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Automation Startup Ideas

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An automation platform that helps businesses manage the manual steps involved in order fulfillment, from tracking and managing inventory to automating how orders are processed.


Home automation startup that wants to help people manage their home energy usage with a mobile app.


A startup using crowd funding to raise money for a home automation platform.


A marketing and PR automation platform that helps businesses streamline their media relations and social media efforts.


A tool that helps small businesses streamline their operations via a cloud-based tool with CRM and marketing automation. The startup wants to help companies set up their own platforms, which they claim can help save 15% to 40% of costs.


A digital platform that helps companies buy marketing automation software, bundle it with other services, and then resell it to businesses.


A company that wants to make it easy for large companies to take advantage of technology and automation to save money, while still ensuring employees have access to human resources, benefits, and security.


A company that offers data-driven marketing automation to B2B companies.


Customer service software that handles client communication, collection and collection automation.


A tool for businesses to manage customer programs, offering features like email marketing automation, loyalty programs, and more.


A software company that helps companies build out their marketing automation systems, allowing them to focus on the marketing tasks they know how to do well rather than managing spreadsheets.


The startup is currently in stealth mode, but it’s building a venture backed company that’s making a “set of automation services” for enterprise customers in the financial services industry.


A startup that make a tool that allows you to make your home automation system available on the open web


A SaaS service that helps companies build marketing automation programs that work for their specific channels.


Does marketing automation for Indian startups with product-market fit, using a data-driven approach to help them optimize their marketing.


A tool that helps recruiters scale their efforts proactively, rather than reactively. The startup wants to take the headache out of recruiting, with a combination of automation, AI, and a visual recruiting dashboard.


Taking a modern approach to the marketing automation software that companies use to manage their Facebook posts.


A software platform for building sales force automation (SFA) tools, meant to help companies “create and manage relationships with customers”. They are working with 4 enterprise pilots.


This startup is building a tool that helps small businesses create and manage their own marketing campaigns. It’s called “marketing automation” and helps businesses automate the creation of emails, landing pages, and other marketing materials.


A software company that helps companies grow their email list, using automation and artificial intelligence.


A new way to get enterprise-grade security for all your cloud apps using orchestration from a single source. It’s a security automation tool that promises to make security management easier for companies of all sizes.


A tool for tracking the performance of marketing automation tools, allowing users to review how well they’re working.


A “complete-home automation platform”, with a home security, lighting, and HVAC system in one box. The startup is one of the first companies to be accepted into the InnovateHER program, and has a partnership with Amazon Alexa.


A platform for building connected home products with a focus on security and automation. The startup aims to compete with existing standards like Thread and Nest that can manage connected devices.


A small business platform and management automation suite built on blockchain.


A marketing automation platform for retail brands. The company is planning to roll out a mobile app in mid-August.


A company that helps improve the efficiency of service delivery for restaurants. Their model is to use automation to eliminate the costs of inefficient or underutilized staff and equipment, allowing restaurants to focus on creating more value.


An automation platform for recruitment technology products.


An AI-based platform for marketers to create and distribute large-scale email campaigns at scale. The startup wants to help marketers copy and paste some of the work they do in traditional email marketing to email marketing automation.


A startup that wants to help “thrive in an era of automation and cheap labor”. It’s a platform that helps businesses pick the right type of machine for the task, whether it’s for a B2B company or a manufacturing facility.


A startup that wants to bring the benefits of automation to the legal industry, helping legal firms reduce costs and increase efficiency.


A chatbot for cleaning services that can be used by small employers, bringing a bit of automation to a very manual process.


A team of engineers are developing a product platform for software development and automation. Their first product is a small team of bots that let you instantly communicate with anyone on Slack, and they are also developing conversational AI tools to automate tasks.


A home automation company that lets users program lighting and appliances to turn on when they arrive home in the evening.


A “turn-key” email marketing automation software that helps businesses meet their marketing goals using email. It’s currently in the pilot phase.


A platform that helps companies sift through tons of data coming from various automation systems to get to “actionable insights”.


An API for automation of data entry on websites, with a focus on the travel sector.


A company building a unified communications automation tool for companies to help streamline messaging and reduce paper. The product aims to make messaging easier and more effective.


A process automation service that helps companies build automation systems. The startup builds a process and maps out the user flow, then helps companies build a flowchart that describes how to interact with the system.


A startup that wants to help workers find jobs using automation. It uses an algorithm to create a database of companies looking to hire and will then use that to match workers with jobs.


This startup is aimed at manufacturers, selling them automation equipment that can cut down on labor costs.


A sales automation product that claims to help account executives automate the entire sales process.


A utility for "smart" homes from the makers of Nest, Dropcam and Honeywell. Eko is a new company that aims to bring more automation to everything from thermostats to security cameras. The company started with a thermostat that can be programmed through an app and communicate with a connected garage door, but it’s now also trying to develop a home security system that will stop someone by recognizing their face and sending a message to their phone.


A new set of APIs for apps that want to connect to home automation products.


A startup that lets you make custom designs for e-commerce products, with automation and inventory management tools.


A suite of AI tools for retail, based on machine learning and natural language processing. The startup has built a platform to help brands manage messages and marketing automation for their marketing channels.


A marketing automation platform for B2B SaaS companies, touting a 1,500% growth rate in the past year.


A small company focused on building automation technology for HVAC, lighting, and other building systems.


A platform to enable building and sharing of home automation systems using an open, open source platform.


Localytics is a startup that makes it easier for Android app developers to track marketing campaigns, create marketing automation, and improve mobile app engagement.


A home automation platform that turns your light switches into smart light switches.


Idea: Marketing automation for B2B SaaS companies


Idea: A startup that is building a SaaS/cloud solution for call center automation The company says it already has $200k in monthly recurring revenue and over 100 customers


Idea: A help desk automation tool that aims to help IT departments better understand and manage their infrastructure


Idea: A programmable, micro-controller chip for industrial automation.


Idea: A software service that helps you improve sales productivity with automation and sales templates.


A startup providing a marketing automation platform for e-commerce businesses.


A software company that provides a “home security” solution for homeowners that also includes automation features.