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Behind Startup Ideas

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The startup behind Pachube has expanded into the market for connected devices that allow users to collect and share data. The company has launched two other products since the acquisition: the Pachube Watch, which is a customizable wristband that can be paired with smart devices to collect fitness data and share data with other devices, and the Pachube Photo, which is a way for users to capture and share their photos with other users.


The team behind this startup wants to help you connect with people you know, but only if they’re in the same city.


A program for students to learn the science behind the environments they work in and work to protect.


The idea behind this open source tool is to allow people to get their hands on a data set and work on it without needing to license it.


The team behind @TOH, a restaurant recommendation app, is building a system to help restaurants track their food waste and find solutions to it.


A free and anonymous account of all of your medical bills, keeping you from falling behind on payments and giving you peace of mind.


A startup marketing app for apps with mobile games, created by the team behind the popular mobile game Clash Royale.


The team behind CardCounting is building a mobile app that helps improve the spending habits of low-income people, and provide a platform for financial services aimed at those people.


A platform for online learning, with tutoring and mentoring services. The startup is behind the new iPad app, which they say “enables teachers and students to practice and learn in real time from each other, with the help of a learning coach.”


A web app for uncovering the truth behind a video: what it shows, who is in it, and what’s being said. The app is free.


As startups have left their desks behind, founders have become increasingly worried about their physical whereabouts, and have invented apps to help. In the new book, “Fearless: How to Be Unafraid and Do Anything,” entrepreneurs and founders like Dave McClure, David Karp, and Adam D’Angelo share their stories of building their companies in secret, and how they’ve gained confidence and fearlessness.


The team behind the app GrowthBot is building out a toolset that helps companies examine where they’re losing money in their sales process. GrowthBot wants to help companies figure out where they’re losing money, and what they can do to optimize their sales processes to increase revenue.


A program that helps people with disabilities to work from their homes. The company behind this product offers a service that helps employees schedule and manage a work routine in a way that keeps their jobs and responsibilities in order.


The company behind the traditional online ticketing service is building a mobile ticketing app for the youth in India.


The company behind the $500,000 World Cup prize pool, FanDuel is building a baseball-based fantasy game. FanDuel has a head start in the US and UK, but will need to grow in other countries to have an impact.


The startup behind Jobster, which helps employers and job seekers find each other, has been acquired by LinkedIn for $90 million


A new product from the startup behind Ustream and Twitch, which helps people livestream live video games.


The team behind the app is looking to work with new and existing government agencies as part of the White House’s national cybersecurity framework. They want to help the Federal government more quickly and efficiently identify and contain cyber threats.


A 3D printable gun that allows you to modify the shape of your weapon. The idea behind the technology is that it can be used to make semi-automatic weapons capable of being fired more quickly.


A wellness tool for people with mental health issues to track their symptoms and stay on top of things. The startup is backed by Outcome Health, the company behind enterprise wellness company Medical Health Network.


A content platform that curates and helps marketers reach their target groups. A team from Google Ventures is behind the startup.


A product that helps companies automate the process of signing up new employees. Currently the app signed up the team behind the globally popular app Ima Robot.


A way to protect your privacy by using data from social media to “unmask the real, anonymous person behind a fake account”.


The idea behind this startup is that there are 100s of millions of people who don’t use their car’s navigation system, but do know how to use their cellphones. The startup wants to solve the problem by building a service for people to use their phone’s GPS to give them directions.


The engineers behind this startup are using a “data-driven” approach to build a better email marketing platform. The company’s CEO says that email marketing is better than ever.


The company behind the “Tinder for Business” app is launching a new product in the U.S. that allows members to add employees to a shared account, customize their benefits, and pay payroll taxes.


Founded in 2015, this is the company behind the popular, free, and open-source development platform app-builder App-Builder-Platform .


This New York City startup is building a subscription service for the restaurant industry. The founders behind the company believe that the industry is plagued by high costs and a lack of execution.


The startup behind a new parking app that uses a “floating fee” to charge drivers for the time they spend looking for parking.


The idea behind the startup is that most companies have a “secret” culture they don’t want to share, so they hide it. It’s a way for employees to anonymously share a picture of a prospective employee’s work style and culture.


A spin-off from the team behind The Daily, a news app for the iPhone and iPad


The startup behind the YourTango.com app and website is planning to launch a new online messaging app that will let people chat with their friends and family face to face, and the first users will be celebrities.


Sellout is a collaborative video editing platform that aims to build on the more popular iOS app Procreate. In addition to the apps, the team behind the app has launched a website and a community forum to promote and discuss the project.


This is what happens when the team behind Meetup, the platform for organizing local events, turns their attention towards the more consumer-focused side of the world. It’s a platform that helps merchants sell directly to their customers and serves as a hub for sales, marketing, and support.


Idea: The startup behind this idea is a marketplace for programmers to find jobs and businesses to find talented programmers


Idea: This is the company behind the Bodega app, which calls itself a “Bodega box that comes with a free human.” The startup is building an app for small convenience stores in order to make shopping for milk, eggs, and other items more convenient. Its founders are betting that by bringing in a human to help customers, they’ll be able to differentiate from other convenience stores.


Idea: A new kind of ecommerce platform for physical goods, where every product page has a video embedded. The company calls itself “a new kind of ecommerce platform for physical goods, where every product page has a video embedded.” Users can watch videos to hear the story behind the product, or if they want, can touch the screen and hear the video narrated by a voiceover.