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Available Startup Ideas

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A startup for hotels to fill rooms quickly with the best available rates.


A startup that collects data on the world’s 4.5 billion-odd cellphones and builds a giant map of their locations with all the phone data available.


A collection of online educational materials available for free.


This startup wants to build a new type of credit card for the underbanked, especially in developing countries. It takes the form of a prepaid card and is available in any currency. Given the lack of banking options in many such countries, the startup sees a lot of potential for growth.


A startup that helps track and connect people who want to apply for jobs in a specific city, and allows them to see the job openings, apply and schedule interviews, get feedback on their applications, and communicate with recruiters. Available in the San Francisco Bay Area.


The startup makes on-demand cleaners available for home services, largely to help cities manage their waste. By putting the service in the hands of users, it helps cities cut costs and be more efficient.


A food delivery startup that wants to take on Uber Eats. The company is currently only available in Seattle and has $3 million in funding.


A company that makes it easier to create, manage, and scale sales data. The platform is designed for sales teams to collect data about their clients, and make it available to others in the company.


A text message-based calendar that lets you schedule events and reminders, with a calendar interface. The app is available for iOS and Android


A platform that helps companies create custom, branded t-shirts, available to buy online and in-store.


A new type of restaurant that delivers meals, but instead of ordering food online, you get to pick it up at a store. The app will be available in the next few months.


A startup that helps users send money and pay bills at no cost. Currently only available in the UK


A free database of all consumer credit cards, available online and allowing users to search for cards, compare them, and see where they’re used.


A tool to help companies manage multiple workflows and processes for a single project. It’s available as a Chrome extension.


A startup that sells the first commercial drone to have a consumer version available, with a price tag of $1,000. The drone is made for those who want to experiment with aerial photography and videography.


A tool for building, managing, and deploying custom web applications, available on a free tier.


A startup that make a tool that allows you to make your home automation system available on the open web


A startup that lets you send money to your friends at scale, through a simple mobile interface. The startup wants to use data from users to build a better product, and it’s currently only available for iOS.


Two founders left YC to build a $10 per month service to help food delivery services become more cost effective and more like an on-demand service. It’s available in a few cities in the US, and it’s simple: a “geofenced” area with a few delivery zones that are cheaper than a full city block.


Loose talk among friends and coworkers about work and life. You can learn a lot about people by what they’re discussing, and what they’re saying is more than just idle chatter. This startup wants to make that sort of content available to employers and HR departments.


A portfolio of music and lecture channels that are available for 24/7 streaming.


This app helps people find parking spots in downtown areas and is available in the San Francisco Bay Area.


A tool for creating and editing charts from Python or MATLAB. Charts is a Python library for creating and editing charts, with an API for creating and editing charts in MATLAB. Charts is available on the Python Package Index and on GitHub.


Changing the way companies find and hire talent. Based in London, the startup is building software meant to give companies a better idea of who’s available that can make them more open to hiring candidates. They have a large set of clients in the UK.


A mobile app that helps restaurants with inventory management. The app’s software syncs with a customer’s phone to check if a product is available and to notify the restaurant of changes in the status of the product.


A startup that uses AI to automate the process of scheduling, tracking and managing meetings. Their software is available on the market, with customers including the US Department of Defense, Coca-Cola and Walmart.


An iOS app that helps people schedule and manage tasks. It’s available on the App Store and also through the website.


A startup that creates a marketplace for companies to outsource their recruiting to on-demand recruiters, with the promise of matching candidates to available jobs within a week


The company's app is designed to help consumers monitor the health of their finances, including credit scores, debt and income. The application, which is in beta, is available for Android and Apple iOS smartphones.


The startup is building digital signage for companies to let their employees know when tasks need to be completed, and will also allow them to use it to let customers know when they have stock available.


An online photo editing platform, also available on iOS and Android, which is meant to be used by people with no experience in photography to be able to add various effects to photos.


“A premium app store with an emphasis on quality,” aiming to have a “curated selection of apps” that are not available anywhere else.


A maker of software to help create and organize personas for online marketing. It’s currently available for free, though the founders are looking to go premium.


