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Automating Startup Ideas

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An automation platform that helps businesses manage the manual steps involved in order fulfillment, from tracking and managing inventory to automating how orders are processed.


A tool for automating cloud infrastructure.


A startup that wants to help make remote work more efficient by automating the process of booking a meeting or hiring a new employee.


A way to build a better personal finance management system, by automating the process.


This startup is building a platform that helps companies deliver more useful customer service by automating the back and forth between a company and a customer.


A company that makes the process of filing taxes easier by automating it and making it as simple as possible.


A software-as-a-service tool for automating product support in ecommerce stores.


A startup that helps restaurants reduce costs by automating their point-of-sale systems, so they can focus on other areas of their business.


A B2B company that helps property managers and agents manage rental properties by automating tasks like invoicing, collecting rent and taking care of repairs.


A tool for automating and streamlining the many steps it takes to launch a startup. Currently focused on the US, they want to help companies “bootstrap faster, raise better and get funded more easily.”


A company that wants to build a tool for automating retargeting campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


 A startup that wants to disrupt the HR market by automating the job application process.


A platform for automating the complex insurance claims process by automating the tedious and error-prone work of collecting and analyzing data. It’s meant to help insurers, insurance brokers, and hospital systems.


A platform for automating the creation of creative briefs and campaigns.


A software development company based in Utah. They’ve built a platform that helps small businesses get paid faster by automating the process of bill-pay and credit card collection.


A tool for automating and monitoring Kubernetes resources.


A system for automating the process of sending out mass emails, inspired by things like TaskRabbit.


An AI tool that helps teams design their next product. The startup’s first product is the “customer journey” creation tool. It aims to speed up the product design process by automating the creation of user journeys.


A seed-stage startup that features an AI-based platform for managing and automating the operations of supply chain logistics. The platform allows companies to move more goods and save money through the use of smart devices, AI, and robotics.


A company that’s building a toolset for automating the process of sending out invoices. Their product helps companies like “hiring managers” send invoices to their clients, track payments, and get paid.


A startup that aims to use AI to automate tasks like loan underwriting, automating more human aspects of the process.


A startup that makes a medical device for monitoring vital signs and connecting to an app. The startup aims to save lives by simplifying and automating the processes that are often done by nurses.


A tool for automating the process of diagnosing and fixing problems in cars.


A startup that wants to help you manage your money by automating your investing and investing in index funds.


 A company that’s building software that can help companies with data science tasks, like building machine learning models, building data warehouses, and otherwise automating the data science process.


This startup is building a tool to help companies reduce manual errors on contracts by automating the process with machine learning.


Tastebuds helps restaurants and home cooks save money by paying suppliers directly and automating day to day operations.


A tool for automating the hiring process in small businesses, with a focus on matching applicants with job openings.


A company that promises to “help you get the most out of your relationships” by simplifying and automating the process of scheduling an appointment with a doctor, and alerting them to the arrival of their new patient beforehand.


A startup that wants to make credit card checks less expensive and more accurate by automating the process with artificial intelligence.


A company that uses artificial intelligence to help health care professionals enhance their experience with their patients. The startup wants to help doctors be more efficient by automating some of the more tedious tasks.


A tool for automating email marketing for businesses. Its founders, having previously built a small email marketing SaaS for startups, were looking for a way to automate the process.


The startup is looking to use AI to help B2B companies by automating much of the admin work that comes with the job.


A startup that wants to take marketing automation to the next level by automating customer journeys.


A platform for managing and automating the process of buying, selling, and renting out a condo.


A startup that sells a plan integrating engineering teams with the design team, managing the product and its entire life cycle, and automating many processes.


A startup helping people sign up for their tuition. Similar to the popular site, College Ave. helps users manage their college applications by automating the application process.


Idea: A startup for creating and tracking to-do lists, but also automating micro-tasks like moving a cart from one aisle to another


Idea: An automated platform that helps small businesses manage their finances and bookkeeping. The company is looking to help businesses reduce time spent on administrative tasks while automating a lot of the accounting side of things.


A software company that is building a product for automating the process of measuring the accuracy of financial data in Google Analytics.