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Blockchain Startup Ideas

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A startup that an online marketplace for VR powered by blockchain to reduce the transaction cost


A new, blockchain-enabled peer-to-peer lending platform that is targeting the global student debt crisis. The company is expanding internationally and looking for investors.


The founders of this startup say they are “building the first truly global, blockchain-based, decentralized and transparent peer-to-peer marketplace for advertising.”


A game that uses blockchain technology to make it easier for users to bet on the NFL


This company is building a platform to allow users to buy and sell their “real-estate” on the blockchain.


A team of bitcoin and blockchain-savvy developers building a software suite for the financial services industry.


A company that’s trying to solve the problem of how to buy and sell stocks on the blockchain.


A blockchain-based stock market that allows anyone to invest in a company. It’s aiming for a $1.5 billion market cap.


A blockchain-based protocol that allows the exchange of medical data, and allows for the creation of a "decentralized healthcare marketplace".


This startup aims to use the power of blockchain to help people find, buy, and sell their used goods.


A blockchain-based platform that lets people not only track their food and purchases, but also lets them tell the story of where their food came from.


A conference in New York City on blockchain in the energy sector.


A startup that uses blockchain to rank and pay journalists for their work online.


A small team that wants to build a decentralized, public-blockchain-based accounting system that’s easy to use for small businesses in emerging markets.


A startup that wants to help companies build special-purpose blockchains for their use cases, eliminating the need to create an entirely new blockchain. The startup is currently focusing on the health industry, with an emphasis on micropayments.


A startup that wants to build a platform that lets people buy and sell debt on the blockchain.


A web-based P2P lending platform that uses the blockchain to ensure the cashflow of the loan, using AI to predict default rates.


A decentralized, blockchain-based platform for shared ownership


A platform for sharing and learning on cryptocurrencies. The company want to educate people in “the basics” of blockchain, cryptocurrency mining, and investing.


A blockchain-based, peer-to-peer air travel booking platform


A company building a blockchain-based trade finance platform that uses its own token to make the process more efficient. It’s currently in a pilot phase in Europe.


A startup that allows developers to easily develop apps for blockchain technologies and ICOs.


A distributed file system on a blockchain.


A platform for enterprise scale, complex transactions on the blockchain.


A blockchain-based cryptocurrency for conference organizers and sponsors.


A blockchain-based platform to power collaborative research. The startup is building a platform that allows researchers to share data and research findings and get results published so that other researchers can build on the work.


A platform that lets you upload your own smart contracts onto the Ethereum blockchain.


A blockchain startup that verifies the authenticity of luxury handbags


Blockchain hardware for smart homes. The company wants to build a $200 smart lock that would allow owners to automate their home with blockchain tech that would allow them to unlock the door remotely.


The company, founded by two former Facebook engineers, is building a way to take existing and upcoming blockchains and enable them to be built and used easily across different platforms.


Blockchain capital management for SMBs, designed to help them access capital from banks.


A blockchain-based payment platform for digital content. The startup wants to replace the current system of content being bought and sold with a new one that’s decentralized, with long-term protection for the content and payment for publishers.


A payment technology company that works with online retailers and e-commerce platforms. The startup uses blockchain technology to enable payments between the retailer and the customer. It has been featured on the “top 10 under-the-radar blockchain startups” from CB Insights.


They’re a blockchain company that uses a smart contract to help companies manage collateral and loan payments.


Cleantech startup that uses data, AI, and blockchain to make it easier to optimize energy use.


A blockchain-based platform for driving and sharing autonomous vehicles, akin to Uber and Lyft but for cars.


A startup that wants to make privacy-protected messaging apps as easy and intuitive as email. It currently has 30 monthly users, and is working on a product for blockchain users.


A blockchain startup developing a “decentralized protocol for recording and verifying the provenance of natural resources”.


A startup that’s building a blockchain powered tracking system for food. The startup is building a network of sensors that allow people to track their own food and what it’s been through.


A blockchain startup that aims to connect freelancers with employers in a way that reduces fraud.