A Chinese-American startup that’s building an app that makes it easier to pay for things online. The app is in private beta and is already available in Shanghai, Shanghai and other parts of China.


A video-sharing platform that allows users to create their own videos, share them and get paid for them. The site is currently available in the UK and Australia and has more than 1 million users.


A food delivery service that takes a cut of each order. The startup’s delivery partners are close to becoming available in Brooklyn, with plans to expand to a dozen more by the end of the year. The startup charges a 20% delivery fee.


A company that helps athletes and other team members make sense of their training data. The startup was founded in November and is currently available in San Francisco, New York City, and Boston.


A startup that matches employers with employees that are looking to work from home. The startup is currently in beta mode and is available for use on the iOS version of the app.


The startup has built a platform that makes it easy for libraries to provide free Wi-Fi to their patrons. The app is available for use in libraries nationwide and charges a 6% fee for the service.


An AI powered work scheduling app for HR managers, telling them who is available and what their availability is like.


This startup is building an API for onboarding third party software into different companies’ workflows. The platform is currently available to customers in four industries.


A new kind of restaurant reservation platform that works across telephone, mobile, and web. The company says it’s building a “digital concierge” that can quickly answer questions on the fly and will be available in 6 languages.


A platform that helps people find the best and cheapest healthcare, based on the best information available on what treatments are effective, and what providers are best. HealthMap is targeting big cities in the US that have good healthcare options and are currently underserved by them.


A startup for book lovers that lets you see what books are available to buy in your area and set a reminder to buy it when it’s cheaper.


A business plan for a startup is like a sales pitch. It’s vague. It’s hard to see its potential. And it’s hard to know if it’s worth checking out. So many founders miss out on the chance to grow their business because they don’t have this thing called a business plan that explains how they’ll do it. The goal of this startup is to make it easy for anyone to write that plan. It’s currently only available in the Bay Area.


A startup that is building a network of independent financial advisors who will work with people to get them the best insurance rates available.


A B2B company that helps companies manage and find service providers. Like a concierge, it helps companies build a list of vendors, and then makes those vendors available to companies on demand.


A web-based video platform for providing short-form, on-demand “how to” guides for small businesses. The idea is that users can subscribe to specific topics, such as ‘how to sell on eBay’ and then be notified when a new video is available.


Nextbit wants to deliver Android in a way that lets you take your phone with you everywhere. It cuts down on background apps and syncs only the apps that you want to use with your phone. Available on Android and iOS.


The startup wants to create a one-stop-shop for all of your Facebook ads needs. The startup is currently only available to marketing executives.


A tool for managing the data on a small to medium sized business. It’s a white label product that is available to be customized by either a third party or a business owner.


A platform to shop for and share used cars, trucks, and SUVs by searching for and comparing available inventory via a mobile app, and then making an offer on a car with a simple swipe.


A tool that helps users automate the process of cleaning the air in their homes. They’re already working with a Fortune 500 company to make their product available to their customer.


A platform that helps people find and book the best available gym memberships, and better manage their fitness routine.


A company that’s building tools that send and receive money from people’s bank accounts. Using the software, people can send money to each other and keep an account for receiving payments. The app can be used by anyone in the country, and is available to customers through a bank account in the US.


A Slack-like tool for managing employee time, with automatic notifications and the ability to block time off. Only available on Slack.


A video conferencing platform that’s powered by the cloud and designed to work on all devices. It’s already integrated with Slack, allowing customers to schedule meetings from anywhere and get notifications when they’re available.


This is a Shopify-like app for online clothing stores. It’s available in the US and Canada for now.


A startup that provides on-demand access to a local barista. The concept is similar to Uber Eats, except these “district kitchens” are meant to be in neighborhoods that don’t have their own cafes. The service is currently only available in one city, but plans to expand to others in the near future.


A Web-based service that helps retailers find the right people to sell their products to. It’s currently only available to retailers with a large network of stores.


A parking app that uses remote parking sensors to find available parking for drivers.


A startup that helps people “make the most of round-the-clock” available to them. It’s a reference app for an app that helps people with sleep disorders find the right sleep schedule for them.


