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Another Startup Ideas

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A startup that provides a service to help people get their business up and running in another country


A tool for developers that helps them create and manage their own website, on top of WordPress or another CMS.


A platform that helps farmers connect to one another and sell their goods


A startup that provides a service for people who have lost their job to find work in another city


A startup that helps employers find employees who are fluent in another language


Another startup accelerator program, Techstars was originally called TechStars but shortened its name in the summer of 2010.


Giving Demo Day startups advice can only go so far. So Y Combinator does a bit more to help startups. YC has created a forum for startup founders to share information and advice with one another. They also host “Ask-Me-Anything” sessions for founders to talk about their companies.


The startup helps companies scale their drone usage by allowing flight data to be transferred from one drone to another and to the cloud.


A technology that helps companies collaborate and communicate with one another. The startup is currently making $36,000 per month from two customers.


Another startup that’s building a video conferencing tool with real-time collaboration features.


A startup that enables a group of people to share their carpools and public transportation with one another. It’s a bit of a meta application in that the startup is building an app to help companies integrate carpooling into their business models.


A startup that helps people find one another based on their interests. It’s a way for people to find new friends and make new connections.


Another in the “enterprise hiring” category.


Another company looking to build a social media platform for dating, focusing on the Latinx market in the US.


A toolbox that helps translate text from one language to another


A place for writers to connect and share their work with one another.


Part of a $100 million venture fund that’s investing in food technology startups, including a company that’s building a delivery service for food, and another that’s building a delivery network for food.


Another company built by former Quid co-founders, this one is building a suite of tools to make it easier for women to own businesses in emerging markets.


A startup based on the idea that what’s often lost in the process of buying a car is the opportunity to sell it. CarBifi helps make the process of selling a car easier, and could be used by dealers to help people decide if they want to keep their car for another year.


A project management tool that focuses on helping distributed teams communicate with one another.


A social network for subscribers of the New York Times to share content and engage with one another.


A startup that’s building an app to allow people to buy and sell products from one another who are local to each other, with the goal of making local commerce easier.


Idea: This startup is building a new productivity tool that lets users scroll down a page to view content, rather than clicking from one page to another The startup currently has a prototype and has already been featured in TechCrunch


A startup that wants to make the “banking process” easy for millennials. The CEO says that half of millennials don’t have checking accounts, and another third don’t have credit cards. They want to do for banking what Mint did for personal finance.


A company that pays people in the developing world to write content for a fee. They’ve already signed up one client (Watsi, a non-profit that helps poor people in medical emergencies) and expect to sign up another soon.


Yet another accounting software startup.


A “collaboration platform for freelance workers,” allowing them to find one another and take advantage of their “world of expertise”


A tool for creating quick and easy surveys on your phone. The startup is designed for survey creators, but anyone can use it. It offers a mobile-first platform that lets users create surveys and send them immediately to users, and then open the survey link in another app on their phone.


This is a startup that makes it easier for users to read and write in French, Italian, and Spanish. Another benefit is that they can take notes in those languages and they can share those notes with others who speak those languages.


A portfolio website for freelancers, where people can comment on each other's work, hire one another with a single click, and get paid in bitcoin.


A platform for students to learn from and connect with one another.


A B2B company that helps businesses hire, manage their workforce. It currently has one client and is looking for another.


A networking app that helps users meet one another, make connections, and stay in touch.


 Another company making its own version of the Nest Thermostat that also offers a smart lighting system.


Canvas is a new type of digital canvas for creating digital objects. Users can create a design or pattern using images and use it as a template for an object. It has four different types of canvas with different features, and the startup says it will be releasing another in the future.


A way to communicate with one another during the busy time of the year, around the holidays. The idea is to help brands and retailers better communicate and sell to their customers during the holiday season, and to provide a way to ensure that customers are happy and retailers get their money.


Building another approach to the collaborative editing app. The company is trying to get away from the “slowly evolving” nature of the current products.


The startup is building a “social network for travelers” that connects them to one another and helps them share tips with each other.


Another startup that wants to simplify life for the average Indian.


Smartphone accessory that lets you put on another phone’s screen to give it the appearance of a bigger one.


Another digital banking app for Brazil, offering a new way for micro-businesses to manage their financials.


