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Avoid Startup Ideas

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A startup that helps people on crowd-funding platforms avoid scammers


A toolkit that helps people avoid the pitfalls of modern technology and stay connected to their loved ones.


A dating app for people who want to have casual sex, focused on avoiding pressure from other users. The app is meant to be a safe place for people who want to do something that’s not going to last.


The startup is building a platform that is able to recognize a set of facial expressions and, in real-time, translate them into emotions. It also translates any other language into emotions. The company promises to keep an eye on emotions in real-time, helping businesses avoid misunderstandings and improve customer service.


A chatbot that gives real-time insight into what users are doing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and helps them avoid the most toxic content.


This startup has created an out of office messaging app that lets you send all of your team members an email with a message and a URL to a video recording that you’ve made. The app is all about helping small teams manage their in-person workflow and avoid technology-driven distractions.


A company that helps small businesses buy and sell all their equipment in one place, avoiding the disadvantages of Craigslist and other marketplaces, with a process that’s automated and secure.


A chatbot that answers questions and handles customer service calls, using language processing to help users avoid common mistakes.


A platform for financial advisors to manage their clients’ investments. The platform is intended to help advisors avoid mistakes often made by new advisors, and set up automatic investment reports.


This startup in the US is building an app that helps people avoid buying things from retailers that then sell it to consumers at a loss, for instance by Amazon or Target.


A company that helps developers use machine learning to help turn apps that are live right now into future-proofed and useful apps. The company’s software is meant to help developers avoid common pitfalls when building apps, like forgetting to correctly define dates and times.


A platform for businesses to use and manage their international trade finance more easily, helping them avoid the costs and delays of traditional financing.


A platform that allows businesses to pay contractors and freelancers via mobile, not PayPal. The startup wants to make it easier to pay contractors and freelancers for work, and avoid the headaches of payment processing.


A startup that helps people manage their digital assets while travelling to help them avoid missing payments.


A startup that mines data from the trash dumpsters of companies in order to help them manage their waste, save money, and avoid fines


A company that uses artificial intelligence to help investors avoid certain stocks


A mobile app that helps users avoid sales taxes when shopping online. Currently serving businesses in California and Texas.


This startup is using mobile payments to help small businesses pay their vendors directly from their phones, reducing the need to invoice and avoid late payments.


A startup that helps farmers and businesses avoid the high cost of getting loans, especially through microfinance.


A company that helps businesses in the US and Canada use “reloads” from clients in China to avoid paying Chinese taxes


A company that helps people who want to be independent living at home avoid the costs associated with needing an in-home caregiver.


A platform that lets employers manage their employees’ health benefits. Their goal is to help employers avoid the pitfalls of health insurance by giving them access to a single platform.


A startup that wants to help people in developing nations to access the global stock market in a way that helps them avoid high fees and complicated paperwork.


A product development platform for startups that wants to help them avoid the hassle of developing their own systems.


A platform that makes it easier to run a club or bar. By giving people a place to meet up, they can stay organized and avoid the headache of managing group purchasing and logistics.


A startup that helps large retailers streamline their supply chain and avoid prices from being undercut by competitors.


A solution that helps large retailers and manufacturers avoid expensive damage and return costs.


A digital identity service for entrepreneurs that allows them to use their own data to establish credibility, avoid identity fraud, and manage their reputation.


A startup that helps companies avoid the pitfalls of selling online. To do this, they use a series of tools to help businesses onboard new customers, track the performance of their site, and optimise their sales funnels.


A startup that is building a mobile app to help drivers avoid parking tickets. They’re also looking to partner with local governments.


A SaaS product that monitors a company’s IT infrastructure in real-time, helping it remain stable and avoid downtime.


A system to make it easier to share and reuse code and avoid duplicating efforts.


A law firm that helps startups avoid SEC issues.


A financial technology company that wants an AI-based product that will help users track their spending and help them avoid financial crime.


A Facebook-style messaging platform for sharing photos, videos, and live streams. The startup is only looking at the US for now, as they want to avoid the potential regulatory and legal issues in other markets.


A platform that allows small businesses to create and manage their own online store. The startup, which is based in New York, is looking to help small business owners avoid the pitfalls of other e-commerce platforms while scaling their business.


