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Backed Startup Ideas

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A platform for lenders to offer loans backed by real estate.


A visual analytics tool that helps non-technical people understand what their data means. The startup is backed by Y Combinator.


The first YC-backed startup to reach unicorn status was Airbnb, in 2009. Airbnb was followed by Dropbox, Stripe, Uber, Instacart, and Wayfair.


 A small startup backed by Google Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz is building a tool for pastors to share their sermons online.


A startup that helps people find and buy homes for $1,000, and is backed by former President Bill Clinton.


A platform intended to help companies figure out how to make their processes more efficient. NetBix is backed by some of the biggest names in venture capital: Mayfield, Ignition Partners, and others.


PlaceShare is a marketplace for sharing places, and is backed by Y Combinator. This startup is building a new payments system for sharing things.


A company that wants to fund and manage the creation of new content in the form of online videos or podcasts. It is backed by former CNN president Jonathan Klein and has raised $7 million from investors and is already active in several markets, including the UK.


In June 2018, the Startup Genome Project released data on the 100 most active venture-backed startups in the world. Of the top 100 startups, 12 were based in the San Francisco Bay Area. That was more than any other single city in the world.


A startup backed by Sequoia that helps developers monetize their apps by converting them into subscription-based services for consumers.


A platform for building real estate-backed bonds.


A platform that helps large businesses manage their supply chain, with a mobile app that lets users order and track products. It’s backed by Airbus and seen as a competitor to Shopify.


A way of organizing a person's social life through a calendar. The startup is backed by Y Combinator, and the company is currently focused on the enterprise market, but plans to bring it to consumers soon.


In August 2018, Crunchbase reported that there were over 150 venture-backed startup accelerators in the United States. The list of top accelerators in the United States was as follows:


A VC-backed startup that’s building a car that can be driven by people with limited mobility.


A venture-backed accelerator that prepares social-media influencers to launch their own online ventures, helping them manage their social-media buzz and their brand and how they interact with the public.


This startup wants to create a new digital currency that’s backed by a bank, and that can be used to pay for transactions in the physical world.


A startup where the US government buys excess military equipment and resells them to civilians. It’s not the first attempt to make the surplus military equipment market accessible, but it’s the first to be backed by the US government.


A venture-backed startup that builds customized video games for e-commerce, boutiques and retail.


A startup that aims to help financial advisors in the US give advice to clients who are buying fixed-income investments. The startup is backed by the venture arm of Goldman Sachs.


The startup is currently in stealth mode, but it’s building a venture backed company that’s making a “set of automation services” for enterprise customers in the financial services industry.


A venture-backed startup that’s building a platform for home builders that helps them manage their quality assurance, build projects faster, and reduce costs.


A platform that makes it easy for companies to host virtual teams that work from different locations. The startup is working with Y Combinator-backed startup Galvanize.


The startup has built a software platform that gives brands the ability to create real-time webinars through web browsers or mobile applications. The company is based in New York City and is backed by a $3 million seed round from investors including 500 Startups, Forerunner Ventures, and Lerer Ventures.


A venture-backed, data-driven performance marketing company that helps companies find out what people are talking about, what they’re talking to each other about, and what people are saying about their brands.


An “Ask-a-Vet” app that directs users to the nearest vet, and is backed by PetMed Express, a pet supply retailer.


Lending Club is looking to create an online community for home and condo owners to get access to financing to pay down a mortgage or refinance a home. The company’s loans are backed by the equity in the house, and rates for the loans are competitive.


A VC-backed startup that is looking to bring financial services to the unbanked in India. The company has started piloting its technology in Chennai and Hyderabad.


A solution for small businesses that want to order in bulk and ship it out all at once. The business is backed by Y Combinator.


B2B companies are more likely to use YC-backed startups as employees, as compared to one where the founders are located in the Bay Area.


A venture-backed startup that serves as a marketing platform for credit card and bank data that lets companies run campaigns. It’s also a marketplace for data, where companies can buy and sell their own data sets.


First Round Capital is one of the earliest and most successful seed stage investors, having backed over 100 companies in the past 15 years.


A venture backed brand that makes nut-milk-based drinks and skincare products. The company has three products in the market already, and recently introduced a new product that uses a nutty brown rice protein called “brown rice protein powder.”


An AI backed startup that uses algorithms to help internet users discover new books, movies, and music.


A storage and backup service that allows users to upload documents in different formats, then get their data backed up to the cloud.


A platform that helps restaurants manage their inventory. The startup allows restaurants to manage their inventory in real-time, ensuring they have enough stock for delivery, and it also gives them insights into when and what to order for delivery. The startup is backed by $4 million from Peloton Ventures and New Enterprise Associates.


