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Apartment Startup Ideas

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A startup that aims to take care of your apartment while you’re away. InstaHome provides cleaning services, maintenance, and security for your apartment, with plans starting at $16 per month.


This startup wants to create an “Uber for trash” for apartment owners, creating an automated system of trash drops and pickups that uses GPS and back-end software to track it all.


A startup that works like a dating site but for people who want to find a house or apartment to rent


A startup for people to rent or lease out their spare bedrooms, apartments, or houses to travelers.


A company that helps home builders like ApartmentPlace, ApartmentGuide, and Zumper create a single-page listing that embeds all of their properties into an app that they can distribute through the Apple Store and Google Play.


A startup that sells a product that helps people have a pet in their apartment when they move


A digital platform for apartment hunters to compare various apartments in a specific city.


A platform that helps people find apartments and buy houses, allowing them to compare prices, amenities, and neighborhood reviews.


A startup that helps people find new homes, apartments or roommates on behalf of landlords


A startup that provides an online marketplace for services that help to find apartments for people who would otherwise be homeless


A real estate website, with listings for apartments, houses, and condos, as well as a guide to nearby amenities and things to do in the area. The company wants to be one of the tools that helps people buy a home, and then helps them settle in.


A platform that enables people to buy and sell things like furniture, cars, and apartments, and rent out unused rooms. Borrowers can use the platform’s software to manage the loan, and borrowers can access the property remotely. The platform is currently focused on the UK.


A startup that allows people to earn money by helping their friends find an apartment.


A startup that wants to help connect apartment tenants with home repair services.


 A company that looks to make shared apartments more profitable, both for landlords and renters.


A startup that offers a service where people who are moving out can hire someone to help them clean their apartment


A startup that allows homeowners and renters to search for rental houses or apartments based on amenities, price, and neighborhood. It doesn’t charge any commission, so it’s free.


This is an app that helps consumers find an apartment for rent by allowing them to search and compare all listings in San Francisco and beyond.


A social networking app that aims to help people find an apartment in their neighborhood to rent with a few taps. It’s currently in private beta.


A tool for brokers to help sellers find properties. It’s first product is an apartment finder in San Francisco. The company has raised $5.5 million in funding.


A tool to help connect students with secondary education with students in a similar grade at a university. The startup helps with translation and registration, and says it has successfully helped one student find a roommate for her roommate’s apartment.


A startup that helps people who are too picky about other people's apartments to find something that they like


A startup that lets users find and rent an apartment or house, then pay rent and utilities through a single platform using cryptocurrency.


A blockchain-based, peer-to-peer platform allowing people to rent apartments and rooms in unused retail space to travelers in need as a means of earning extra income and paying for rent.


A personal assistant for NYC apartment dwellers, designed to help apartment dwellers get their mail, make and respond to calls, and do their laundry.


A new kind of “under-the-radar” startup that creates and maintains “micro-cities” for renters, like Uber for apartment complexes.


A company that’s building a tool for people to book and pay for apartment rentals.


This startup’s utility is powered by the sharing economy. The app allows people to connect with local drivers and couriers to take care of what can be a labor-intensive activity, like moving a couch to a new apartment or delivering art to a new home.


A startup that’s developing a platform to help real estate agents find more rental properties by searching for apartments on sites like Zillow and Rent.com.


A company that helps connect users with movers, whether it’s for students moving into a new apartment or for people moving out of an office.


A company that makes it easier for people to rent out their apartments. They are also building a marketplace to help people find a renter for their place.


A way for people who need to move into a new apartment to take a photo of their living room or kitchen and quickly see a comprehensive price list of what it would cost to remodel it. The startup says it’s profitable and has a $150,000 monthly revenue run rate.


A software company that helps property owners and managers of condominiums and apartment buildings track floor plans and find lost residents.


This startup is creating a marketplace for L.A. real estate agents to connect with renters looking for apartments. It's an online marketplace that connects renters with agents and offers a page where agents can post listings for rent on their own website.


