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Android Startup Ideas

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A startup that provides a platform for managing and connecting third-party software for mobile devices The company says it has $10,000 in monthly recurring revenue, mainly from Android


A startup that sells Android phones in bulk to the developing world


A company that provides a way to buy and trade crypto at the best prices. It’s an app for iOS and Android that allows users to use crypto to pay for things.


The company’s name, “Anderm”, is a pun on the word “Android” and the word “Lime”, to show that it is a “Lime”.


A tool for developers to build apps for smart devices. The startup offers a custom SDK to allow other developers to build apps for Android and iOS devices.


A $1 cloud-based platform for sharing your music, where friends can listen to it for free. The app is already on the Apple Store, and the company is looking to expand to Android and Windows.


A text message-based calendar that lets you schedule events and reminders, with a calendar interface. The app is available for iOS and Android


A tool that helps developers build apps for Android TV.


An insurance-focused startup that collects data from drivers using their Android phones and then uses the data to sell insurance to them. It’s an insurance company that doesn’t actually write the policies.


This startup sells an Android app that lets you quickly record notes/talks about an item you are selling on eBay. The startup is also building out a platform for selling on eBay.


The company's app is designed to help consumers monitor the health of their finances, including credit scores, debt and income. The application, which is in beta, is available for Android and Apple iOS smartphones.


A San Francisco-based startup working to make it easier for people to share their photos, videos, and other media while on the go. The startup has an iOS app and plans to launch an Android app soon.


The startup, based in the Netherlands, has built a device that turns any Android smartphone into a camera. It promises to ease the process of sharing photos, while also allowing users to take photos that are harder to take with a traditional camera.


A digital version of the notebook and sketchbook you’d use to take your drawing class. The startup wants to bring digital sketching to the iPad, Android tablets, and other mobile devices.


An online photo editing platform, also available on iOS and Android, which is meant to be used by people with no experience in photography to be able to add various effects to photos.


This startup is building an Android app that lets you record and edit your own voiceovers for podcasts.


The startup is building a cloud-based platform where people can build and publish their own apps for any mobile platform, with a focus on Android.


A software company that provides a way to more easily manage app permissions for Android.


A startup that launched in March 2019 that provides real-time fraud protection for transactions on Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay.


A mobile payments company that provides a way to pay in-app purchases through Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay.


Personal assistant software for Android and iOS that helps people keep track of their finances. The startup has raised $1 million in seed funding from investors including 500 Startups.


Nextbit wants to deliver Android in a way that lets you take your phone with you everywhere. It cuts down on background apps and syncs only the apps that you want to use with your phone. Available on Android and iOS.


A “next-generation” keyboard for Android that can “adapt to your preferred speed, style, and keyboard layout”


Not just a one-click solution for saving and transferring contacts, but a true platform for managing them. It allows users to create branded groups of contacts, and then schedule calls among them. It’s ad-free, secure and can be used on both iOS and Android.


A company that helps people book appointments and make travel plans through a single interface, with an iOS app, a native app for Android, and a web-based app.


A virtual assistant that helps people speak Japanese. It’s currently on iOS and is working on an Android version.


A startup that makes it easier to develop apps and websites for the web, Android, and iOS.


A complete package of functionality for startups to implement into their iOS and Android apps. Its founders say that it’s different from a framework in that it is its own full stack.


A software suite with a native app on iOS and Android. It helps restaurants manage their restaurant operations such as food preparation, ordering, scheduling and ordering.


A tool that helps you manage your courses and courses of study, along with the borrowing and loan information for each. It’s currently available on the web, but will be coming to iOS and Android.


A new version of the popular private messaging app for Android, to be released in early 2018. It will have new features and a re-designed interface, and will allow people to purchase and download stickers and other content from the company’s partners.


Enables developers to build apps for the Android Wear smartwatch.


A mobile loyalty program on the city’s streetcars. Citymapper has a small but active mobile app for iPhone and Android devices that is a map of the subway and bus system in London. The company is also building a loyalty program that rewards users for using it.


A “hybrid” of Google Docs, Slack, and Dropbox. It’s a platform for teamwork and communication that’s meant to be secure and easy to use. Available on iOS and Android.


A tool to help employees track their time on site and manage their overtime. Available on iOS and Android.


A middleware for websites that lets them build native apps, and access the widening range of Android APIs.


 A mobile app that lets you pay for groceries at the cash register using an Android phone, without having to leave the store or wait in line.


LogMeIn is an online business continuity and disaster recovery tool used by businesses and organizations of all sizes. Users can access their computers and data in times of trouble, and moreover, take advantage of its free iPhone/Android apps for remote access and file sharing.


