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Blood Startup Ideas

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A company that is building devices for the elderly that monitor their blood sugar levels.


A mobile app that helps people donate blood when they’re within a certain distance of a blood donation center.


A startup known as “The Human Body on Demand”, which aims to be the Airbnb of medical testing. The company is currently testing a system which allows you to get a blood test on-demand, with the possibility of charging for the service.


Trying to arm the elderly with a health monitoring device that allows them to get reminders about medication, blood pressure, and other dangerous health conditions.


A new way to donate blood. The startup wants to make giving blood as easy as going to the gas station.


A device that connects to an existing spectrometer for blood analysis. The device is ready to be used in clinical trials, and has already been approved by the FDA.


A startup that helps organizations manage and use data in a more meaningful way. The startup’s founders say their first product will be an app that helps people with diabetes manage their blood glucose.


A platform that lets you track your health data, including your blood pressure. The startup is also building a new blood test that can detect pre-diabetes and diabetes before they manifest.


This startup is building a tool that tracks and provides real-time information about your health, such as blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen levels.


A device for the elderly that monitors what’s going on with their blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen levels. The company also wants to build a “elderly safe” home that automatically adjusts itself to the needs of the elderly.


A company that provides a “wearable” device for monitoring blood sugar. It was founded in Boston by a team of MIT graduates.


A startup that builds “lifelogging wearables” for people to track their health and fitness habits. It tracks blood sugar, blood pressure, heart rate, sleep, and activity.


A software that allows doctors to manage their patient’s blood glucose levels and then see the data on a single dashboard.


Calculates the amount of oxygen your blood is carrying, and tells you if you're at risk of getting a heart attack or stroke.


A Wi-Fi-enabled fitness tracker that allows the user to measure their body fat percentage. When paired with Omron’s blood pressure monitor, it can also provide access to one’s general health history.


A digital health platform that helps patients track their blood pressure, heart rate, and other measurements. The idea is that it’s less expensive, and easier to use than the existing devices, which are used by a small percentage of the market.


A tech company that has created a new platform to allow people to donate some of their blood to help others in need.


A tool for people to track personal health data. The startup is building an app that helps you keep track of your health data, including your blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol.


A $500+ tool that measures and tracks weight loss and the overall health of a person. The service is built to help people with diabetes and other health conditions, and tracks things like blood glucose and weight.


 A startup that helps doctors, patients, and patients’ families manage chronic conditions like diabetes, blood pressure, and asthma. It has significant traction in the US and UK.


Embrace is a team of scientists that are working on a way to detect and prevent heart attacks. They’re focused on developing a blood test that can detect a heart attack before it happens so that doctors can treat and prevent it. The startup has raised $84,000 in seed funding.


A wearable that helps people with diabetes monitor their blood sugar levels.


A company that will decrease the cost and improve the accuracy of blood tests and medical care by using information that is already in the medical record.


A startup that wants to reduce the cost of donated blood in the U.S. by harnessing the power of mobile, in-person patient engagement.


This startup is building a wearable wristband that measures blood glucose, giving patients a better idea of how they’re managing their diabetes.


A startup that provides a service where people can have their blood drawn at a local lab and then shipped to a local doctor to be analyzed


Idea: A billing application for healthcare that allows hospitals to bill for a range of services like blood tests and radiology and then apply the hospital’s markup.


Idea: A way to make blood transfusions a thing of the past. The startup is working on a nano-fluidic platform which can deliver stem cells to people who have a need for them.