A startup that provides a SaaS platform for SaaS companies to build high quality content. The startup is backed by some of the largest tech companies in the world, including Google, Microsoft and Twitter.


A startup for bands to put out their music for sale without the hassle of a label. The company is based out of Philadelphia, and is backed by the founders of the label of the same name.


Smart contracts platform for business ideas, with a focus on the B2B space (think legal contracts). The company is backed by Digital Garage, and has launched a program that offers $1k in credit to startups for signing up.


A two-sided marketplace for ads, designed specifically for blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and backed by Y Combinator. The platform will allow publishers and advertisers to sell digital advertising at an auction, then use smart contracts to facilitate payment.


Indiagames is a venture backed company that is building technology to help Indian game developers and publishers grow their market.


A solution for loans that are backed by corporate stocks, allowing their holders to be traded like stocks.


One of the very first startups backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Tigster is a “gateway” for employees to take a sabbatical and rejoin their company without losing pay, with potential to save employers about $300,000 per year.


A company that allows users to create and market “smart” contracts. They can be used to create asset-backed securities, loans and bonds, and can be made to automatically pay out to users if certain conditions are met.


A wellness tool for people with mental health issues to track their symptoms and stay on top of things. The startup is backed by Outcome Health, the company behind enterprise wellness company Medical Health Network.


A digital assistant that helps recruiters and hiring managers find and manage top talent. The startup is backed by Sound Ventures, the venture capital arm of Pandora, and is led by former Googler and Facebook executive David Fischer.


VentureBeat is an American technology news and media company based in New York City. It was founded in 2009 as a print publication, and has since expanded to include a website and mobile apps, and became a venture-backed startup.


The Y Combinator-backed startup is building a tool to help people buy affordable healthcare in the US.


A platform for people to get their credentials verified, backed by a “verified badge” for each user. The company wants to help people get into cool things, like coding bootcamps or startup events.


A platform for managing digital products, backed by Y Combinator.


A web and mobile app that helps small businesses manage their entire back end, including accounting, payroll, and e-commerce. It’s backed by a bunch of VCs, including Andreessen Horowitz, and has raised $10 million in funding.


A venture-backed startup that’s building an app for iOS that allows you to flip your phone’s screen horizontally and vertically to share photos.


Ink is a platform for live events, with a focus on music. Users are able to create and manage their events within one platform and then broadcast these events to the world. Ink also offers a community feature, where users can share content with each other. The company raised $12.5 million, with 23,000 users in 50 countries, and is backed by Lightspeed and Greycroft.


A B2B company in the middle of a three-year contract to acquire a VC-backed app in the healthcare market in the UK.


Inmar is backed by a number of investors that include:


Non-VC-backed startups also happen to be a major focus for the accelerator.


A startup that wants to make it easier to book flights through mobile apps. Yatra is backed by Sequoia’s Sumeet Jain


A Y Combinator-backed company making a product that helps companies hire remote workers


This is a business that provides third-party software and services that allow businesses to connect and communicate with each other, and is backed by the venture capital firm General Catalyst.


The Specialized Technology Fund (STF) is a $25 million venture fund hosted by the University of California, Berkeley, where it was founded in 2011. The fund is meant to facilitate the creation of new technologies that can improve the lives of people in developing countries. It is the first university-backed venture fund focused on developing technologies for developing countries. The fund is run by the university's Haas School of Business.


An online payment platform that lets people pay their friends through Venmo. Payalu is backed by Y Combinator, 500 Startups, and others.


Venture-backed startup that helps developers easily create social apps for their customers.


A data science platform that helps companies understand their customers better with AI-based tools and AI-powered insights. The startup is based in New York City and is backed by Y Combinator and SV Angel.


A “feeling thermometer” for everyone, to help people know when someone is feeling backed into a corner


A tool that helps small businesses in the US create and measure their sales operations. It’s backed by Y Combinator.


A venture backed start-up that wants to be a digital concierge for all things you’re looking for (from food to drinks to tickets). They’re hoping to be the Amazon of the future.


Bot Camp is a platform for building bots for Slack or Facebook Messenger. The company, which launched in May, is backed by Abraaj Group, a global investment firm whose portfolio includes e-commerce startup Shopify.


As one of the first enterprise-focused venture-backed startups, Placed is building a platform that allows employers to create a database of their employees and their location, as well as see which of their employees they can “Placed” in the time they need to pay them.


A project backed by the President of Brazil to develop the country’s cabs.


Idea: Early stage, VC-backed uBiome is an open source citizen science biotech that makes it easy for anyone to analyze their microbiome The company is profitable and is scaling internationally, but its founders want more funding


Idea: A startup that operates a platform where organizations can make ‘asset-backed’ loans to people, with a low risk of default