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America Startup Ideas

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The startup is a spin-off of a company called Hint, which was founded in 2015 to help people make better decisions about personal finance. The data can be used to help consumers identify opportunities for savings and investments, and Hint says one in three Americans don’t have enough money saved.


This startup is building a platform for American farmers to sell their goods to consumers worldwide. The startup aims to use a mix of digital store fronts and technology to deliver to consumers in countries like India and China, where the rural population has been growing.


In October 2014, The Wall Street Journal ranked the Philadelphia area as the top city in America for startups.


A startup that wants to help people in Latin America track their expenses and grow their credit score The company’s founders say that after launching in early august, they’re already working with over 3,000 retail accounts


Matching job seekers with employers, coupled with goal-setting and coaching, could help reduce the representation of men in the American workforce.


A platform for investors to invest in companies in Latin America.


A tool for distribution of food and groceries to people in need, in the form of a vehicle equipped with a fridge, a microwave, and a coffee machine, and that can travel down the street from a central hub. The startup’s founders are veterans of the American military.


This startup lets employers create employee referral programs and sells the referral fees. The startup’s customers include companies like Wayfair, Zillow, and American Express.


List of startups created by or for Indian Americans


A self-serve platform that connects independent contractors and clients across North America. The startup says their platform helps to reduce the overhead of managing a workforce, while providing an easy way for employers to find talent.


This company is building a way to leverage the 50 million unclaimed American Express rewards cards that are sitting in a dormant state, unclaimed. The company wants to make it easier for companies to manage those rewards cards.


A digital bank for SMBs in Latin America, allowing them to have all of their personal accounts in one place.


A microinsurance startup that serves older Americans looking to make sure they don’t spend money on medical expenses they can’t afford.


A Chinese-American startup that’s building an app that makes it easier to pay for things online. The app is in private beta and is already available in Shanghai, Shanghai and other parts of China.


A startup that helps American companies sell to consumers in China and other Asian markets by taking over the process of getting a Chinese partner to buy their product.


A digital bank account for consumers and businesses in Latin America. The startup wants to bring account management to the small and medium enterprises in the region.


A shopping platform that’s a hybrid between Amazon and Alibaba. The company is looking to expand, with a particular focus on India, South America, and Asia.


A startup that’s looking to help people in South America get vacation packages. It’s similar to the service SkipTheDishes does for the US.


Fintech company for unbanked and underbanked customers in Latin America and Brazil.


A startup that enables doctors to treat patients with diabetes by prescribing them low-cost glucose-monitoring devices. The startup is partnered with the American Diabetes Association and has already provided over 10,000 glucose monitoring devices to patients in the US.


Founders: Marta, Ryan. The two want to build a tech hub for the Latin American startup community. They want to give startups discounted office space, mentorship, and access to capital.


America’s digital magazine is a digital magazine that is central to its mission is to cover the changing landscape of the media industry, and how technology is affecting it. Since February 2014, it has published a new issue every other Thursday and has a print-on-demand model, so subscribers receive their copy directly.


A local rideshare company with a focus on Latin America.


A tool for hotels to keep track of their assets and track down items that are lost, stolen, or damaged. The startup is already working with hotels in Brazil and Colombia and wants to expand to other Latin American markets as well.


A VC firm that looks for the next big startup in the South and Latin America


A company that helps businesses in Latin America build out their online presence.


A digital network that connects American businesses and consumers with the same spending habits.


A non-profit that follows and mentors African-American female entrepreneurs, providing them access to mentors and resources to help them build their businesses.


The Berkeley-headquartered organization was founded in 2011 to encourage entrepreneurship among middle-class Americans. It has a $50 million budget and has invested in more than 200 startups.


A social network for Latin Americans in the US and Mexico that lets them connect, share photos, and discover events and activities related to their culture.


A company that helps find and hire doctors in the United States to serve as mentors for American students studying abroad.


 Shave America is an app that helps adults find the right quality blade for their face.


A B2B company that aims to help B2B brands with marketing and sales by leveraging the power of B2B data and CRM technology. They have customers including Royal Bank of Canada and American Express.


In 2017, American companies spent $32.7 billion in shipping costs, according to a report by the Air Transport Association.


A B2B company that aims to help retailers manage all of their account receivables (credit cards, store cards, and payment cards) from a single platform. The company is selling to retailers and merchants in the US and Latin America.


