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Audio Startup Ideas

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A tool that simplifies the process of turning a Kindle book into an audiobook.


A startup that brings a book to life by adding illustrations and audio.


A software platform that allows producers to create, edit, and distribute videos, audio, photos, and text.


A company that provides a platform for people to create podcasts and audio-books.


Idea: A startup for the blind to get quality audio books


A social network for the deaf, modeled after its popular iPhone app. The company has expanded its offerings to include audio versions of the app for the deaf and hard of hearing.


A “shareable” version of Microsoft Word, with a story, an audio component, and a visualization component.


A set of tools for publishing and managing digital media like video and audio.


A “digital marketplace for used books and audiobooks” that allows users to find and buy books in their community of interest.


A company that wants to build a way to understand the meaning of phone calls (through audio) and help courts make educated decisions on them.


A platform for online video production that allows users to add audio, video, and text to their videos.


A platform for small businesses to create online communities that offer live and on-demand video and audio conferencing.


A system that helps people who are blind assess the quality of their phone’s audio.


This startup is building a new way to work that allows you to quickly create a virtual meeting room for your team (with audio, video, and other features) and then broadcast it to whoever is interested.


A way for users to contribute content in the form of photos, audio, video to the existing photo sharing app.


A startup that provides a service where you can hire someone to transcribe your audio and video interviews


A startup that creates a new kind of smart home audio experience Their idea is to create a “high quality, yet affordable, audio experience”


A text-to-speech service for the blind that uses the Amazon Echo to convert written words to audio. WordBlind uses a technology called "on-the-fly" speech synthesis to convert text to audio that sounds like the original.


A startup for companies that want to run their own video and audio conferencing system for internal meetings


A tool that allows people to create, edit, and manage their own podcasts. It’s a tool for podcasters and anyone else who wants a place to publish audio content.


A platform for recording live audio and video shows.


A gaming and entertainment company that builds audio and video streaming MMORPGs for connected devices.


 A photo app for capturing and sharing memories that includes a suite of features like either a video or still image capture, an audio track, and even a filter that lets you add music.


An audio platform for artists and labels to sell and distribute music and audio-visual content to customers.


A tool to help coaches create and share videos. They can also use it to record conversations and audio into a video.


A tool helping people make an audio track of their life, from a single instrument, so they can share that with their friends and family.


A tool for scheduling “marathon” meetings, with video and audio conferencing.


A tool for businesses to create and distribute their own branded podcasts, video and audio content, and digital marketing materials.


A mobile app that creates, share, and edit a variety of different categories, including photos, videos, and audio, in the cloud.


A wearable for the visually impaired, which uses machine learning to convert a video of the world, like a restaurant or a landscape, into an audio guide.


A digital assistant for the home, bringing together control of lighting, audio, and security into one platform, along with a series of smart gadgets.


A startup that helps you be a better listener. A podcast-focused app that allows users to listen to a podcast or podcast episode on their phone, and then scroll over text to see what was said, or share the audio with someone else.


A live chat audio software for call centers.


A platform for organization and management of music and audio on a mobile device for the blind and visually impaired


A tool for recording audio conversations with text transcripts.


A tool for audio signal processing that can help vocalists learn new notes faster, with a similar approach to techniques used in speech therapy.


A company that makes “verticality” as easy as possible. They’re building a platform for organizing and sharing content with verticality, like video and audio. It works as a video editor and a video sharing platform.


A platform for all kinds of digital content, including video, audio, and images. It’s a content delivery network (CDN) built on a blockchain.


A startup that helps retailers increase their online sales. It’s a marketplace that connects businesses with a network of independent content producers who sell e-books, audiobooks and other digital products.


A startup that aims to make podcasting more accessible and easier to use with services like audio-only versions


A $1 million seed round for a company building a platform for people to create and manage their own audio and video recordings while they’re on the go.


Idea: A startup that wants to be the “Kayak of digital audio”, helping you sift through the noise and find the perfect song


Idea: A platform to send short audio clips with a text message The startup wants to make texting more like talking


Idea: Instant audio recording via simple push-to-talk app


Idea: A 3D audio startup that is trying to make podcasting more immersive by using binaural audio. The app has a pretty strong take on the future of podcasting, and its founder says that the company is profitable.


A startup for freelance designers. The startup has plans to expand to include a wider variety of creative services including programming, video and audio production and web design.


A company that provides a mobile device that allows healthcare workers to connect and communicate with patients in real time via text, video, and audio.