 A company that sells software to help people increase the efficiency with which they commute. People have been searching for ways to get from one place to another faster for a long time. Relay is a startup that wants to make that easier.


Another startup focused on helping people manage their money and expenses. It aims to be a more personal approach to budgeting and money management.


A peer-to-peer lending platform where people can loan money to one another. The startup is currently working on a separate peer-to-peer loan product.


Another startup that wants to take on Amazon's grocery delivery business


A B2B SaaS company that helps employees communicate with one another and receive pay, benefits and bonuses. It’s built for larger companies with at least 1,000 employees and requires a proprietary API for payment and payroll integration.


A free app that uses GPS to guide runners on their runs. The startup is building a way to get people from one place to another, by showing them what’s around obstacles on the way.


Another way to track your health and wellness. The startup is currently working with a major health care group in NYC.


A way to evaluate programming languages and compare them to one another.


The startup is building a “social tool” that helps millennials find and connect with one another to “help them grow their social capital”. The social platform has already built a $1.2 million round of funding and has raised another $3 million in a seed round.


A startup that wants to “revolutionize” the way healthcare is paid for. It’s another startup that’s just about to launch, with a few clients including Harvard, Yale, and Tulane.


A software platform that helps companies manage the customer data and retention process. The startup says it’s been customer-funded for 2 years and raised seed funding for another 6 months.


A start-up that allows people to donate their kidney to another person as a way to help them save up to pay for medical school in the US


This is a video chat app that can connect users to a live video conference where they can call one another.


A tool for companies to build better mobile apps for their customers. Their pitch is that they’re not just another app development house, but rather a consultancy that helps businesses build apps that are more efficient, more responsive, and more intuitive.


Another product for running virtual meetings, this time focused on the enterprise. The startup helps companies organize large-scale conference calls even though they could be anywhere in the world.


A startup creating a cooperative community that lets people support one another in a variety of ways.


A digital ecosystem that helps people connect with one another in the community, including a marketplace for self-storage, equipment rentals and more.


This startup is building a vision-enabled augmented reality tracking tool for wearables. The product, which launches this year, will be able to track eye movements, and allows users to see through the lens of another person’s smartphone.


This startup helps companies by helping them automate the tedious processes in their call center. The company helps companies “automate the pain” by making it easier for workers to handle certain tasks in the call center, such as making customer greetings, answering simple questions, and transferring a call to another agent.


A company that helps companies easily switch their customer service calls from one number to another.


It’s a social network for translating videos from one language to another.


A startup that aims to solve the problem of long-distance relationships between people who are both working in the tech industry. The app takes advantage of voice and video chat to help people remain connected to one another.


This is an app that helps companies process all their financial data for tax time. It allows companies to import data from one finance system to another.


Idea: This startup is building machine learning software that helps people create smoother panning and zooming in videos. The startup previously sold a product called Flycam that helps camera operators smoothly move from one part of the scene to another.


A startup that provides a service for helping companies transition employees from one city to another


A startup that connects people who are looking to buy a property in another city with a realtor in that city


Idea: This is an app that makes it easier to start a conversation with a stranger A user creates an account, and the app matches them with another user, providing an icebreaker The team says they have 3,000 users and $4,000 in monthly recurring revenue


Idea: A startup that helps people go into business together Say you have a friend that's a lawyer and another that's an engineer A collaboration tool could help them communicate, share files and bill clients more smoothly The company is currently bootstrapped, and has a 10-person team


Idea: An online platform to help professionals collaborate with one another


Idea: A startup for creating and tracking to-do lists, but also automating micro-tasks like moving a cart from one aisle to another


Idea: Another B2B startup that helps manufacturers manage their supply chains in Asia The startup wants to help people in the US find more specialized manufacturers in China, and claims to have a signed contract with a Fortune 500 company


Idea: A B2B company that sells an API for acquiring and managing merchant accounts, and another API for accepting credit cards. The company says it’s processed $2 million in transactions.


Idea: A company that builds a mobile app that provides a “visual, interactive experience” for the middle school/high school students to buy and sell items to one another.


A team of former HubSpot and Google employees have created a new startup called Binder that makes it easy for sales and marketing teams to collaborate with one another.