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Big Startup Ideas

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A startup that helps big retailers manage a large number of different call center operations. The company says it has been able to save retailers over $100 million a year in labor costs.


A startup where you can buy used tablet computers from big retailers like Best Buy and Staples.


A startup that wants to change how people perceive the idea of “the next big thing”.


The people who already use the app can buy more tickets and make bigger purchases, which will bring in new customers.


"One of the Biggest Breakthroughs of 2016”, “#1 Company to Watch in 2017”, “#1 Company to Watch in 2018”,


Plant-based protein startup that uses aquaponic systems to grow its products. The startup is looking to raise $750,000 to enter into a big box store like Walmart.


Newfund is building a platform that uses big data to make it easier for companies to raise capital from investors.


A startup for home services and maintenance, with a focus on big ticket items like HVAC and plumbing.


A tool to help startups with the cost of raising seed funding, that seeks to integrate the big four of Kickstarter, AngelList, DigitalTilt, and SeedInvest in one platform.


A platform that helps big companies manage their supply chains, taking on the role of a middleman between suppliers, distributors and consumers.


This startup is building an app that connects big companies with local small businesses in order to take advantage of the buying power of the millions of small business owners in the US.


 A company that provides a platform to connect small businesses to vendors, giving them a chance to expand their business without committing to a big purchase.


A “big data” solution that helps food companies track their supply chain and predict how much food they’ll need to produce. The startup’s founders say they’ve already signed up over 500 clients, including Walmart, Nestle, and Cargill.


A platform intended to help companies figure out how to make their processes more efficient. NetBix is backed by some of the biggest names in venture capital: Mayfield, Ignition Partners, and others.


A startup that wants to add interactive games to a TV broadcast of a big game, and bring sports fans to the game and keep them engaged for longer than the halftime show.


A platform for product managers and engineers to collaborate on building software products, with a focus on helping teams at big companies get things built quickly and iterate rapidly. They charge a percentage of monthly revenue.


There’s a really big market for high-end home security systems. The startup is building a system that helps you get the best one for your needs, with a $5 monthly subscription.


A startup that helps big companies build apps that work across all of their apps.


A startup that lets independent creators on Amazon sell their own products Amazon already offers this feature to big businesses, but this startup lets individual sellers sell their own stuff


A platform for developing mobile apps that connects clients with developers. They’re not looking to compete with big agencies, but trying to fill a gap between startups and agencies. They’re currently attracting interest from small businesses with a few employees who are looking for a way to get high-level visibility and technical support to manage the complexity of building apps.


A data center with a 1 MW capacity for storing data and a network of 20,000 servers. It aims to help businesses and governments solve big problems with big data.


A platform that helps big agencies and brands to get the best media deals at scale. The company is now only looking to work with publishers, content creators and agencies. It would give publishers more visibility into advertising deals in order to improve their sales and marketing strategies.


The startup, which has raised $15 million in funding, aims to help consumers save on energy by acting as middleman between big energy providers and consumers.


Lattice is a startup that uses a combination of data science, big data and machine learning to help retailers build better customer experiences.


A tiny startup with a big mission: it wants to find out what happens to coral reefs when they are threatened by climate change. The company has launched a stand up paddleboard to see how much pollution and sediment a reef can handle, and wants to combine this with data from satellites and drones.  The startup also wants to restore coral reefs and is building a drone to do this.  It plans to use this data to create predictive models of how reefs could react to climate change.


A startup that aims to help nonprofits better track donations, gain more funding, and convert their biggest donors.


A “big data platform” that helps companies get paid for their data, with plans to target startups and SMBs.


A startup that wants to bring the benefits of a big-box retailer’s store-within-a-store model to small businesses.


This startup is building an AI that responds to big data and has the ability to make last minute changes to a home’s heating and cooling systems.


A platform that enables big businesses to automate their customer service, using AI and ML to predict customer satisfaction and easy ways to solve customer problems.


A startup that helps small businesses use big data to improve their operations. The company’s software helps companies make accurate trade-off decisions between labor and capital in order to optimize their operations.


building a tool to help small businesses manage their paper files, like sales invoices, in a way that’s really convenient for everyone. The startup’s CEO says that they’ve already sold their product to three big companies.


Software that helps people understand and calculate their personal risk of missing out on the next big thing.


A startup that helps users organize their to-do list in a manner that’s most useful to them. It’s like a digital planner, but it also handles things like reminding you of deadlines and counting down the days until a big event.


A company that transforms raw materials into finished products. The company is looking to take on big manufacturers like Nike, using 3-D printing to prototype and scale production.


A new platform that allows big companies to help their employees get better at sales by offering real-time feedback on their pitches, and to see how they compare to others who are similar in their industry.


A company that’s building a platform for group communication. It’s building a way to easily voice chat and share information with groups. It’s a product for big companies that want to communicate with internal teams, but it could also be used by small startups to communicate with teams.


A way to automatically sell your old stuff on eBay, using big data to determine what you’re likely to buy again.


A decision support platform that uses machine learning and big data to help businesses make better decisions.


is a startup that helps businesses understand how much their employees are earning, what their biggest expenses are, and what their financial goals are.


A C2C marketplace for buying and selling used furniture. There’s a big market for people looking to buy used furniture but no good way to find them. The startup’s website shows a few beautiful tables and chairs, but the bulk of the site features the items for sale.


The startup is trying to build a kind of big data database that can be used by the financial services industry to make better business and investment decisions.


