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A startup that provides an AI-based tool for fitness trackers that can analyze an individual’s activity and eating habits and recommend a new workout regimen.


A platform that helps companies analyze their own data, with a focus on finding ways to make information more actionable.


A software platform for real estate agents that allows agents to manage their relationships with their clients, and track and analyze the leads generated.


A startup that builds a toolset to manage and analyze your company’s website performance


Big Data maps the world’s food. The startup analyzes agricultural data in real time to help farmers make more informed decisions about which crops to grow, where to plant them, and when to sell them.


A startup that uses AI to analyze online reviews to show consumers what to expect from a given product and service.


A software platform that allows users to control and visualize their data. The goal is to provide a user-friendly interface that allows users to visualize, analyze and make decisions across their data, and tell what’s happening and what they can do about it. Think of it as a personal dashboard for your own data.


A small, customizable device which records and analyzes what you do and how you move to help exercise optimally.


A tool that analyzes popular Twitter hashtags to show trends on trending topics.


An API that helps app developers visualize and analyze the purchase and sale of items on their app.


A marketing platform that uses machine learning to collect and analyze data about what people do online and then help companies target them with ads.


A way for teachers to track and analyze student performance, which they hope will eventually become a standard curriculum in schools.


A tool to help nonprofits (and their supporters) analyze their data.


A tool that analyzes your email inbox and categorizes messages into actionable buckets, allowing your inbox to be more productive and your inbox management to be more effective.


This is a company that makes software to help analyze the performance of a company’s supply chain. It wants to make supply chain management more efficient.


A marketing platform that allows e-commerce platforms to track and analyze the effectiveness of in-store marketing campaigns.


A way to track and analyze the performance of a salesperson


A startup that wants to help people build websites faster, especially people with little-to-no experience in web development. It wants to help people build websites with WordPress, using AI and machine learning to analyze code and then rebuild the site.


The startup is building a mobile app for business owners to track spending, analyze ROI, and automate financial decisions.


Focused on helping business owners and executives improve business outcomes, the startup’s first offering, CROW, is a software tool that helps companies analyze the performance of their marketing initiatives.


A platform that analyzes credit card data to help you improve your credit score.


An AI-driven platform to create a healthy work environment. The app uses machine learning to analyze employee behavior at work and at home, and then gives employees a set of actions they can take to improve their health and productivity.


A data platform for cities that helps them collect and analyze data, then provides the tools to help them make informed decisions.


A startup that wants to help companies better analyze and use data from the Internet of Things.


A computer vision startup that wants to be the “Google of facial recognition”. The company uses algorithms to analyze people’s faces, generates “a list of face-matching identities”.


A software company that will allow you to optimize your photos for sharing on social media and other platforms. It’s not an editing app, but a service that analyzes the photo to find the best settings for the company’s platform.


A startup that helps with matchmaking, the startup says it sifts through users’ Instagram photos, looking for common themes. It then uses machine learning to analyze what it’s seen and suggest new friends.


A platform for small businesses to manage their analytics and data. The startup wants to make it easier for small businesses to aggregate and analyze their data.


A software tool that helps companies track and analyze their social media marketing campaigns.


An AI-powered analytics engine for games that helps developers understand players. The startup is trying to revolutionize the way game developers track and analyze their players.


A cloud-based data visualization and analytics platform, which allows businesses to keep track of and analyze all their data at once.


A platform that helps businesses optimize their supply chain by helping them to analyze data in real-time and identify opportunities for growth. They charge a standard rate of $150 per month per company.


An AI-based system that scans your website and analyzes the technical data to help you improve your site’s performance.


An analytics startup for small to medium-sized businesses that collects and analyzes data on online purchases. The startup also provides a tool that allows companies to schedule their marketing content to be sent out at specific times during the week.


A platform for on-demand access to data and information from a variety of companies. The company wants to help businesses access information from multiple sources, and then make it easy for them to analyze and use that information.


A startup that uses AI and an artificial brain to analyze and predict what new products should be in the marketplace.


A company that creates software to help companies analyze their business operations and get insights about how their business is performing.


A company that wants to bring more transparency and accountability to financial services. Vantage is looking to disrupt the private equity industry. The company is building a platform that will allow investors to track and analyze investment performance.


Firms can collect data on their customers and then have that data sent to the cloud and analyzed for insights. The company currently has the same set-up as a consulting firm before being purchased by a larger firm.


An artificial intelligence platform that allows companies to analyze the sentiment of images and videos on social media, helping them make better marketing decisions.


