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Billing Startup Ideas

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A software company that helps companies manage their phone service contracts, billing relationships, and customer service efforts.


This is a toolkit for healthcare organizations to manage their operations, like billing, all from one location.


A SaaS startup that helps companies adjust their billing in order to get more money from their customers. The company says they have $1.2m in revenue, counting YC as their largest customer.


A healthcare service that provides a platform for human resources to view and search through the health records of employees. Providers can also use the platform to set up secure access for their employees, and then billing details are sent automatically.


A startup that wants to make the process of buying a meal much simpler, giving restaurant owners online tools to manage and track reservations and billing.


Web Hosting that allows you to have 1 account for all your websites and email, and one billing.


A software suite for managing medical billing and collections. It was launched in July and is offered in the US.


A cloud-based billing software company that wants to integrate with wholesalers.


This startup wants to be the Uber of medical waste, connecting different waste disposal companies for pickup and billing.


A solution for companies to streamline the billing process for their customers. Avastas has signed up 20 customers in the past month, including one of the 10 largest banks in the US.


A company that handles the billing for companies that offer paid subscriptions to their services. They’ve been in business for 5 months.


A SaaS platform that allows users to manage their billing and invoices in a single interface.


A company that helps medical offices simplify the billing process for their patients.


A startup that helps pharmacy owners automate their drug dispensing and billing processes.


A startup that enables companies to easily manage their AWS accounts, with a managed dashboard that automates a ton of tasks including groups, billing, and monitoring. The company is starting to roll out to larger customers.


A startup that manages the billing cycle for restaurants and other service companies, with a goal of reducing the number of times customers have to reconcile with their bank account.


A startup that helps doctors and patients find common ground, reducing the stress involved in insurance and billing questions.


Helps employers manage and track employee’s work hours and performance for per-project billing.


This company is working on a solution to make medical billing easier for physicians.


A billing service for B2B companies that’s designed to be simple, easy to use, and inexpensive.


Idea: Software that helps digital agencies manage the billing process, making sure every team member gets paid on time and bills are clear


Idea: A software company that’s building a tool that helps lawyers and other legal professionals manage their case load It does this by building predictive models that help lawyers understand how they’re spending time, who they should be billing, and how to allocate their time more efficiently It also helps process payments The startup has $0 in funding and was founded in 2017


Idea: A startup that helps e-commerce businesses set up an online shop and streamline their payments processing, with a focus on offering recurring billing options for SaaS businesses and subscriptions


Idea: A startup that helps addiction treatment centers find clients, and that offers billing and payment services.


Idea: A platform for SaaS companies to manage their customers’ subscriptions and billing, built for companies with thousands of customers.