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Anyone Startup Ideas

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A network of tutors across the world that get paid per student, with students able to take lessons from anyone.


A startup that wants to build a “machine learning tool for creating music”. The startup wants to build a tool that will allow anyone to create music from scratch, without any of the engineering knowledge required.


An SaaS platform for managing your own domain name and SSL certificates with one dashboard. The company says it can help anyone manage their website in five minutes.


 A productivity tool that allows anyone to create a personal dashboard of data. The startup wants to help its users track metrics across a variety of areas like energy consumption, sleep, and mood.


A computer science startup that builds simple, cheap, and fast hardware for India’s unconnected. One product, called the Laptop Bridge, is a $35 device meant to plug into an electrical socket and convert it into a computer-like device that can run basic programs and connect to the internet, so that farmers, students, or anyone else can use it.


A startup that allows anyone to create and promote a podcast, and then earn revenue through advertising and sponsorships


A Texas-based startup that provides a service that allows anyone to buy anything with Bitcoin, including buying everyday items.


This is an app that allows users to create and deploy content without the need for coding. The idea is to make it easy for anyone to create a website and get it live quickly.


A home energy service software company that helps users track and manage their energy usage in real-time. Anyone can install the service, which allows users to subscribe to a specific time frame or a whole week and pay $5 to $8 per day. Meant to help people save money on their energy costs.


A platform that lets anyone easily create, sell, and buy stuff from Amazon, with no fees and no inventory.


A blockchain-based stock market that allows anyone to invest in a company. It’s aiming for a $1.5 billion market cap.


This is a startup that wants to help people “build on top of the internet,” with a platform that enables anyone to publish products and content at scale.


A Facebook-like app that lets anyone build and sell a mobile website. It’s a way for people who don’t build websites to earn money rather than create their own, and has a profitable model.


Helping fund startups by allowing anyone to invest in a startup’s venture fund.


A startup that will take any video and allow its creators to port it to any of the top 30 mobile phone manufacturers, using a digital-rights-management-free model. The company has already built an app that allows anyone to convert any video to any phone.


This company is focusing on anonymized data for companies. The startup lets anyone sell anonymized data about their customers, which can be used by businesses to provide better services.


An idea that would let anyone be a coder or designer for local versions of the web. Google is interested.


A startup that makes it fun for anyone to submit a link to a site they’ve created, have it reviewed by real people, and feature on the site. They’re currently working with a few sites, like the website for an artsy bar in New York City.


A startup that makes it possible for anyone to use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as a customer service call center without having to re-enter their information. The company has already secured funding from Y Combinator, AngelList, and Techstars.


 A “Global Credit Network” where you can borrow money from anyone in the world — no credit checks and no collateral. The startup is building the infrastructure to make international microlending easy.


This startup is building a website that allows anyone to instantly and securely order a custom-made suit from a fabric designer.


A startup that simplifies the process of selling online, allowing anyone to list items on multiple shopping sites. The idea is that doing so is more cost-efficient than having to curate items individually on each.


A startup that helps people find a job at a company via a referral (ie Ikea hires you for a job but you don't know anyone there, so Ikea pays someone $1,000 if that person refers you to


A platform for building art, where anyone can create a piece of art in minutes. The app uses a unique algorithm to make it easier and more accessible for people to make art, and it’s often seen as the most unique aspect of the platform.


A platform that allows anyone to create a community for people who want to develop a product and generate revenue from it.


A startup that enables anyone to create a micro-site and sell it for $10 a month.


The startup stems from the idea that a lot of people who have billions of dollars in reserve don’t invest it, and Aorta wants to be a place where anyone can start investing in a diversified portfolio of stocks seamlessly.


A tool for creating quick and easy surveys on your phone. The startup is designed for survey creators, but anyone can use it. It offers a mobile-first platform that lets users create surveys and send them immediately to users, and then open the survey link in another app on their phone.


Just like Uber, which allows you to summon a car at any time, this startup wants to allow anyone to get a ride at any time. Currently focused on bringing services to the campus.


A platform that lets companies and organizations create and manage a portfolio of video shows. The platform makes it easy for anyone to create a show and for it to be consumed, including viewers on mobile devices. The company is in seed funding, and planning to launch in Q4 2019


A tool that enables anyone to set up a crowdfunding campaign for their startup or product.


A software platform that allows small businesses to “pay anyone in the world in less than a second”.


A micro-invention technology startup that lets anyone print 3D objects using simple DIY kits.


-A software tool that allows anyone to build an online course.


Sphere is a new approach to online education based on the idea that online education is too expensive for many students and doesn’t provide high enough quality instruction. Sphere offers a free, high-quality education to anyone in the world.


A startup that’s building a browser-based tool for anyone to create and manage their own virtual or online paperless bank account.


A startup that sends monthly boxes of goods and services to anyone in the US at a price that’s lower than Amazon’s Prime.


This startup wants to make it easier for anyone to find a roommate. The team wants to provide a way for people to connect with each other that doesn’t require a third party verification.


A small loan marketplace that allows anyone to lend and borrow locally, in person, with no credit score required.


A tool that allows people to create, edit, and manage their own podcasts. It’s a tool for podcasters and anyone else who wants a place to publish audio content.


This startup is building a tool that anyone can use to build a mobile app without coding. The tool is a drag-and-drop user interface that allows you to create a mobile app from scratch.


A startup that allows anyone to turn any object into a smart home accessory.