A free service that helps Americans who are moving abroad find work and employment opportunities in their new countries. Their mission is to help Americans transition to their new countries by providing job opportunities in their new countries.


The startup is building a traveler marketplace for South American cities. It’s a place where travelers can find roommates, book flights, and even share their rooms on AirBNB-like websites.


Builds on the Chariot ride-hailing app for major cities in North America. The company says it’s adding more and more supply every day.


A financial service that helps manage non-bank financial products in Latin America.


A consumer credit product for Latin American and Caribbean companies.


A North American-based women’s health company looking to expand globally, with a focus on finding a way to provide women with a safe and easy way to have regular checkups.


A startup that helps people develop a retirement plan, track what their savings are and transfer them to a new retirement home. The startup is in nine other countries in Asia, Europe and the Americas.


 A new kind of e-banking system for Latin America, which is designed to improve the experience of active bank customers. The company plans to launch in Brazil in the next few months and expand thereafter.


In mid-2016, the US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics launched a data-driven blog, “The BLS Blog”, to provide updates and analysis of the state of the American economy. The blog is written by an editorial team of BLS economists and content managers.


A digital bank for small businesses in Latin America. The startup’s first product is a mobile app for small businesses in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico.


A startup that helps people with bad credit build credit, working with companies like Wells Fargo and American Express to help people build their credit scores.


E-commerce site for America’s small towns, offering everything from electronics to home goods. The company is looking for more partners to grow the business.


Bitpagos is a startup that wants to be a PayPal or Square competitor for merchants in Latin America, allowing them to accept payments from abroad.


The following is a list of notable consumer product startups in North America that have raised venture funding, according to Crunchbase and its sources.


A digital banking app for the unbanked in Latin America. The startup is building the “first true digital bank for the unbanked”, working on integrations with traditional credit unions and banks.


VentureBeat is an American technology news and media company based in New York City. It was founded in 2009 as a print publication, and has since expanded to include a website and mobile apps, and became a venture-backed startup.


A platform that helps saving for retirement, based on the idea that many Americans’ retirement savings come from old-fashioned and not so old-fashioned vehicles: cash deposits, a Roth IRA, or a 401(k).


A peer-to-peer lender that lends to women in Latin America. The company is currently in the Philippines and Mexico.


This is a platform for texting in Spanish, targeting the Latin America market. They’ve built an SMS-based platform where you can “send and receive SMS using the language of your choice”.


A platform that helps people track their credit card usage. The company is working with companies like American Express, Chase, and Mastercard to promote the platform.


Capto is a one-stop app that helps connect customers with suppliers and help them find the best deals. The startup says it has a userbase of over 2.5 million, and plans to expand to more countries in Latin America.


A crowd-funded business that seeks to build a “smarter” retirement system for Americans.


This is a mobile-first banking app for Latin America that wants to help customers manage their credit cards and manage their finances by aggregating and integrating all of a person’s financial data.


A social network for Indian Americans. It’s not clear how the company plans to operate in the US given the very different social norms here.


A tool that helps companies manage their third-party risk for business travel, with partners ranging from Avis to American Airlines.


A mobile app that uses machine learning to help people learn Spanish, French, English, Italian, German, and Spanish. The company says that “Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world after Mandarin, and it’s the second most spoken language in America.”


 This is a startup that’s building an online tool to help small businesses get financing. The company is looking to focus its efforts on Latin American markets.


The startup’s software helps companies create, share, and keep track of all the things they care about. The business has over 1,000 customers in the US, including Microsoft, American Express, and Google.


A favorite among beer enthusiasts, this startup has spent years building a database of beer shops and bars in major cities across North America.


Idea: A home security company for Latin American households, primarily in Mexico. The startup is focused on providing internet-connected cameras that allow users to see and talk to visitors while they’re away from home.


A seed-stage seed fund that invests in startups in Latin America. The fund is building a $300 million fund with the goal of underwriting $100 million in deals over the next three years.


Idea: Personalized, affordable health insurance for every American


Idea: A digital marketing platform based in Latin America


Idea: A startup that helps SMBs in Latin America bring all of their bank accounts into a single UI


Idea: A startup that is working with a major South American bank to help them build a platform for managing their B2B loan portfolio


Idea: Software that offers a plug-and-play API for streamlining e-commerce in South America.