A small business platform and management automation suite built on blockchain.


A tool that helps organizations create a “permissioned” blockchain.


A startup that wants to use blockchain to ensure that doctors and patients can be sure that the products they buy, from vitamins to birth control, are the real thing.


A distributed blockchain that can accommodate the 100,000 transactions per second that will be needed for the next generation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.


A “digital credit card” for the blockchain-based payments market.


A blockchain-based system for doing business in China — including a way to do digital currency conversions.


A business that wants to create a bank that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s planning to use revenue from that bank to fund the company’s own blockchain development.


A blockchain-based platform that helps independent software vendors monetize their software via a network of app stores.


A payments company that uses the Ethereum blockchain to “build a decentralized, secure, and transparent payments network.”


A digital library for art and music that’s built using blockchain technology. It’s a decentralized system, built on top of the Ethereum network, that tracks and stores art pieces, but also allows for them to be accessed via a web interface.


A company that provides support for enterprise organizations that want to adopt blockchain tech. The company has more than 2,000 enterprise customers, and recently announced a $1.1 million seed round.


A next-generation web development platform built on blockchain, which allows developers to build their own decentralized apps.


This startup wants to use blockchain technology to help companies cancel contracts as efficiently and as cheaply as possible.


An advertising platform for artists that uses blockchain technology to smooth out the payment process. ArtPro is building a DApp on Ethereum that will allow artists to sell their digital work directly to their fans.


This is a 3D blockchain game built on the Ethereum blockchain. The game pits users against each other, where they compete for virtual game cards and battle for blockchain-based prizes.


A blockchain-based invoice financing platform. The company wants to lower the cost of capital for the global invoice financing market. It’s using the blockchain to replace the middleman and make the process more transparent.


A blockchain-based insurer that wants to give people a way to “secure financial services” and help them “build better credit and financial lives.”


A startup that’s using artificial intelligence and blockchain to build a better way for homeowners to manage their homeowners insurance.


A blockchain-based platform to help hyper-local vendors make online sales.


A startup that wants to use blockchain technology to create an alternative to Wall Street. The company wants to connect investors with funds and manage risk.


A business that is using blockchain to help eliminate the need for third-party services.


A platform that helps advertisers and agencies connect with creators to curate the most viral content. Content Studio is hoping to use blockchain to create a market for content and allow users to earn tokens for their contributions in a way that is transparent and fair.


A blockchain-based startup that helps big companies move business to the blockchain, and connect with small companies willing to do business on the blockchain.


A two-sided marketplace for ads, designed specifically for blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and backed by Y Combinator. The platform will allow publishers and advertisers to sell digital advertising at an auction, then use smart contracts to facilitate payment.


A company building on the Ethereum blockchain that wants to create a more efficient marketplace for small businesses. The startup charges a service fee for members, and will also integrate with a business’s accounting software.


Spots are a blockchain-based social network powered by artificial intelligence. The company lets users create and manage their own chat groups, with each group being able to run a mini-economy.


Utilizes a blockchain to help people buy and sell their data


A platform that helps emerging market companies and individuals get capital via blockchain.


A blockchain startup that’s building a way to store and share intellectual property using smart contracts


Blockchain-based ID verification system for cryptocurrency exchanges.


A team of Ph.D.s and VCs is building a new language for smart contracts, making it easier to write and read smart contracts that run on the Ethereum blockchain.


A startup that is building an "enterprise-grade" Bitcoin wallet for enterprises. They hope to eventually provide enterprise-ready tools for other blockchains, as well.


Non-profits in the U.S. and abroad rely on donors and volunteers to get their work done. Unfortunately, they aren’t always able to rely on these people to do what they promise. BitGive is a platform for non-profits that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform lets non-profits raise money through cryptocurrency and use those funds to make donations to the causes they care about.


A blockchain startup that aims to bring “fraud” detection to the supply chain, preventing “shady retailers” from selling counterfeit goods.


A blockchain-based loyalty program that rewards consumers for shopping at a merchant's site.