A startup that wants to be the middleman between the growing number of small-scale contractors and the big-contractor industry


A Tinder for the runway, using an algorithm to find the looks that are most likely to be the next big thing.


A VC firm that looks for the next big startup in the South and Latin America


A company that helps big companies and brands create branded content for their YouTube videos, using a system of “buzzwords” and keywords to make sure the content is relevant and engaging.


Image-based gaming that’s “a big, open world role playing game experience” that lets you explore and interact with other players.


A startup in the heart of one of the biggest tech hubs in the world that wants to help startups find genius.


A solar-powered way of tracking crops that takes the heat off of big, expensive satellite and aerial data collection


A web-based sales platform for small business. The startup aims to help them "sell bigger than them" and offer a way for them to grow faster.


Smartphone accessory that lets you put on another phone’s screen to give it the appearance of a bigger one.


A platform that helps people find the best and cheapest healthcare, based on the best information available on what treatments are effective, and what providers are best. HealthMap is targeting big cities in the US that have good healthcare options and are currently underserved by them.


Byju's helps students set up learning programs and track their progress. The startup has been around for a while, but the recent YC batch saw a big spike in students signing up. Byju's has a $5 monthly subscription.


This startup is creating a platform for financial markets that can be accessed and used by both startups and big financial firms.


 A way to streamline the process of getting a loan for a startup (or other company in need of financing). The company provides a marketplace for financing and a loan application, with providers ranging from big banks to crowdlending sites. They’re currently in the process of raising Series A funding.


A startup that helps companies who don't have a clear strategy for their data, or whose data sets are too big, make sense of it.


A platform for connecting small tech companies with big brands that wants to help bridge the distance between them.


 A startup for hotels to receive guest reviews. It allows hotels to easily build a phone application that allows guests to submit feedback. It’s also a way for hotels to tap into a big, untapped market of millennials who like to review things on their phones.


A shop where you can buy custom-designed fashion. It comes from a team that worked on the biggest startups in the fashion industry, including Rachel Zoe, Rag & Bone, and Tory Burch.


A way for companies to manage their brand’s social media accounts. The company wants to partner with big brands and tell them how to use the platform, then get a cut when they do so.


A platform that helps users find great deals from local businesses, but don’t have to go to the store. The startup sees itself competing with Groupon, although it hopes to target smaller businesses and compete with Groupon’s recent move to focus on higher-margin, bigger deals.


A startup that helps businesses advertise to college students, as part of a bigger initiative to build a community of college students for businesses.


A blockchain-based startup that helps big companies move business to the blockchain, and connect with small companies willing to do business on the blockchain.


A platform that helps companies host events, with a large focus on live events. It has a marketplace through which businesses can advertise their events, custom event tickets, and sell tickets to the public. Three big clients include LinkedIn, Twitter, and Visa.


Some people like to own a car, which is usually a pretty big financial investment. Zendrive aims to be the Uber of cars, providing a way for people to get around without having to deal with insurance or renting or buying a car.


A platform for matching large hotel chains with small hotels that need to do some big renovations quickly. The startup offers hotel owners a choice of different financing options that they can use to pay for their renovations.


A new app that aggregates everything from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to allow you to find a specific song or video, plus the biggest trending songs and videos.


A company that is working to integrate the power of big data to help marketers target their customers more effectively.


A company that helps small businesses create a website and marketing materials. They have a few clients now, all of whom are on the verge of being acquired by a bigger company.


Big data platform that lets users decide what data they want to track, and what data they want to track.


This startup is building an AI tool that helps in-home care providers monitor and log their work while still being able to be hands-free. Caregiversoft currently has a small contract with a big company for $50k.


 A company that uses big data to help companies identify employees who are at risk for being insubordinate or having other behavioral issues. Their app  is combining behavioral science with AI to identify troubled employees.


A platform that connects people with big dreams with the capital to make them come true. It’s an investment platform, and a crowdfunding site at the same time.


A mobile app that helps make better coffee. It’s a big problem, which is why the startup has already raised $5 million to date from investors including Andreessen Horowitz.


A tool for managing the wearables that companies are using to track employee performance, and their data. The tool is for big companies, but the company says its goal is to make its platform for small businesses as well.


When you buy a TV on Amazon, the company takes a big cut of your money. You can buy a Roku and use a third-party app to stream Amazon content.


A company that allows data scientists to work on big data problems without needing to learn programming


A startup that’s building a tool that helps big companies manage their global supply chains. They say they’re already working with Motorola Mobility.


The startup wants to use the power of big data to create a more transparent and efficient system for building out new transportation infrastructure.


A startup that makes it easy for people to sell their old books (I know there are a lot of startups doing this but it's a big market)


Idea: Google Sheets interface for Google BigQuery


Idea: A software company that’s helping the big four accounting firms and financial services companies cut down on the time it takes to onboard new hires


Idea: A business intelligence platform that allows big companies to keep track of their financial data It’s basically a way to manage multiple data silos in one place


Idea: A platform that helps you make a big decision Users can ask questions that are randomized each time


Idea: A startup that helps Midwestern farmers sell their produce more easily on the West Coast. The company is building a series of farms in the Midwest that will grow produce for big companies in the West, and use an Uber-like system to deliver it.


Idea: A startup that aims to be “the Uber for trucking”, claiming that the transportation industry is a $7 trillion sector ripe for disruption. It has a similar pitch to Uber Freight, which focuses on helping smaller trucking companies compete with big shippers.


Idea: A startup that helps small businesses build websites that look like they were built by a big company. Envision helps businesses upload a logo and other elements that look like they belong on a big-name site.