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by @levelsio

August Startup Ideas

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In August 2014, the company raised $300,000


In August 2019 they launched, a “natural hair care line for black women”.


A startup that wants to help people in Latin America track their expenses and grow their credit score The company’s founders say that after launching in early august, they’re already working with over 3,000 retail accounts


A platform for managing publications, which focus on business and science-related content. The company has raised a total of $50 million, including a $22 million Series C in August 2017.


A pitch system that allows businesses to send out videos to potential customers. The startup, which was founded in August, is looking to attract businesses with a $5 per month price point.


Adams, Tim (2017, August 7). "The Changing Tech Industry’s Labor Crisis", The New York Times, .


A company building a platform for employers to offer flexible work arrangements to their employees. The company, which was launched in August, is already working with over 500 companies.


Launched in August, this is an open-source chatbot that can handle both finance and consumer-facing business.


A company is planning to launch in August 2020, working on a way to better integrate ad tech, which often gets in the way of native advertising.


A platform for creating and publishing video content with multiple channels. The startup, which was founded in August, is building on the video-sharing platform LIV. It lets users create and publish video content via a combination of Instagram and Facebook.


In August 2018, Crunchbase reported that there were over 150 venture-backed startup accelerators in the United States. The list of top accelerators in the United States was as follows:


A former McKinsey consultant is building a visual search engine that allows users to search for and visualize data. The startup has raised $20MM since August.


Baker, Justine (2017, August 27). "How These Two Women Are Driving the Future of Tech", The New Yorker, .


A platform that uses artificial intelligence to let companies hire professional services firms to complete work. The company combines P&L data with its own data to help companies hire the right professionals. It only launched in August and is looking to grow its client base.


A marketing automation platform for retail brands. The company is planning to roll out a mobile app in mid-August.


A tool for helping people learn a new language. The startup is launching in early August.


A company that helps companies aggregate and visualize their suppliers’ product data. The startup is based in the UK and was founded in August.


A smart lock that you control from your phone. The startup is looking to compete with smart locks like Kwikset, August, and Lockitron.


A startup that lets customers book appointments online. It has served 800,000 users since launching in August 2018. It will have a team of 10 by the end of the year, with a $2.5 million seed round led by Grishin Robotics.


In August 2018, the company raised a $2.5 million seed round from Right Side Capital, and has since expanded to New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco.


The startup has built a software platform that lets its customers create, manage, and publish road-side signs in multiple languages. The company, which was founded in 2012, has raised $4.5 million in funding, including a $1.5 million investment from Digital Garage in August 2017.


A company that just launched in August, is building a service that enables brands to sell their products on Instagram.


A new way to get ahold of a new hire. The company offers a service to get your new hires onboarded and trained, and was founded in August


Idea: A way to help businesses run more efficiently by helping them integrate their separate sales and marketing platforms into one. The software has been in the works for a year and will be ready to launch in late August.