup has raised $40 million in funding.


A startup that wants to take the pain out of international travel booking by creating a marketplace where travelers can find last-minute deals from local vendors.


A startup that’s building a platform for booking travel and hotel rooms. The company is aiming to compete with Expedia and Priceline.


A startup that’s built an online platform for booking training sessions. The company wants to help companies get more customized training for their employees.


A travel booking tool for people who want to book a vacation with a single click.


A platform for booking and hiring editors and producers for video content.


A 24-hour customer service bot that's capable of making appointments, booking hotels, and purchasing airline tickets.


A tool that helps with all aspects of booking training and events. It helps you find venues, speakers, and attendees, and generates an end-to-end proposal for pricing and payment.


A hotel booking app for people who haven't booked a hotel, and want to know if it's a good price


A travel booking app for the US market that’s focused on building long-term relationships, rather than creating new reservations every time. It features a single price which is then split between their members.


A software company that helps people plan trips, like booking flights and hotels.


A startup for finding and booking travel that uses a bank of 5,000 itineraries to provide personal customization. It’s in the phase of becoming a booking site, with a desktop app in development, and a plan to open it up to all users.


A new way to book tickets online. Instead of booking through a travel agency or airline, the startup plans to make it easy to book and pay for your tickets through the app.


A scheduling and booking tool for food delivery services.


This startup is building a “digital” tool to help people with things like vacations, travel, or spending money. The startup is on a mission to make saving money as easy as booking a trip. They have an Android application and a web app.


An API marketplace for scheduling and booking workers. It’s an API-driven marketplace for arranging for human labor.


Cleaning company that cleans up carpets and furniture. The startup offers an online booking system, and software to help businesses be more efficient in their cleaning.


A startup that helps you create a travel itinerary for your trip, with maps, reviews, and hotel bookings.


An AI that helps people review restaurants. The AI can be used for speed dating, by restaurants to review their guests’ faces, and for booking books at restaurants.


A solution for managing hotel bookings in China.


A travel startup that has a mobile booking feature. The company also provides a mobile app that shows you flight prices before you book.


A platform for booking appointments in physical offices.


This company is looking to make booking flights easier, especially for people with frequent international travel. The startup is currently only available in the UK.


A company that helps event organizers organize their events, including venue booking, logistics, and payments.


Co-founders said they were inspired by the success of Airbnb but found themselves frustrated by the startup’s inability to deliver on its promises. Rival hotel booking site Hotels.com filed for an IPO in April 2016.


A chatbot for booking rides on Uber and Lyft


A startup that wants to take the pain out of booking a flight. The cofounders, who hail from three different continents, say they’ve been able to eliminate the pain in booking a flight by combining the data from various travel sites.


A startup that arranges bookings for table tennis clubs, school gyms, or snooker clubs. The startup connects people looking for table tennis, snooker, or other sports to people who would like to host them.


Idea: A Slackbot for finding and booking travel


Idea: Luxe is building a platform for on-demand car service that charges $5 per month for bookings and $150 per mile The company expects to be profitable by the end of the year


Idea: A startup building a chatbot for booking appointments for electric car charging


Idea: A startup that is building a software service for auto shops to help them manage customer service from booking appointments to


Idea: A startup for turning your apartment into a hotel. It allows hosts to rent out rooms via a smartphone app, and comes with features like cleaning, check-in, and flexible cancellations. It’s currently free for hosts, and makes money through a 7% cut from bookings.


Idea: A web-based hotel booking platform for vacationers in Asia, built natively for mobile. Their models includes a monthly subscription service for hotels, allowing them to focus on customer service and other features.


Idea: A platform for booking medical appointments, similar to OpenTable or Uber. Users can book with a doctor inside or outside of the platform, and it will handle the


Idea: SaaS startup that helps hotels manage their rooms and guests, with a little bit of Netflix’s recommendation algorithms baked in. The idea is that hotels can use it as a booking engine to get more out of their rooms, and the company’s founders say they have a 75% conversion rate.


A startup that makes it easier for online travel agencies to manage inventory and bookings.