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Before Startup Ideas

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“Together, dreamers and doers can do more than ever before.” It’s a “startup for humanity” that wants to provide rapid solutions that “help change the world for the better”


A virtual reality startup that aims to help healthcare professionals train and collaborate. It’s a VR app that lets doctors, nurses, and other medical staff practice together in a virtual environment before they need to go to the hospital.


An online platform that asks you to rate products and services before you buy them, allowing you to compare them on the same scale as Amazon or Consumer Reports.


A company that wants to use AI to identify fraudulent texts, emails, and calls before they’re delivered to your phone.


A new way to evaluate performance, using machine learning to predict whether a team will meet goals before they’re even met.


A startup that helps people make decisions about education and careers before they go to college


A smartphone app that helps patients help themselves. The app helps users manage their prescriptions, so they can take medications at the right time, and refill them before they run out. It also serves as a reminder to patients that they’re taking their meds, and will remind them when their prescriptions are about to expire.


A startup that produces a checklist for people who are going on vacation Gives them a list of things to do before they leave and things to do when they return


A software company that wants to help companies manage their risk before a crisis, helping them quickly identify areas of risk and put in place mitigation strategies.


A platform for getting contractors to complete work before it’s due, from the shop floor to the field.


A SaaS business that helps vet people before they get hired.


A startup that provides a service where people can have a “taste” of a product before they buy it


A startup that wants to help companies get a head start on building a social media presence before they launch.


The company is building an app that uses artificial intelligence to try to predict what you’re going to want based on what you’ve bought before.


Builds high-end VR content for the fashion industry. The startup, which was founded in May, wants to rapidly iterate on a VR experience before its peers.


A visual design platform for brands & agencies that allows designers to see the visual impact of their designs before they hit production.


This app wants to help you find a good plumber for your house, and helps you book them before the job, so you’re not standing in the rain for three hours waiting for a plumber to show up.


The company wants to help take the guesswork out of what to charge customers before they’ve even placed an online order.


A company that creates technology that can detect defects in products before they're shipped to customers.


A startup that wants to make open-source software for 3D printers. The founders are tech veterans who have built digital fabrication tools before.


A startup that provides a service where you can rent a house on Airbnb and they’ll come clean it with their own cleaning crew before the next tenant arrives


 A platform for online job listings that helps users find the right job for them. It’s also trying to fight discrimination by allowing users to see what the company’s algorithms predict they’ll be paid before submitting a resume.


 A security/protection service for businesses, working to identify threats and mitigate them before they become a problem. The company has an AI component that’s meant to flag risky behaviors in real time, and has a proactive component that flags any unusual activity.


A mobile app that allows you to manage your credit and debit card numbers with just your phone’s camera and a voice response. Circle uses the camera to take a picture of the card and then calls the number on the card to confirm it’s valid before linking it to your phone.


A company that helps small businesses get paid faster by paying out on their paychecks before they’re due.


The startup helps ISPs monitor the level of network performance in their network, helping them identify problems and fix them before they can affect the quality of service for customers.


An AI-powered solution for the construction industry. It’s a predictive maintenance platform that helps maintenance staff fix machines before they break down.


A platform that lets you see the “live” traffic on a website, so you can see how long a user is on your site before buying and/or cancelling a subscription.


A student loan refinancing startup that helps students pay off their loans before they graduate.


A platform where consumers can try out products before they buy them.


A SaaS platform for managing data that helps scientists and researchers conduct research. The startup helps scientists find the right resources, and connect to them in ways they never could before.


A free app that lets users create “Mystery Boxes” for their friends. The app helps you send your friends a message that includes a link to a product or experience you’ve never tried before. The recipient then has the option to try it out for free without having to buy it.


A company that used to provide computer science education in English before shifting to the Indian market and focusing on autodidactic AI education.


A company that provides “next-generation” insurance solutions to companies with higher liability risks. The company’s approach is a bit atypical, as they say they’re not “selling” insurance, but rather “managing” the risk of the company. The startup says they’re already working with more than a dozen clients with plans to expand to 20 more before the end of 2019.


This startup is building a way for teams to share and vote on designs and UI elements before a company puts money into getting it into production.


An AI that helps businesses predict demand for their products before they’re even built.


 A startup that brings together the digital and physical worlds to make sure you’re prepared for any situation. Exos is a communications platform that will help you be ready before an earthquake hits, a hurricane hits, or a tsunami strikes.


Expense sharing for travel is a growing trend, but Expense Buddy aims to do it better than others by creating a “predictive expense engine” that creates a bill for your trip before you leave, and serves it to you via email or SMS.


A startup that is working to build the world’s first augmented reality grocery store. The idea is to create a way for users to scan a barcode to get an augmented reality display of what a product looks like in a store, before they’ve even left the house, with a camera view of what a product looks like at their homes.


A startup working to democratize credit in the developing world, creating a new financial product that would give people access to credit in a way they haven’t had before. The company, which was founded in India, wants to make it more affordable for people in the developing world to use and maintain credit.


A platform that allows a designer to prototype digital products for brands before the actual design is done


A new way for employers to hire workers. The startup uses a live video chat to help employers hire workers quickly. It uses AI to match candidates to employers, and allows employers to ask questions and validate candidates before hiring.


Founded in 2012 by Joshua Williams and Mark Wascura, the company develops and sells a platform that allows companies to build and manage their own travel and expense management platforms. Williams and Wascura began their careers as software engineers and spent 13 years at Oracle and HP respectively, before deciding to start the company in 2012. They raised $5 million in 2014 and $12 million in 2017.


A travel startup that has a mobile booking feature. The company also provides a mobile app that shows you flight prices before you book.


A health care startup that creates a doctor-patient relationship before a doctor is ever contacted.


"A security system that automatically detects and reports any attempts to hack into the system. They’re developing it in order to identify hackers before they can do harm."


A startup that provides a tool where you can enter your bank account, credit card, and brokerage accounts and see how much money you have left to spend before you go over your budget


Idea: A startup for organizing and publishing video interviews with people on the internet, initially for people who are doing YC interviews before Demo Day.