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Automated Startup Ideas

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This startup wants to create an “Uber for trash” for apartment owners, creating an automated system of trash drops and pickups that uses GPS and back-end software to track it all.


A home delivery service for groceries, fully automated. Currently working in San Francisco.


A startup that helps businesses manage their cash flow. The tool helps companies forecast where their cash will come from, and sends automated reminders when it runs low. The startup uses machine learning and AI to help companies forecast how much cash they would have at this month’s end and the next month.


The startup is looking to “help people make the switch from their personal funds to a workplace 401(k) retirement plan”, by allowing employers to build automated 401(k) plans for their employees, and giving employees the ability to move their 401(k) funds to their own bank accounts.


A startup that is creating an automated process to build, deploy, and manage applications in the cloud


Health insurance is so complicated that people often prefer to just pay the tax penalty and ignore it. This startup wants to make health insurance easy, with an automated system encouraging people to enroll and take advantage of the tax savings.


Employees that treat hiring like an automated data science project


A company that helps small businesses buy and sell all their equipment in one place, avoiding the disadvantages of Craigslist and other marketplaces, with a process that’s automated and secure.


A fast-food delivery service that can deliver food to you in under 15 minutes. Their model is a bit like Uber Eats, but they’ve automated a lot of the process so you can order online, and the food will be delivered to you.


A chatbot-powered automated service for making purchases at the airport.


A platform that allows businesses to send out automated emails from a customer service representative. The company is building the technology to replace the phone call.


A startup that helps companies “reduce the time it takes to receive a quote from an insurance company” by connecting them directly to carriers and streamlining the process in a way that’s automated and simple.


"An automated way to scale and manage applications that help businesses solve problems. It uses machine learning, ecommerce, and a referral program to build a community of users.”


An artificial intelligence company that’s been working on an automated way to categorize images.


A tool for companies to execute marketing campaigns in an automated fashion, with the ability to tell the marketing department what to do and what to ignore when it comes to email program design. Idea is also originally a software company, but now a marketing software company.


This startup is building an automated ERP for wholesalers and distributors to streamline operations and keep track of inventory.


The startup is creating a digital, and automated, way to check the status of your vehicle’s maintenance, like a car recall, or a recall on your tires or windshield wipers.


 An automated bot that allows businesses to create their own online videos from scratch. The video startups aims to do for businesses what YouTube did for videos.


This startup is building an automated system to automatically detect and flag potential employee fraud.


A text messaging service that uses automated language translation to translate the words of a conversation between two people in real time. It was started in 2012 by a group of PhD students and has raised just under $5 million in funding.


A startup that hopes to replace the need for human financial advisors with an AI-powered automated wealth manager.


A B2B Internet of Things platform for the construction industry that offers a platform for construction companies to make products that can be automated, from construction vehicles to buildings. The company is building a “smart factory” that offers a low-cost manufacturing model that can be automated, allowing construction companies to run on lean manufacturing principles.


An automated process for finding and blocking bad reviews on Amazon.


An automated customer service tool that helps businesses stay in touch with customers and manage issues.


A startup helping companies that use a lot of data or have a lot of data. The startup is looking to offer 24/7/365 support, with an automated phone call within two hours of an issue being raised.


A startup that’s building a marketplace where companies can offer to do tasks on demand. The startup wants to replace the process of asking people to perform menial tasks with tasks that can be automated.


A startup that provides the infrastructure “to build and scale simple, automated, and scalable apps built on top of the open source Git version control system.”


An automated subscription service that promises to send you a box of the best things it finds on the internet for you — and it’s free. It’s based on a Reddit post from early January in which the founder said he was “unemployed and bored” while on a trip.


A company that helps publishers sell their content through ads. The company says it has built an automated software system to help advertisers find the best content for their brands.


A startup meant to let sellers manage their online listings, the company is building an automated platform to help sellers manage their listings. The team raised $5 million in funding in 2014.


An AI-powered chatbot that helps people find and make reservations at restaurants with the ease of an automated messaging system.


A real estate startup that’s building software and hardware to provide renters with a customized lease agreement that’s “as easy as sending a text message”. The startup is building a suite of software to provide leases and automated service agreements.


A “tech startup” which, in their words, “builds and operates a network of high-speed automated parking garages for self-driving vehicles.”


A startup that provides an automated way to order flowers that works with any florist


This is a fully automated dairy company that aims to sell its milk in a box. The startup uses a robot to make the milk, and plans to distribute in 100,000 restaurants.


A company that uses algorithms to direct automated phone calls to businesses to help them reach out to prospective customers who have similar interests. The startup offers a “campaign” for as low as $400 for up to two calls per day.


A startup that aims to help organizations be more efficient by “minimizing the amount of time, energy, and resources required” to manage the things that can’t be automated.


An automated way for companies to build their own mobile applications. The startup’s founders say that it allows companies to create applications without having to hire developers or design them from scratch.