A startup in India that helps homebuyers navigate the confusing and tedious process of buying an apartment


A real estate service for renting out short-term furnished apartments.


A startup meant to help people find the best rates on apartments, vacation homes, services and more.


A utility bill management service for apartment owners.


This company has developed a way to help homeless people decide if an apartment is worth locking down before signing a lease. The app, which is currently being tested in San Francisco, is meant to help people make better decisions about where to live, and could be particularly helpful for the homeless.


A startup that helps people find apartments to rent. They are using machine learning to scan Craigslist ads, notify people that there are apartments available, and suggest the best rent/price range.


A startup to help people find the best rate for an apartment, whether it’s to rent or sell. The startup wants to enable apartment search for people with low to no credit, helping them get the best rate.


A real estate brokerage that helps people buy and sell homes in Brazil. The startup makes it possible to get an apartment in Brazil in under 30 minutes. It currently has 1,500 agents, but wants to expand to other countries.


A startup that provides remote control boats for kids who live in apartments


A company that lets people rent out their apartment or house on a per-stay basis and earns money from it.


A startup that aims to make it easy to order up food delivery in an apartment complex or office building. It’s like EatStreet, but with a focus on commercial buildings.


A startup that allows people to schedule or “book” housing for future events. The startup lets users find available apartments, book them, and pay for them ahead of time.


A platform that helps users who are moving apartments share information with their friends and family, to make the process less stressful.


Campus Labs’s goal is to help students find low-cost and free apartment rentals while still providing professional service and quality amenities


A VR/AR platform that uses 3D scans of real estate to present you with a virtual walkthrough of a home or apartment. The startup is currently in private beta and has raised $1.5M.


A company that helps people find apartments. The company claims that the average cost to find a rental is just a fraction of a percent of monthly rent, and has found that it’s more effective to have a niche niche of renters rather than trying to convince all of the town’s renters to become landlords.


A platform to help people find and rent quality private and shared apartments around the world. It helps renters and owners find and rent apartments, and connect with other renters and owners in real time.


A platform for shared student housing that helps companies find better deals on apartments.


An online platform for renting out unused rooms in houses and apartments, and letting guests stay in them for a night.


This company is looking to disrupt and democratize real estate. It wants to make it easy and affordable for people to buy and sell houses and apartments.


This startup is building management software for apartment buildings, taking them from paper records to a digital management system.


This startup is building an online marketplace for people seeking to rent out their spare rooms, apartments, or even their entire homes.


A startup that helps people find affordable housing, which they can learn about through a hands-on exercise that teaches how to get the best deal on an apartment.


A startup that lets you instantly rent an apartment with a few taps.


Allows users to create a listing for their house or rental, then rent out their spare room or entire apartment.


Idea: A more sustainable and affordable apartment building for college students


A startup that provides a service for cleaning up and removing junk from a home or apartment


A startup that provides a service for matching up people who are moving so they can check out apartments together


Idea: A startup for the rental housing market that helps residents find and book apartments


Idea: A startup for short-term rentals, with a twist: a $100k insurance policy that covers any damages to the apartment up to a $5 million limit.


Idea: A startup for turning your apartment into a hotel. It allows hosts to rent out rooms via a smartphone app, and comes with features like cleaning, check-in, and flexible cancellations. It’s currently free for hosts, and makes money through a 7% cut from bookings.


Idea: This is a real estate startup that wants to help people find homes to rent. They’re looking to target people who’ve been priced out of the market and need to rent instead of buy. The startup’s pitch is that it’s better than Craigslist because it focuses on neighborhoods and can recommend specific apartments.


A dating startup for people who want to find a house or apartment to rent. It is a marketplace for renting places to live.


A startup that helps people find others to share an apartment with while they are abroad


A startup that helps people move to a more expensive apartment in a city that is rapidly gentrifying


A startup that sends a person to your home to help you clean your apartment or house or garage