A startup that allows users to access their Uber-like Uber account from their iOS and Android phone.


An AI-powered text to speech solution, that releases a text-to-speech solution for iOS and Android.


This startup is developing an Android SDK for building applications that can quickly enhance photos with face detection, blurring, or filters. The client-side SDK is for developers who want to build their own apps on top of the iOS app.


A startup that aggregates and delivers news and information to users on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The company is also building a “beacon” for iOS users to receive notification of deals at nearby retailers, using a combination of GPS and Wi-Fi to track users’ location and then send notifications for deals on nearby merchants. The startup is also in the process of building a deal site for Android users.


A startup that’s building a video chat app for people on the go. The startup is building a chat app that works on both Android and iOS.


This startup is building a “digital” tool to help people with things like vacations, travel, or spending money. The startup is on a mission to make saving money as easy as booking a trip. They have an Android application and a web app.


An Android app that helps you find a doctor who has a good bedside manner


An open source online IDE for building mobile apps, spanning mobile platforms (iOS/Android/web) and programming languages (Java/C/C++).


The startup wants to build an app that allows your phone to act as a touchscreen monitor for an iPad, letting you run apps on one screen and videos on the other. Coming soon to Android.


This startup wants to take the hassle out of getting a new phone. The company has developed a piece of Android software that has already been downloaded by more than a million customers.


Idea is an interface to create and edit content for any electronic device that is powered by iOS or Android.


A platform that gives users the ability to share their photos on an Android phone, tablet, or computer. The company wants to become a one-stop solution for sharing photos and videos.


A startup that is building a toolkit meant to help companies develop applications for the web, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.


An iOS and Android app that connects you to the right healthcare provider when you need to see a doctor, and helps you book appointments. They’re working on a PC version.


 A tool for building mobile applications for iOS and Android. AppLocale bills itself as the “Swiss army knife of mobile.” It is a full-stack UI toolkit with a drag-and-drop builder, APIs, and SDKs.


A mobile payment system that works on the Android platform.


Security for Android phones that could include that much-coveted fingerprint recognition feature.


A group messaging platform for professionals, which uses a native iOS and Android app and a web site to enable messaging, file sharing, and a unified inbox.


Automates the process of getting a fingerprint scanner to work on a device you already own. The startup is focusing first on Android devices and then extending to other platforms.


A startup that helps people discover the top producers and the best music for streaming. The product is based on Spotify, and is available on Android and iOS.


A company that makes subscription-based graphics for web, iOS, and Android. They make their graphics available for free for non-commercial use, but charge for commercial use.


A startup that helps brands create their own mobile app using a service that lets them create apps for iOS, Android, and web platforms. It works with a variety of clients, including Sesame Street and the New York City Transit Authority.


A platform for organizing and sharing your photos and videos in a more elegant way. It has apps for iOS, macOS, and Android, with a simulator and a web app.


Localytics is a startup that makes it easier for Android app developers to track marketing campaigns, create marketing automation, and improve mobile app engagement.


A to-do list app for teams, available on iOS and Android. The app uses a collaboration model, where people can sync their lists across devices, and can edit others’ lists.


A digital storage locker for media and files, available for download on the iOS or Android apps.


A framework for building apps that run on any given mobile platform, including Android and iOS.


A startup that helps small businesses make online payments. It has an iOS app, an Android app, and an API for third-party apps.


A “sales platform for developers,” allowing them to sell directly to customers. It’s available on the web and on iOS/Android apps.


A payments app that allows users to make a payment without ever leaving the app. The company says they are working on a native solution for Android.


The startup is building a platform to allow small business owners to keep track of their inventory, and make it available to their customers via online ordering. It’s currently testing a free app for iOS and Android.


Idea: A software tool for developers to build sites for the web, iOS and Android


Idea: A mobile game that runs in-browser for the browser-based game streaming service The startup basically wants to make a mobile game but instead of building a native iOS or Android app, it can run inside the browser and be streamed to a phone


Idea: A tool to create Android apps from Excel spreadsheets


Idea: A startuplication that helps people learn how to code apps. The startup is focused on teaching people how to make apps for iOS and Android.


Idea: A tool for keeping your software up to date. In a demo, the founder showed that the service updates a user’s phone to the latest version of Android.


Idea: A voice-to-text app for Android that uses the microphone to take notes. The startup claims that voice is 20x faster than typing on a physical keyboard.


A software company that provides a platform for companies to fill open positions with contractors. The company says it has $10,000 in monthly recurring revenue, mainly from Android.