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Aiming Startup Ideas

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This startup’s algorithm is designed to find and cancel fraudulent payments, automatically. It’s free for merchants to use, and they’re aiming to partner with processors and banks.


A subscription streaming video service that’s aiming to be the Netflix of food shows, with a focus on the culinary arts. The company is currently in the business development stage.


A digital agency that helps companies manage their social media, PR, and digital marketing. The startup is aiming to tackle the gap between everyday businesses and the marketing departments that need to manage them.


A startup aiming to develop a “smart pill bottle” that monitors and helps consumers better manage their medicine.


This business is aiming to provide an easy way for small businesses to get money-back guarantees on products.


The company is aiming to bring the benefits of mobile marketing to nonprofits.


A San Francisco startup aiming to become the first credit union to offer free checking and savings accounts to any member of the U.S. Armed Forces.


A payments company that offers a way for small businesses to pay for their own invoices. The founders say they’re aiming to replace “payroll” software.


A car rental startup that says it’s “aiming to be the Uber of ride sharing”.


A second-screen app for creating, managing and distributing podcasts, taking on a market dominated by hosts. The company is also building an app for the live video market, aiming to be the first to tap into the VOD market on the cheap.


A blockchain-based stock market that allows anyone to invest in a company. It’s aiming for a $1.5 billion market cap.


Aiming to make it easier for people to use digital cash, the startup wants to make it easier for people to pay each other without the need to send money through a bank. They’re working to make digital cash as ubiquitous as a credit card.


A company aiming to make tech easier to set up and use. Offerings include a virtual office, HR and payroll services.


A startup aiming to transform the way companies incentivize and manage their people.


In the past year, the startup has grown to have over 500 media outlets and over 1,000 reporters and editors, covering everything from sports to politics, and local to international. They’re aiming to grow that to 10,000 members and double the number of journalists that cover the news.


A software company that helps insurance auto brokers become more profitable by streamlining their claims processes. They’re aiming to reach $2.5 million in revenue in the first year.


A startup aiming to make it easier for people to do business internationally


A company aiming to expand the college degree market by making an alternative to the traditional college experience.


A startup that allows contractors to offer their clients a discount on their services, claiming it will save them money and the client time. It’s based on a model in Australia where a contractor can get a discount on their services by using a platform like that.


A startup that is aiming to create an app for PR and marketing professionals to find and create a sponsor for any product or service.


“A premium app store with an emphasis on quality,” aiming to have a “curated selection of apps” that are not available anywhere else.


A startup aiming to create a platform that makes it easier for people to share things like photos, videos and files.


A startup aiming to make it easier for people to go out and get the medicine they need. They already have a patient app and have built a “pocket pharmacy” pharmacy, and aim to expand to services such as mental health and pharmaceuticals.


A healthcare startup that’s aiming to help people with food allergies keep track of their food and their allergies.


A startup that is building a platform to help small businesses know the best loan options at the best rates. Part of their pitch is that they’re aiming to help people in emerging markets, where banks are more expensive.


A “co-living” startup focused on the business side of student housing and aiming to become the Airbnb of college housing


A startup aiming to “disrupt the security industry by providing an end-to-end solution for the enterprise”. The startup offers a platform for businesses to help protect their data against malware.


The startup is building a platform for event organizers to build their own branded events. It’s aiming to help organizers build a “social network of events” that start conversations.


A new way to get a medical diagnosis, aiming to connect patients with health providers in a way that is convenient, cheaper, and better for patients.


A Sydney-based startup aiming to bring the benefits of the sharing economy to the office.


A customer support tool that helps companies make customer calls and unlock customer data with a single API. The startup is currently aiming to partner with larger companies to develop a customer support tool that scales for multiple products.


7thSky is building a startup that provides customtailoring services for clothing, aiming to offer the best fit possible and to deliver like a boutique shop, and charge less.


This startup is building a solution for online merchants to get in-person estimates from home-based contractors. It’s aiming to help companies compete with those that don’t offer this service, and will charge a fee for the service.


A startup that helps people get their wages deposited electronically into their bank accounts. They’re using data from the US government’s MyEBT card and are aiming to make getting paid faster and easier for people who are on the edge of the financial system.


A startup that’s building a platform for booking travel and hotel rooms. The company is aiming to compete with Expedia and Priceline.


A company aiming to bring the power of machine learning to networks with a visualization tool that can show how networks are connected.


This is a credit card processing startup that is aiming to offer a cheaper alternative for small businesses.


A platform that automates and centralizes the insurance claims process, claiming to reduce costs in the process by up to 30%.


A solution for businesses to track all their employees with a single dashboard, including social media data like likes and comments that can be filtered to show only in-house activity. The startup is aiming to make it easier to manage social media in-house.


A company that combines the reach of Facebook, the functionality of Slack, and the simplicity of email. The startup is aiming at small businesses and enterprises that want a way to collaborate across teams to stay connected without spending a lot of time in the office. The company is currently in private beta.


A new kind of platform for recruiters and job-seekers. The company is aiming to automate much of the recruiting process, and is reaching out to companies to see if they can help them build out their product.


A startup aiming to create an insurance program that helps small businesses with insurance costs. The startup currently has a grant from the National Science Foundation.


The startup is aiming to build a way for employers to track the quality of their workers, and fix any issues that might be holding them back.


A system for managing supply chain operations. These systems are often too expensive for small businesses to afford, and IAC is aiming to make it affordable.


A startup aiming to create a mobile app to help with automatic employee enrollment into employers' retirement programs.


A company aiming to make it easy to manage your medical records.


This startup is aiming to bring an app with a social feed into the workplace. It’s like a Slack, only with the news and is free.


A startup aiming to build an app for companies to manage and track all of their customer service interactions. The startup has received $20 million in seed funding to build the app.


An API for home energy-monitoring, aiming to make it easy for users to track their energy usage. The startup is targeting the UK market by building on the existing Home Energy Rating System (HERS) that the government uses.


This startup is looking to create a digital tool that allows people to make and manage their own legal agreements, aiming to improve efficiency, and making the legal process faster and more accessible.


 A startup aiming to compete with Uber drivers by letting the public order rides the same way they order food.


A tool that helps insurance companies manage their claims. The startup is aiming to help insurers save money on manual processing and offer better customer service.


A startup aiming to combine machine learning with AI to help businesses determine what products to develop next.


Idea: A market for people who want to rent their vehicles to others for a few hours or the day The company has grown to 15,000 drivers in the Boston area They’re aiming to be a trusted marketplace that makes it easier to rent cars, and more profitable for their drivers


Idea: SaaS for managing fleets of vans and trucks, aiming to reduce costs and administrative headaches by streamlining receipts, invoices, and other paperwork.


Idea: A startup that wants to build a “Bloomberg terminal for the Internet of Things”, aiming to help companies that make connected devices from cars to smart homes maintain security.


Idea: A startup that helps companies deal with the paperwork around events. The company’s pitch is that there’s a lot of red tape to navigate for things like conferences, and they’re aiming to save companies time and money.


Idea: A startup that aims to be “the Uber for trucking”, claiming that the transportation industry is a $7 trillion sector ripe for disruption. It has a similar pitch to Uber Freight, which focuses on helping smaller trucking companies compete with big shippers.


Idea: The startup is building a tool that automatically writes a person’s will and will updates, letting you track wills from multiple users in the same account. It’s built on top of a free service that lets you write a will once and store it with them. They’re aiming to replace legal representatives with their software, while still giving users the option to use a lawyer.