A company that is building a marketplace for data that comes from large data sets. TimeNexus aims to make this data available to researchers and teams to help them build out their own prediction models.


Shoppers are no longer satisfied with the bulky, slow, and expensive payment options available today. Shift wants to provide the option of paying with cash at local stores.


A platform that allows landlords to manage their rental units, connecting them to homebuyers and letting agents. The pitch is that it gives landlords a new way to run their business, helping them collect rent and keep track of their properties. It’s available in the UK and Australia at the moment, although they’re looking to expand internationally.


A tool that helps you manage your courses and courses of study, along with the borrowing and loan information for each. It’s currently available on the web, but will be coming to iOS and Android.


A food delivery service for restaurants. The startup offers customers a subscription model, giving them access to a $20-30 menu of food available between the hours of 8am and 2am.


New York-based startup that’s building a marketplace for bike parts. They want to disrupt the market by making their own parts available and making it easy for people to find and buy them.


A startup that lets you connect with the people you’re hiring. It’s available for companies to use themselves or as an add-on to larger recruiting platforms.


A platform to let consumers connect with the right people and businesses for their needs, and then to take advantage of the discounts and services that are available. The startup is building a "social commerce" platform, designed to make “bid-for-deals” a thing that users want and businesses want.


A startup for crowd-sourcing, developed by the founders of Yelp, to help providers compete for customers. It’s currently a beta app, but the founders say it will be available for businesses to use in the coming weeks. If it catches on, it could disrupt the way users find and book services by grouping a person’s needs in front of a provider that has been vetted by the community.


The founders of this company started it to help people in the US and UK keep track of their medication. It’s currently available for iOS.


A tool for electronics repair technicians that is now available in the US. The idea is to give them better tools beyond the manual they’re given to learn.


A “hybrid” of Google Docs, Slack, and Dropbox. It’s a platform for teamwork and communication that’s meant to be secure and easy to use. Available on iOS and Android.


This startup is building a tool for HR managers to manage their team’s performance reviews. The service has already been used by over 5,000 companies, and it’s available for free to large companies.


A platform for people to connect with each other and help each other find the best available healthcare solutions for them.


Everyone is doing it: Amazon, eBay, Walmart, then you have Home Depot and Lowe’s. But Meijer, a Midwest-based retailer that operates grocery stores and a number of other retail chains. Meijer is looking to use the e-commerce trend to stay ahead of its rivals and has begun selling products that haven’t been available in stores in the past, like wine and cheese.


A bitcoin exchange for small-dollar retail purchases. It’s available in the U.S. and Canada.


A company that helps people keep track of their health, fitness, and medical records by offering a scheduling and appointment system within the iPhone app. It’s been available since March but has only recently started gaining traction.


A company that helps students pay for tuition with a prepaid debit card, available to any in the US. The startup has built a “pay to school” system that works with any college, university, or trade school. The startup doesn’t operate in Brazil.


A startup that helps companies with HR and recruiting by providing a platform for job seekers to see what’s available, and employers to see who is applying and in-demand.


A tool to help employees track their time on site and manage their overtime. Available on iOS and Android.


Idea: A remote digital marketing agency for high-growth tech companies The startup has worked with a few dozen clients since launching last year, and is currently available to startups that are a $1 million in revenue or less


Idea: This is a mobile app that makes it easy to get a ride using your smartphone Riders can also use the app to manage their ride, directly with the driver, without speaking to a dispatcher It’s currently available in the Bay Area, with free rides during the trial period


Idea: A software company that wants to build project management applications that are smarter and easier to use than what’s available today


Idea: A B2B company that helps pull financial data from multiple sources and makes it available inside a CRM-style interface. The founders say they’ve already worked with a few dozen companies.


Idea: A startup that sells and ships cereal to customers. The startup wants to tap into an underserved niche of customers who want cereal that’s not available in stores.


Idea: A startup that is building a tool that makes it easier for users to edit 3D models in VR. It’s a combination of a 3D modeling tool and a 3D rendering engine, currently available for Oculus and HTC Vive.