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SITU is building a messaging app to help people connect with their local government. It’s meant to make government more approachable and transparent to the public.


Merkle is an AI-driven search engine that helps you find the best way to spend your money based on the things you’ve bought in the past. They’re based on a “Netflix for shopping” approach.


An online marketplace that has a very different approach to selling than Amazon or eBay. The startup focuses on selling unique items and brands, and is based on a marketplace model that is increasingly popular in China.


A startup for startups looking to grow internationally. It’s a more self-serve approach than other startups, but the founders believe that they can provide the best service for a given price.


A 3D-printed eyewear company that’s looking to disrupt the eyewear industry with a direct-to-consumer approach.


The idea is to redefine the way people think of and approach real estate as a place to live. The company plans to use marketing, design, and data to help people make smarter choices about their homes.


A new way of looking at the way people travel, with a mobile-first approach. The company is piloting in a few markets in the US.


A wearable sensor that helps detect motion and alert you when someone is approaching your home.


This startup takes a unique approach to the software industry, building a platform to help customers manage their accounting.


A startup that helps companies track and manage their energy usage through a holistic approach, rather than through a series of individual utilities.


The startup’s unique approach to the problem of finding a G Suite admin. It employs a screener algorithm to automate the process of hiring a G Suite admin.


A system for managing and tracking IT systems for distributed teams, using an event-driven approach.


This startup is building a better way to find local services. The company is taking a data-driven approach to finding services for residents in a given city and helping them find what they are looking for.


A tool for large companies who want to take a more strategic approach to their marketing spend.


This startup is building a new approach to accounting where companies can be both the “source” and “destination” of revenue, for the purpose of calculating tax liabilities.


Taking a modern approach to the marketing automation software that companies use to manage their Facebook posts.


Does marketing automation for Indian startups with product-market fit, using a data-driven approach to help them optimize their marketing.


A company that helps people hunt for and find the right home for them. The B2B business takes a more detailed look into the details of a home’s design and location, while the B2C service takes a more granular approach to the home’s amenities and location.


A B2B company that provides a “social-first” approach to business, simplifying the process of team collaboration and business communications.


This startup has an app that helps people save for retirement. It’s a tool for people who haven’t had the time to prepare for retirement, but who are now approaching it.


A platform that helps people create “e-vites” for any event. The company’s founders have approached companies like Slack and Apple about integrating the company’s service into their products.


Sphere is a new approach to online education based on the idea that online education is too expensive for many students and doesn’t provide high enough quality instruction. Sphere offers a free, high-quality education to anyone in the world.


Building another approach to the collaborative editing app. The company is trying to get away from the “slowly evolving” nature of the current products.


A tech company focused on helping startups and entrepreneurs increase retention of new hires through a data-driven approach.


A process control startup that enables companies to monitor and control processes that don’t have sensors. It’s a more accurate way of gauging process performance than the traditional approach of sending a technician to the site.


A company that provides “next-generation” insurance solutions to companies with higher liability risks. The company’s approach is a bit atypical, as they say they’re not “selling” insurance, but rather “managing” the risk of the company. The startup says they’re already working with more than a dozen clients with plans to expand to 20 more before the end of 2019.


Combining the ease with which inter-city carpooling apps like UberPool and Lyft Line can be found with a new approach to making the rides more affordable, by adding a personal concierge to the ride to help with navigation, scheduling and other tasks.


Blackbox is building a user dashboard for the design and operations of data centers, taking a “security first” approach to the process.


Taking a more “on-demand” approach to healthcare than traditional apps, with a goal of reducing cost and improving outcomes


An AI-enabled accounting platform for the travel and hospitality industries. This startup is taking a hybrid approach, using AI to make the process more efficient, and also manually coding the interface so it’s more intuitive.


Another startup focused on helping people manage their money and expenses. It aims to be a more personal approach to budgeting and money management.


A startup for professional foreign exchange (forex) traders. The startup wants to disrupt the industry’s outdated, fragmented approach to trading, and provide a platform for trading 24/7.


The company takes an “Uber for Home” approach. The startup’s app helps homeowners find and book handyman, electrician, and handywoman services.


A company that builds a way to observe and track the movement of people in real time through a smartphone application. It’s a way to keep celebrities safe at festivals and other events. The founders say they’ve already been approached by several celebrities to use their product.


A startup that wants to bring a “hybrid” approach to the online dating market, focusing on creating a community for people to find dates on the platform, but also connecting them with people they know in real life.


A software that uses a data-driven approach to help identify potential drivers of consumer sentiment.


A platform that engages users with content that’s relevant to them, whether they’re fans of an artist or a topic they’re researching. It’s a software-based approach to human curation.


Take a multi-pronged approach to recruiting, matching a candidate with multiple companies, and then helping them understand the role they’re interviewing for.


A platform for workers to manage their time. The startup wants to bring a more systematic approach to time management.


The company is taking a best-of-breed approach to the B2B market. They’re creating a SaaS solution that allows companies to collect and organize customer data, then use it to make better product decisions.


A digital banking platform for Puerto Rico, bringing a mobile-first approach to the island.


Idea: A job search app for college students and recent grads in the US It takes a gamified approach, with a focus on making the process of finding a job more fun


Idea: A startup that’s building a tool for online tutoring, but its focus is on the digital-first approach it’s taking: the startup sees the future of education as a lot more digital, and so it’s building a teaching platform that works with students’ tablets and phones.


A business designed to help musicians market their music and manage it across the web. It’s a unique approach, but the founders say that they’re already working with over 150 artists.