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by @levelsio

Aimed Startup Ideas

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A health data platform aimed at hospitals. The startup wants to use the platform to bring innovation to the hospital industry.


A hybrid of a car and a bike that can be unlocked with a smartphone app. It’s aimed at people who don’t want to own a car and are willing to go outdoors for errands.


A SaaS business aimed at helping companies create online training programs for their employees.


This company is building a way to leverage the 50 million unclaimed American Express rewards cards that are sitting in a dormant state, unclaimed. The company wants to make it easier for companies to manage those rewards cards.


From the founders of digital agency All Day I Dream About Food, a platform aimed at helping restaurants and chefs improve food quality and service.


A startup building an app that helps companies manage their international workflows. The solution is aimed at companies that have multiple different offices around the world, be they full-time or digital nomads.


A startup that helps you organize your life and write to-do lists (similar to Wunderlist, but aimed at parents).


Salesforce.com’s Wave is a platform aimed at salespeople that lets them collaborate on calls, track KPIs, and use AI to guide future calls.


A digital tool for remembering things, aimed at customers with memory deficits.


A platform that allows developers to take their app and run it via IP. It's aimed at mobile apps, but its founders say it can run desktop programs too.


A social network for financial advisors, aimed to help them find new clients and provide timely advice.


A platform for managing the supply chain for e-commerce, aimed at companies with very little time to spare.


They are building a marketplace based on the idea of peer to peer lending, but aimed at small property loans (smaller than $5,000), and aimed at women.


A tool aimed at helping companies and organizations manage the risk of their employee’s misconduct.


The team behind CardCounting is building a mobile app that helps improve the spending habits of low-income people, and provide a platform for financial services aimed at those people.


 This startup uses AI to detect insurance fraud and fraudulently- or improperly-claimed benefits. It offers a risk score and recommendations that help agents and customers decide on policies.


The startup is building a platform for event hosts. The app is aimed at small to medium size events, and includes features like group chat and live streaming.


An employee training platform, aimed at helping small businesses manage their employees with more efficiency.


A customer support and engagement platform for businesses aimed at the Millennial generation. The startup is focused on helping companies improve customer support and engagement, but its founders say it can be used across the board.


CEO and co-founder, Josh, is a self-proclaimed "Serial Entrepreneur." He's built startups in the past five years, including a few that were acquired by larger tech companies.


A decentralized social network for news and video, aimed at offering more “credible” news.


An e-commerce for the under-served, aimed at those who want to buy a good but don’t have the means to do so. The founders believe that “goods are the new money”, and that the startup has the chance to be a “new currency” for the poor.


A meal-kit delivery service like Blue Apron or Plated, but aimed at people who like to cook and pay for it themselves.


A platform for property managers to manage their properties from one centralized platform. It’s aimed at large property owners, as well as those with multiple properties.


A startup that sells modular smart-home devices aimed at delivering better ‘integrated’ home technology.


An HR platform that focuses on employee engagement, and is aimed at small/medium size companies. They plan to announce a $2.5 million seed round in December.


A web app and blog aimed at helping companies and people with a “better understanding of their political beliefs”.


A startup aimed at the elderly, who are currently excluded from a lot of financial products and services.


A tool aimed at helping restaurant owners and managers perform their jobs more effectively.


This startup is building a platform for location-based mobile advertising aimed at driving in-app purchases and attracting shoppers. The startup is currently focused on shopping malls in the US, but they have plans to expand to other verticals.


A startup aimed at employers. The startup has raised $2.5 million in funding to date. It helps employers manage employees on the fly and quickly generate reports.


A tool for medical product development, aimed at pharma companies and biotech startups.


This startup is working on a $10,000 electric bike aimed at the city commuter,


This is a startup that wants to make it easier for people to make products in multiple languages. It currently offers a single language editor, aimed at creating text-based localizations for a single language, and plans to launch a tool for generating voiceover scripts.


A software platform aimed at building and managing community-focused online courses.


Aimed at helping small businesses sell products online using an affiliate model, and set up new websites.


A social media calendar app, aimed at people who want to take control of their social media schedule.


The founders of this startup are best known for building the most popular and successful startup accelerator in the world. They’re now moving into a new area, with a new accelerator format that’s aimed at helping teams build products for specific industries.


A tool for creating VR/AR apps, currently aimed at the education market.


A video rental app aimed at helping customers find and reserve movies from the comfort


A new kind of digital currency for the healthcare industry. It’s aimed at allowing treatment plans to be set up for a patient, which can be adjusted at a later date based on their progress.


Idea: A platform for consumer brands to easily launch and manage short-form video channels, aimed at the short-form video creators


Idea: A mobile app trying to solve the ‘rejection’ problem that young students face when applying for jobs and internships A person can apply for jobs via the app and be notified if they’re not qualified, but it’s aimed at helping young people get over the shame of being rejected


Idea: A startup for online food delivery aimed at solving the “last mile” problem, where it’s too expensive to deliver to some locations.


Idea: A community directory for short-term housing aimed at tourists and newcomers to a city. The startup is planning to expand to other cities in the future.