A startup that aggregates and analyzes information about the cost of living and quality of life in a location to help people decide where to move


This is a company that’s building a platform for search engine optimization for e-commerce. The startup uses computer vision to analyze images in e-commerce websites, and then helps businesses optimize their images for search engines. The company says it can increase click-through rates by 30% and reduce bounce rate by 40% in a month.


A startup aimed to help people get the best possible deal on their car insurance. The startup’s software analyzes an individual’s driving history and compares it to a carrier’s pricing data to identify the best deal. The startup’s policy is to take a 0.5% commission off the top.


A company that collects and analyzes data on the social aspects of digital advertising in order to optimize the process.


A startup that analyzes data from email and group chat to create a visual map of how conversations are taking place within a company.


A company that provides a way to collect, track and analyze patient care data and insights.


An animal behavior startup that’s using “machine learning and natural language processing” to analyze the behavior of animals and use that data to train animals to perform in new environments. The startup has raised $1.4 million and has worked with organizations like the National Zoo, Smithsonian, and National Geographic.


A platform for buyers to help sellers analyze their products. Sellers can upload pictures of products and ask buyers to review them, and the company will add the data to a database that sellers can use to improve their products.


This startup is building a “data assembly line”: a system to help companies analyze their massive data sets so they can make better decisions.


A tool that helps marketers analyze the effectiveness of their mobile marketing efforts.


A software company that tracks and analyzes water usage in the United States. The startup is led by a guy who also founded a company called Aquatech that tracked water usage in the US in the 1990s.


A startup that’s developing a computer vision API that helps businesses analyze and refine their photos.


This is an “automated” loan application process for small business borrowers. The startup says its technology can analyze the financials of a business in minutes and make a quick decision on whether or not to give them a loan.


A startup that gives teachers complete control over their classrooms. The company uses AI to analyze teachers’ strengths and weaknesses and then uploads the data into an online dashboard for teachers to view.


A B2B SaaS that provides data visualization and analytics for organizations, allowing them to quickly create and analyze reports and charts.


A platform that monitors and analyzes supply chain operations to help companies optimize and improve their efficiency.


A startup that helps small businesses with their marketing and sales. The company’s software analyzes data and gives recommendations on how to best market and sell a company’s products. The startup says it has trained more than 150,000 salespeople and made more than $1 billion in revenue for clients.


The company is focused on providing software that enables companies to track and analyze customer data in real time. The idea is to make customer data available to employees so they can make more informed decisions.


A startup that’s building a tool for companies, hospitals, and schools to track and analyze their employee’s health.


A platform that makes it easier for companies to measure employee engagement. It analyzes text messages, chatroom messages, and social media posts to provide employers with insights into what employees prefer, what their priorities are, and what they’re working on.


This startup is building a marketplace for data science talent, where companies can hire data scientists to help them research, analyze, and monetize data.


A SaaS platform for product development, marketing, and analytics. The startup’s first product is a dashboard that helps businesses analyze their performance.


A B2B company that helps organizations with purchasing power analyze their supply chains.


A tool for companies to better understand their employees’ geolocations. The company uses machine learning and computer vision to analyze geolocation data.


A startup that uses AI to analyze existing video footage to detect intent, location, and movement.


A startup that tracks and analyzes the performance of affiliate sites, providing insights into which sites are bringing in the most money per month. Its goal is to help users maximize their profits and make money the most efficient way.


 This startup is building a credit score for students, using big data to analyze their school and academic performance, and then applying that to a credit score.


Using a combination of data science, machine learning, and blockchain, this startup is building a tool for scammers to analyze how many people are joining their scheme, and the type of people joining, in order to better tailor their scams.


A startup that provides a service where people can have their blood drawn at a local lab and then shipped to a local doctor to be analyzed


Idea: Early stage, VC-backed uBiome is an open source citizen science biotech that makes it easy for anyone to analyze their microbiome The company is profitable and is scaling internationally, but its founders want more funding


Idea: The startup wants to help people make sense of their health data (such as sleep, nutrition and exercise) by building a platform for tracking personal health The startup has built a wearable device that tracks heart rate and falls asleep with its users, collecting data that can be analyzed to give insights into sleep patterns


Idea: A tool that allows companies to schedule their own customer satisfaction surveys and then analyze the data


Idea: A startup that uses AI to analyze customer service recordings and provide feedback on how they can be improved.


Idea: A platform that connects to the APIs of a variety of e-commerce services (Stripe, Shopify, etc.) to help them better manage and analyze customer data. The founders say they have $1,500 in monthly recurring revenue.


Idea: A cloud system for businesses to collect and store data, with a machine-learning layer on top to help them analyze it.


A startup that makes it easy for businesses to collect and analyze data from their traders as well as third party market data. The company has one paying customer: a hedge fund.


A company that makes it easy for businesses to analyze their employee data.