A company that helps people figure out their credit score and offers a tool to help avoid debt and improve credit.


A software company that aims to provide a suite of tools to help people avoid missing payments. It handles a lot of the back end for consumer finance companies, including student loans and credit cards.


A platform that allows businesses to manage their outbound calls from one place, with a feature to help them avoid mistakes and save money. The startup offers a solution for businesses that don’t have their own call center.


A video game that teaches how to drive a car. Players control a virtual car and drive around a course, following the rules of the road, and avoiding obstacles such as other cars and pedestrians. The game is meant for the very beginning of novice drivers, teaching them to drive without the risk of crashing.


A company that makes payments more efficient, with a system that allows businesses to send out monthly invoices, and avoid the hassle of managing their own payment systems.


 A startup that’s meant to help people with ADHD focus better on tasks and avoid distractions.


A startup that helps people choose a health plan and helps them avoid surprise medical bills.


The startup is building an insurance product for travelers that helps them avoid the pitfalls of the expensive individual insurance market.


A startup that helps employees set up automatic recurring payments from their paycheck. The service is aimed at companies who don’t use a software for auto payments, and the company is focused on helping these companies avoid the hassle and expense of manually setting up recurring payments.


This startup is building an app that sends a smart message to your employer when you leave your desk. It’s designed to remind companies of their hiring rules, but it could also be useful for workers to avoid calling out sick.


A $7 credit card that lets you avoid fees for cash withdrawals at ATMs. The startup also partners with retailers like Chipotle to allow you to use the card for online orders.


A startup that’s building a platform for connecting medical devices and home medical services to help people avoid hospitalizations for respiratory illnesses.


A company that will replace existing safety tools for self-driving cars, including collision avoidance systems, with a dashboard that overlays cameras, radar, lidar, and other sensors.


A software development company that wants to build tools that help startups avoid the pitfalls of hiring new employees.


This startup makes a paid email system that helps companies avoid GDPR fines. The company’s founders say they’re working with over 100 large European e-commerce sites. It’s currently in private beta.


A platform that helps people find and connect with other professional services companies to avoid unneeded duplication.


The startup aims to be a peer-to-peer marketplace for student loans, to help students avoid high interest rates by borrowing from other students.


A startup that uses AI to help people identify and avoid fraudulent phone or email scams.


 A “smart helmet” that helps cyclists avoid cars while riding their bikes


A payroll system for freelance workers, primarily in the creative industry. The startup is a bit like a freelance equivalent to a temp agency, but it’s helping freelancers avoid the large fees that the average temp agency charges.


A startup working to help recruiters and HR managers connect with potential hires, avoiding data silos and the time it takes to search for the exact candidate. They’re working in the US, the UK, Australia, Singapore, and New Zealand, with plans to expand to Canada and the Philippines in 2020.


Helping companies avoid hiring unqualified contractors, this startup is a tool that helps companies quickly review a contractor’s experience and qualifications before entering into a contract.


This healthcare startup wants to help employees avoid the cycle of health insurance premiums and high deductibles. They send a monthly debit card to employees, and can be customized to cover a certain amount of money per month for a certain service, ranging from life insurance to primary care to dental. They’re profitable and growing in the San Francisco Bay Area.


A platform that helps governments and companies connect with UN populations for aid, research, and development. The company is aiming to help UN agencies avoid the challenges of working with private companies.


This business is building a system that allows buyers to choose and track the most reputable and reliable retailers, and helps them avoid fraudulent sellers.


A “reputation management” platform for companies with a significant number of negative comments, which helps them avoid negative feedback.


This startup helps retail stores avoid theft by monitoring in-store cameras for bad actors, and alerting store managers in real-time.


A blockchain-based platform to help businesses move inventory and avoid fraud. The company has built a system to track and oversee sales of products on Amazon marketplace, which are then paid and approved by the blockchain.


Idea: A payment processing company for online retailers, helping them avoid fraud and chargeback fees.


Idea: A new brand of premium, non-GMO, gluten-free chips for people who want to avoid the chemicals and additives found in most store-bought chips.