A company that is developing a technology that uses blockchain to track and trace a product’s journey from the farm to the home, to protect farmers and consumers from pests and contaminants.


A startup that uses the blockchain to help the World Bank manage the crises in the developing world.


A startup that wants to use the blockchain to help create a system that collects and tracks all your data to build a “trusted record of the world’s food supply.”


A team that uses the power of the blockchain to build tools to help people build protocols for their marketplaces or sites.


A blockchain infrastructure company focused on smart contracts and token engineering.


A startup that is working to use the blockchain for farming. They say their software can help farmers manage their inventory, track the quality of their crops and manage the relationship between farmers and distributors.


A new blockchain platform that allows companies to digitize and track intellectual property from idea to final product.


A startup that aims to bring the power of blockchain to microfinance


 A blockchain-based solution for streaming Chinese TV to the world


A company that helps developers build games on blockchain, including a set of tools that let them build games without needing to deal with cryptography.


A blockchain startup that wants to help banks determine if a person is a bad risk, based on credit history.


Building a blockchain that uses smart contracts to increase the accuracy of B2B transactions.


Blockchain-based invoice financing for startups, which uses smart contracts to allow companies to leverage their own cash flow to finance new acquisitions.


A company that promises to make owning a house a more transparent and understandable process for consumers via their online platform known as RealtyShares. The company is a real estate marketplace that uses blockchain technology to help potential home buyers and sellers compare properties to find the best deals on the market.


A blockchain-based payment system for the sharing economy.


A way for artists and creative types to share and sell their work using a blockchain-based platform.


Blockchain-based dating platform for people who are already in relationships.


A “Liberland” clone that uses blockchain to create a nation for bitcoin miners.


Idea: A cashback service for blockchain payments (eg paying with bitcoin for a meal at a restaurant)


Focusing on the healthcare industry, this startup wants to take the pain out of securing data on the blockchain.


A blockchain-based system for sharing and tracking data about the ocean, from ocean acidification to pollution to tropical fish


A startup that provides a blockchain-based solution for cross-border payments.


A network of startups working together to build a new ecosystem around distributed ledger technology. The goal is to build a platform that spurs the creation of startups that can power an ecosystem built around blockchain.


A blockchain-based platform for decentralized email, where it’s possible to do email transfer by scanning QR codes.


A company that helps local businesses accept payments via the blockchain, using the Stellar blockchain.


A new kind of social network, partially on the blockchain, for people who want to earn crypto by posting, commenting, and linking to articles on forums, blogs, and other websites.


A tool for crowdfunding on the blockchain, where the funds are held in a wallet, instead of a bank or payment processor, and can be transferred to multiple investors.


A company that helps other companies create and use “smart contracts”, essentially creating decentralized software that runs on the blockchain and helps solve business problems.


A blockchain-based trading platform for digital currencies.


A decentralized prediction market, looking to use the power of the blockchain to bring more transparency to public wagers. The startup already has a partnership with the NBA to use data on player performance to create more stable markets.


A blockchain company that’s building the “first cryptocurrency for the adult industry”.


A blockchain-powered two-factor authentication provider that claims to prevent phishing, improve user security, and reduce fraud.


Idea: A startup that makes it easy to integrate blockchain technology into your business They’re building an open-source platform that will allow businesses to easily create decentralized applications, and will provide consulting


Idea: A new way to execute smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain that’s meant to be more secure and less expensive


Idea: A blockchain-based means of storing data about art


Idea: Blockchain-based open-source tool for managing car-sharing communities


Idea: People who need to put a house on the market can now do so on the blockchain


Idea: Building a blockchain-based twitter alternative


Idea: A blockchain-based protocol for developing, operating, and governing decentralized applications and organizations


Idea: A simple, powerful, and intuitive tool for creating smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain


Idea: Polymath lets you create and sell your own securities on the blockchain It’s a securities token platform that lets people create their own tokens without the need for a lawyer


A startup that uses blockchain to help the US government save money and reduce fraud on government contracts