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by @levelsio

Behavior Startup Ideas

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A machine-learning based platform that can predict the likelihood of you turning into a customer by looking at your behavior on other sites.


Idea: A credit card that rewards people for healthy behavior


A web-based platform for financial planning, with an AI that helps users make better financial decisions through behavioral psychology.


A startup that helps users better manage their moods and emotions, using a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness.


An AI-based platform for helping companies measure and understand the impact of their employees’ spending and behavior.


The startup is building a self-learning AI that can help brands predict customer behavior and determine what products to sell.


A tool for modeling and simulating the physical behavior of interaction with a product, with a focus on wearables. The startups aims to allow customers to model wearables in a way that’s more intuitive than the current alternatives


A CRM for retailers that uses machine learning to predict consumer behavior and then recommend what products to sell based on their past purchases


An adtech startup that provides a way for publishers to target users based on their browsing history, to help them understand their behavior and improve their ad content.


A startup that wants to get a person into the driver’s seat with a new way to track driving behavior using mobile phones. It’s a bit like the sorts of things that Sonar and others are building.


A startup that uses AI and machine learning to help companies predict their customers’ behavior, and to craft customer experiences better suited to those behaviors.


 A security/protection service for businesses, working to identify threats and mitigate them before they become a problem. The company has an AI component that’s meant to flag risky behaviors in real time, and has a proactive component that flags any unusual activity.


A company that provides AI-powered technology for online retailers, including an AI-powered website that can automatically suggest new products and changes to products based on consumer behavior.


This personal finance startup plans to help people make better financial decisions–based on AI and behavioral science. It hopes to use machine learning to help users make better decisions based on data, rather than allowing people to just “use their gut”. The company is based in San Francisco, but is looking to hire a CTO.


A “disruptive” startup that uses artificial intelligence to teach robots how to sort and adopt new behaviors.


 The startup is building an intelligent vending machine that allows consumers to receive personalized offers based on their offline behavior.


A company building a tool for sites to accurately measure page views and clicks, as well as help them gain better insights into user behavior.


A company that powers the chat experience in messaging apps. It allows users to completely customize the appearance and behavior of their chats, especially with respect to things like changing background colors and fonts.


A startup that uses artificial intelligence to create a set of data driven, predictive models that can be used to predict possible customer behavior.


A startup that helps clients manage their email marketing campaigns by creating ‘trigger’ emails based on specific customer behaviors.


An artificial intelligence engine for the U.S. Air Force. The startup uses machine learning to predict the behavior of drones in a given environment.


A way to track dog and cat behavior. The startup is building a technology that monitors pet behavior, including sleep patterns, mood, and exercise.


A company that helps retailers in India make money on data they collect on customer behaviors. Currently, they’re using the company’s software to manage their cash desks in stores.


This startup is making a tool to help people track their buying behavior and improve their decisions. It counts companies like Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola, and Nike among its customers.


A self-learning AI engine that’s aimed at predicting customer behavior and building loyalty.


A startup that wants to give businesses a way to predict new customers based on the behavior of previous customers.


A startup that’s building a platform to help retailers better understand their customers. The idea is that retailers can use the platform to track customer behavior, and then use that information to better understand what’s going on inside stores and why customers are making the decisions they do.


A startup that wants to use AI to figure out who has a change in behavior is an addict and who has other underlying illness like depression. The startup uses data science to work out what’s causing changes in behavior and figure out whether it’s a symptom of a mental illness.


 A company that uses big data to help companies identify employees who are at risk for being insubordinate or having other behavioral issues. Their app  is combining behavioral science with AI to identify troubled employees.


A company that uses a personalized approach to help a person change a habit by writing a custom program to help an individual cut down on a certain behavior.


 A company that helps companies with digital marketing by providing software and data to help them better understand customer behavior.


A video series that helps people make better decisions by evaluating their past behavior to predict what sort of decisions they’ll make in the future.