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by @levelsio

Bike Startup Ideas

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A device that can be attached to a bicycle seat post to help bikers and runners track their stats.


A hybrid of a car and a bike that can be unlocked with a smartphone app. It’s aimed at people who don’t want to own a car and are willing to go outdoors for errands.


An online marketplace for the sale of used bikes and other goods. It’s also a user driven marketplace where users can connect with sellers.


This startup builds electric bikes for companies that want to support their staff in getting to work.


A company that makes helmets for bike messengers.


Connecting the bike-sharing market in China to the local electric vehicle market. The Startup offers a low cost electric car battery that can be swapped into an electric bike.


A network of public and private buses that connect to each other and to bike lanes, helping commuters get where they need to go.


A bike-sharing startup that has raised $5 million and launched in Seattle. The company bills itself as the Uber of bikes, and promises bikes that arrive within five minutes of being requested.


A startup building a connected camera that you can wear or mount on a bike, that can track the location of your car in real-time and provide a bird’s eye view of your car in case of theft.


Postmates is a delivery service for local goods. Postmates is trying to build out a delivery-only service for people who have a car or bike, and don’t want to own a car or bike themselves, but don’t have anybody to give their stuff to.


An online platform that helps people find and connect with others with similar interests (i.e. a Google search for people who like to ride bikes in San Francisco).


A startup that lets people take care of their bikes, which are serviced and fixed by their manufacturers.


A directory-based marketplace for short-term rentals of cars, bikes, and scooters.


A hub for sharing the locations of all the world’s bike-share bikes


This startup is building a premium, shared-bikes-for-hire platform in Los Angeles that aims to be an Uber for urban transport. Their bikes will be electric and can be reserved online, on-call 24/7, for one hour or longer.


A startup for bike share users in the Netherlands. It helps users locate bike share stations and find nearby bikes.


A bicycle sharing startup that's looking to build a global network of bike-sharing services. The company wants to bring bike sharing to places it's been absent thus far.


A platform that lets you rent a bike for an hour or 24/48 hours.


Gives people in the Los Angeles area a way to share their bike rides in real time.


This is a company that makes solar powered bike lights for cyclists to use on dark streets and trails.


This startup is working on a $10,000 electric bike aimed at the city commuter,


New York-based startup that’s building a marketplace for bike parts. They want to disrupt the market by making their own parts available and making it easy for people to find and buy them.


A mobile app for people who ride bikes and want to find parking.


A startup that builds a network of air-conditioned lockers to provide secure bike parking and storage for members.


A mobile app that helps users monitor bike thefts. Mosquito collects data about bike thefts and then uses it to notify users via SMS, email, and push notifications if their bikes are stolen.


"A startup for public transportation from bike-share to ride-share to carpooling."


A startup that lets you track your mileage on a car, bike, or moped. It’s like a mileage tracker but for the world’s most commonly owned modes of transportation.


Idea: A platform for custom-welded bicycles The startup was founded in September and has $15M in pre-orders for its debut bike: the Pista Track


Idea: A startup that wants to be the Citi Bike of Europe, with a fleet of electric bikes for both personal and business use.


Idea: A platform for managing shared bicycles. Currently, there is no incentive for people to pick up bikes. The company wants to help companies manage their fleet of shared bikes.