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Average Startup Ideas

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A company that aims to create one-click access to the stock market for average investors and let them track stocks in real-time.


A startup that makes the process of filling out Medicare Part D plans less painful. The platform helps people fill out their plans online, and acts as a sort of health insurance broker for people seeking Medicare coverage. The startup says their customers save an average of $50 per month.


A startup that wants to disrupt the textbook market by offering low-cost, digital textbooks made by an average person.


The startup is building a toolset to help people in the UK understand their personal finances and see how they stack up against the national average.


A startup that helps students decide what college to go to, by matching them with data on schools’ average SAT scores, average AP scores, average graduation rates, and more. The company uses algorithms to draw on this data to match applicants to schools.


A startup that aims to help realtors automate their sales process, using a digital agent that keeps track of the status of a property and opens real estate listings on the internet. The startup is pitching the service as a way to drive down “the average home sales cycle” from six months to two.


An iPhone-based app for tracking your health and habits, along with the data from your FitBit. The app averages out your personal data and presents a picture of how healthy you are overall.


“The company’s mission is to create a better way to communicate between employees and employers. They’ve built an app that allows companies to send out salary increases to employees in advance, which they say helps employees be more productive and be better at their jobs. They say their users have improved their productivity by 30% and received an average salary increase of 84%.”


A startup that’s building a platform that can let people pay rent with their phones. The company is focused on the homeless population, which is more mobile than the average person, but their platform could be used across all sectors.


Another startup that wants to simplify life for the average Indian.


A travel planning app that helps users find the cheapest flights from A to B, with an average savings of over $100.


A business platform for Indian SMBs to better manage their finances. Over the last 12 months, the number of SMBs on the platform has grown 50%, with an average monthly transaction size of $3,500.


A tool to help recruiters identify the best candidates for each job. For instance, if an ad says a certain job is in Chicago, the tool can look up the average salary and job openings to determine if this job is a good match.


A tool that allows employees to track and collaborate on projects. The company says the average person wastes nearly an hour each day on email, so it’s designed to help people get more done.


An AI-based solution for managing HR. HR24 claims to have a unique process for hiring, which they say is 15x faster than the average hiring process.


A way to help small-scale construction companies get paid faster. The company hopes to reduce the average settlement time from 25 to 5 days.


A digital platform for professionals who want to build their own investment portfolios. The idea is to make investing easier for the average person, and the company is working to make investing more accessible across Brazil.


A company that helps people find apartments. The company claims that the average cost to find a rental is just a fraction of a percent of monthly rent, and has found that it’s more effective to have a niche niche of renters rather than trying to convince all of the town’s renters to become landlords.


A real estate company that aims to use software to automate the process of buying and selling property, streamlining the process and making it accessible to the average Joe.


A payroll system for freelance workers, primarily in the creative industry. The startup is a bit like a freelance equivalent to a temp agency, but it’s helping freelancers avoid the large fees that the average temp agency charges.


The average age of the industry is around 30 years old, and that’s not because they’re getting older. It’s because the industry is so new that there aren’t a lot of established veterans.


This startup is building a platform for companies to use AI to create software that can perform customer service inquiries and other tasks that are too manual for the average employee.


Idea: A startup that takes information about a company’s users and uses it to customize the in-app experience based on that company’s products For example, if the user has a subscription box service, the app might show them relevant articles or tips The startup says that, in testing, they’ve seen an average of 10% more engagement for the companies they’ve worked with


Idea: This startup is building a platform for people to have food delivered from restaurants that have closed for the day The company says it has 200 weekly users, and an average order size of $10


Idea: A startup for cleaning services The startup says it has 100 weekly users, with an average order size of $100


Idea: An online marketplace for buying and selling 3D-printed objects. The startup aims to be a marketplace for a new generation of makers, with a platform to bring together designers, engineers, and 3D-printers. They currently have 500 open-ended jobs, and a $1k average order size.


SaaS business that helps you schedule appointments via SMS. The startup charges $1 per appointment and says it has 3 active customers making an average of $50 per month.


A company that is building a “virtual assistant” for managing the life of the average family. The company wants to make it easier for parents to plan and track their child’s education, medical appointments and activities. The company’s flagship product is a virtual assistant that helps parents keep track of their child’s activities and school.