This real estate startup helps buyers and Sellers negotiate properties with a series of automated videos and text messages. It also takes a commission for each sale.


This startup wants to help businesses become more automated. It’s a software company that helps businesses automate their own jobs.


A platform for automated, multilingual automatic translation.


A group of former software engineers and developers who are building an automated dog-training platform to help pet owners train their pooches.


An automated service that can help users organize and keep track of healthcare benefits to make them accessible and easy to access.


a startup that uses sensor data to help machinery and automated systems work more efficiently.


A phone app for sending automated text messages to people who are at an event. Great when a speaker gives an update to a crowd and they are lost for a moment, and also great for sending reminders about things like a doctor’s appointment.


This company wants to replace the often-painful experience of filling out a tax return with a more automated process. The startup is working on a software program that will work with H&R Block’s online software to take the pain out of filing a tax return and streamline the process. The company says it has $1.5 million in monthly revenue.


A way to let people book services like cleaning, car maintenance, etc. in a more automated fashion.


A sales software company that’s built an automated system that helps salespeople close deals. It’s based on a Slack-like platform.


A company that’s building a platform where you pay a monthly fee to use a service to manage your contractors. The startup is taking a page from the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system, which lets banks settle payments between banks.


A tool that makes it easier for employers to administer automated payroll.


A startup that helps businesses put in place nightly automated processes. The founders say their product helps companies be more efficient and automate processes like payroll, warehouse operations and inventory control.


The startup wants to help companies meet the needs of their customers with a new tech platform that lets users talk directly to their bank services, like the automated teller machines of the future.


The app is an automated interactive calendar that helps people stay organized.


A startup that has built an automated rail system focused on the trucking industry. The rail system is connected to the trucking fleet, allowing drivers to scale back to a more leisurely pace and still maintain a safe route.


A software-as-a-service platform that allows companies to send automated payments to contractors, freelancers and consultants. Work Hub is designed to help B2B companies with the complexity of payment processing.


A “smart” CRM for teams, allowing managers to set up automated interactions with their sales reps and customers.


A digital platform for automated room service ordering in hotels. Users can order from a menu of the hotel’s dishes, and the order is sent to the kitchen directly. The startup is working with a dozen hotels in India.


A company that builds automated tools for teams that create online courses.


Ink361 is an automated platform that helps companies find and hire top-notch talent.


A company that lets users create and manage automated tasks in Google Drive.


Posh is a visual voicemail company that wants to make it easier for businesses to switch from standard phone voicemail to the sort of automated visual system that helps you manage your schedule. The company is building a platform that can be integrated into any number of systems.


A startup that wants to build AI-powered chatbots that can automatically generate chat transcripts, allowing companies to save time and money by using automated chat systems.


This startup is building an automated, scalable social network that lets employees communicate, share files, and work together.


A fintech company that is developing a platform that enables an automated corporate bond issuance.


A SaaS-based platform aimed at simplifying the process for creating and managing an automated recurring revenue (ARC) program.


This startup helps companies manage their customer service through an automated chat bot on Facebook Messenger. Its first customer is Zoosk, the dating site and app maker.


A software company that works on “automated customer service.” They’re building a platform that will allow companies to automate many of the tedious tasks of customer service.


A platform that provides a “secure, automated way for businesses to get paid”. It’s currently in private beta, with a minimum of 10 customers, and has raised an undisclosed amount in funding.


A tool for salespeople to generate new leads. The company’s co-founder used to go on sales calls where he’d be asked to generate leads, but then sit on his hands for days while he waited for new leads to appear. So he built a tool that automated this process, which has already generated 500 leads.


A business that is building an AI platform for automated ad buying.


A startup that helps employees manage their medical benefits, offering both the ability to manage the entire process at their fingertips and an automated process that could save employers up to 70% of the cost of doing it themselves.


Idea: Automated, searchable, and shareable medical records


Idea: Automated payroll and benefits for small businesses A bit like Gusto or Zenefits


Automated Playbook for Getting Your Business on Google


Idea: A software company that’s building a consumer-facing interface for the up-and-coming world of automated vehicles The company is meant to help people understand how to interact with driverless cars


Idea: A B2B company that is building a suite of tools for nurses and other care workers The company helps workers with scheduling, RSVPs, and other administrative tasks in a more automated way


Idea: A B2B company that’s building an “automated B2B sales chatbot”. The startup, which is focused on B2B SaaS companies, wants to help those companies schedule meetings with prospects and track conversations.


Idea: An automated platform that helps small businesses manage their finances and bookkeeping. The company is looking to help businesses reduce time spent on administrative tasks while automating a lot of the accounting side of things.


Idea: A startup that’s building a service for the Australian market that brings together different automated and intelligent financial advice into a single website.


Idea: A video editing platform that is building an automated editing tool, meant to save time for movie and TV editors.


Idea: An automated platform for “in-app” marketing and advertising. Essentially, the startup lets brands advertise inside of other apps, and then track whether those ads successfully inspired users to install the sponsored app.