A business plan for a startup is like a sales pitch. It’s vague. It’s hard to see its potential. And it’s hard to know if it’s worth checking out. So many founders miss out on the chance to grow their business because they don’t have this thing called a business plan that explains how they’ll do it. The goal of this startup is to make it easy for anyone to write that plan. It’s currently only available in the Bay Area.


A tool that helps anyone in the world track their spending in real-time. The startup is building an app for users to report their spending and personal finance habits.


A company that makes it easy for anyone to get online in the Philippines. The startup partners with telecoms to provide Internet in areas where it’s not a priority, and has also partnered with the government to provide WiFi in the streets and public areas.


A startup that offers the ability to schedule meetings with anyone through Facebook Messenger. Social Calendar is an iOS app that aims to make scheduling meetings easier, with features like a calendar widget and a back-and-forth messaging system to make scheduling a breeze.


A platform that lets people make their own videos using their voice, and works with a library of stock images and sound effects. The app is for anyone interested in making their own video clips without knowing how to edit video.


Record your thoughts, and then share them with anyone in the world without ever leaving your couch.


A platform that aims to make it easier to design and manage digital product and content experiences. An open-source platform that allows anyone to design a product and provide the necessary feedback to friends and followers. The startup is seeking to build on the work of other Open Platforms like Brave, or Pivotal, or Path.


A company that’s building tools that send and receive money from people’s bank accounts. Using the software, people can send money to each other and keep an account for receiving payments. The app can be used by anyone in the country, and is available to customers through a bank account in the US.


A “a mobile app for anyone who wants to become an artist”, designed for “artists who have previously been turned down by art schools” to help them learn to draw.


An open-source program that lets anyone create their own app for the Oculus Rift.


A startup that wants to build a “video news network” that allows video content to be created and distributed by anyone with a smartphone.


A tool for editing photos and videos in the cloud, meant both for professionals and for anyone looking to preserve their work.


A team of engineers are developing a product platform for software development and automation. Their first product is a small team of bots that let you instantly communicate with anyone on Slack, and they are also developing conversational AI tools to automate tasks.


A SaaS app that helps anyone create a custom cable channel for Slack, built on top of the existing Slack API.


A tool that lets anyone create a site on the web.


A company that’s building a decentralized video platform for anyone who wants to create, share, and monetize video online.


A startup that lets anyone buy a pair of tickets to a concert or sports game.


This startup is building a platform that allows anyone to post a video of their favorite place anywhere in the world, then share the link with their followers.


This startup is building a tool that lets anyone create a site where they can create a collection of online videos and share them with friends.


A platform that makes it quick and easy for anyone to start a crowdfunding campaign.


A platform for sending money to people who don’t have bank accounts, allowing users to send money to anyone in the world.


A way for anyone who wants to get into real estate investing to get started. In order to get started, you get a monthly subscription of $1,000 worth of Real Estate Investing services from a network of experts.


SaaS service that helps anyone in the US get access to a local attorney. The startup currently has $5,000 monthly recurring revenue for a plan that includes a regular subscription, support and a network of attorneys.


A startup that wants to make it easy for anyone to publish content, whether it be text, photos, or video.


A new financial technology company that’s building a software platform that allows anyone to invest in a new business.


A tool for people buying homes that allows the buyer to see the price of a house in relation to rent and other similar properties within a couple miles. It’s built on the premise that anyone buying a home should be able to see how much rent it would take to pay off the mortgage.


A software company that wants to make it easy for anyone to create and manage videos, with a focus on quality and ease of use.


A startup that allows anyone to rent a table at popular festivals at a discounted rate.


A platform that allows anyone to build a website, designed to save cost and time for startups.


A support tool for the “millennial workforce”, a term the founders use to describe anyone born in the 1980s and 1990s.


This startup is trying to make content creation a more accessible experience for anyone.


A startup for building community gardens. The startup wants to make urban farming accessible to anyone.


A platform that aggregates and distributes content from across the web. Source wants to make it easy for anyone to find, manage and share content from different providers.


A startup that lets you ship almost anything to almost anyone in under one day. It’s kind of like Postmates but it’s for people who are buying in bulk.


This idea is a tool that allows anyone to run their own private code review on Github.


A video-based training software that lets instructors teach interactive video courses to anyone via a mobile device.


A toolset for anyone looking to start their own company.


A startup that lets anyone—including home-based workers—get paid for their time doing simple tasks.


A project management platform that allows anyone to set tasks and track progress, even if they don’t have a team.


A tool that allows anyone in the world to spend time in the United States in the same way they do in their home country. This startup wants to make it easy for people to live in the US temporarily, which they say would create about 15 million jobs.


A platform for anyone to create their own workout video.


Idea: Sofi is a lending program for student loans They say they can get a loan to anyone in 6 minutes, and don’t charge a processing fee The company is currently lending $3,000 loans (via a credit line) to students


Idea: An online backup service that uses encryption to protect data from anyone other than the owner of a particular account


Idea: This startup wants to build a “non-technical” interface for setting up web servers It’s building a platform that allows anyone to create a web-based service, and it’s been used to launch a website about the alt-right, among other things


Idea: A startup that helps companies hire remote employees in an age where “anyone can work from anywhere” The startup claims that it’s already raised $120,000 in revenue, charging $20,000 per month for its services


Idea: A startup that lets you send your own photos and videos on demand to anyone who wants to see them


Idea: A startup that wants to become the Stripe of Brazil. It has a payments solution to help anyone accept payments online and in-person.