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Agency Startup Ideas

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A digital agency for large brands that wants to help them become more agile.


Founded in 2015, Flyfree is an SEO agency based in London. They provide digital marketing services and run their own SEO training academy.


A digital agency that helps companies manage their social media, PR, and digital marketing. The startup is aiming to tackle the gap between everyday businesses and the marketing departments that need to manage them.


The India-based company wants to remove the middleman from B2B commerce by allowing businesses to create individual shopping carts and price all their goods without an agency setting charges.


A startup for short-term rentals. The startup helps vacation homeowners skip the traditional agency process and run their own rentals on their own terms.


A platform to create a digital marketing and advertising agency for small business owners.


From the founders of digital agency All Day I Dream About Food, a platform aimed at helping restaurants and chefs improve food quality and service.


An agency that helps organizations “build agile teams, identify and craft the right growth strategy, and build the right retention and customer experience programs.”


This is a “mashup of digital marketing, customer service, and product management” app. It’s looking to replicate the experience of a digital agency, and is pitching it as a “digital assistant” to help consumer brands.


A “content marketing agency for small businesses.”


A digital marketing agency that handles client projects, from design to implementation.


A marketing agency for companies that want to engage with their customers in new ways. The startup is currently in Y Combinator’s Summer 2019 batch.


A credit reporting agency that uses AI to predict a person’s financial risk.


A software-as-a-service tool for businesses to create and manage their own marketing campaigns without needing to know the intricacies of running a digital marketing agency.


This startup, which is a subsidiary of a government agency in Brazil, is focused on building technology to provide transparency into the country’s elections.


A design agency that connects design talent with brands, allowing it to bring out the best in each other.


A platform for HR to do recruiting in-house, rather than using an agency.


A digital agency helping brands build, build, build their online presence.


VaynerMedia is an advertising agency that has pivoted its business into a platform for influencer marketing, with the goal of creating “a financial engine” for influencers, allowing them to monetize their content.


A digital agency that aims to make it easy for brands to scale their digital operations.


A startup that uses its own technology to construct a new type of credit reporting agency, which will offer credit score and credit monitoring to people who do not have access to traditional credit reports.


A company that helps retail chains and radio stations travel agency and tour operators to create their own digital storefronts.


A new way to book tickets online. Instead of booking through a travel agency or airline, the startup plans to make it easy to book and pay for your tickets through the app.


A digital agency that helps clients optimize their customer acquisition and retention through a combination of data, analytics, and behavioral science.


A digital marketing agency that wants to solve the problem of customer retention.


A digital marketing agency that works with food brands and restaurants.


A digital marketing agency for mobile app developers, focused on helping them to grow their businesses. The startup is a spin-off from a digital marketing agency, and has raised $1.1M in seed funding so far.


An agency that was founded in 2016 and has raised $4.7M. The company has raised $500k in seed funding. It was selected as a Gartner Cool Vendors in Healthcare CSP in 2017.


A digital agency that helps brands like Lyft, fast-food chains, and other companies scale their marketing software and services.


A company that helps companies work with data scientists and developers, originally via a software-as-a-service product. It’s now moving toward a marketplace/agency model.


The startup’s goal is to create a “travel agency on steroids”. The idea is to use AI and AI-powered services to plan trips and recommend hotels and activities.


A real estate agency software that helps agents close deals.


A digital agency that helps companies tell their stories through the written and spoken word.


A company that provides the top digital marketing agency in the world with a digital presence outside of their clients’ websites.


A digital agency that helps companies like Facebook, Google and Apple with communications needs in China. They launched around the same time as startups like Bird and Paper City.


A digital agency that crafts face-to-face marketing strategies.


An agency that provides advice on how to sell your house in order to increase the price.


A payroll system for freelance workers, primarily in the creative industry. The startup is a bit like a freelance equivalent to a temp agency, but it’s helping freelancers avoid the large fees that the average temp agency charges.


A company that helps companies use the power of their social networks to promote their offerings online. They say they are the second largest influencer marketing agency in the industry, with clients like Dove and Nestle.


 A digital platform that helps companies with everything from marketing to sales, with a view to helping it evolve into a full-service marketing agency.


Little Bean is a digital marketing agency that works with companies to sell their products on social media. The startup, which was founded in April, has built a platform that allows customers to create custom campaigns on social media to advertise their products or services, which are then tracked by Little Bean, who will help the client optimize the campaign to improve ROI.


A tool built on the team’s experience as a “data scientist” at a large online travel agency. The startup lets users enter a credit card number, and then the app instantly converts that into a coupon that can be applied to a hotel reservation.


A company that creates a single platform to manage the entire sales, marketing, and customer support cycle for a product. Zolli currently has a pilot for a new product launch agency.


A digital agency that creates and manages digital campaigns and activations for brands and agencies.


A digital agency that builds apps for banks and insurance brokers


This is a startup that allows companies to set up and manage their own online campaigns. Instead of creating an ad and selling it to an agency, you can create a campaign and sell it to a customer.


A digital marketing agency built to help businesses compete on social media. The company wants to help businesses build lists, track engagement and build loyalty.


Idea: A remote digital marketing agency for high-growth tech companies The startup has worked with a few dozen clients since launching last year, and is currently available to startups that are a $1 million in revenue or less


A new kind of digital agency that uses a variety of tools to help startups build products.