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This startup is working on an AI-powered system that monitors data on Amazon’s servers, allowing companies to guard against potential security breaches.


A platform for managing your entire spend, tracking your bills, managing your expenses across different payment systems, managing your accounts, and making it easy to compare everything against each other.


The startup is building a toolset to help people in the UK understand their personal finances and see how they stack up against the national average.


A company that consolidates all of the different personal injury claims you’ve filed against your employer into one easy-to-manage system.


A startup that wants to provide on-demand errands to local residents. The startup wants to compete against services like DoorDash and Postmates.


A new way to interact with your friends on Facebook. It’s a messaging app that lets you play games and compete against your friends.


A startup that lets you compete in a virtual world against other players to become the best trader


A platform that helps small businesses find pet-friendly locations and protect against data breaches.


A platform for photography that lets users sell photos against their copyright. The startup’s co-founder, Jake Sion, says it started as an homage to the Instagram addiction many have to sharing their photos.


Data is siloed across different departments at a company, preventing anyone from understanding how their company stacks up against the competition. This startup is building a map of various types of data within a company, allowing users to search across multiple data sets at once.


A company that uses real-time technology to make sure that your home security system is always on, and that it can be accessed by your family members and friends. It’s also a tool to protect against cyber thieves who could potentially hack into your devices.


App that helps you play games against your friends and pick up where you left off on your phone


Fintech company that offers investors a way to borrow against their crypto holdings.


A microfinance company that provides small loans to farmers in India to help them hedge against the possibility that their crops might fail.


A startup aiming to “disrupt the security industry by providing an end-to-end solution for the enterprise”. The startup offers a platform for businesses to help protect their data against malware.


A personal financing tool that helps consumers save for retirement, borrow against their homes, refinance student loans, and reduce debt.


This is a 3D blockchain game built on the Ethereum blockchain. The game pits users against each other, where they compete for virtual game cards and battle for blockchain-based prizes.


 Founded in 2013, QuizUp is a trivia game where you compete against others for high scores. The startup has raised $1.5 million and is now making its way into Asia.


“A product discovery platform for product teams”. It’s essentially like a resume manager that lets you see what your peers are doing in other companies, and gauge how you stack up against them.


 A startup that wants to provide insurance for freelance content creators, giving them a way to secure their gigs against things like blackouts and injury. The company is looking to grow into more than just content creators, proposing to add insurance to other types of industries.


A social network that allows users to chat and play games with their friends who are currently hanging out in the physical world. Users can also play games against friends at home, meanwhile.


A tool that helps users to create and edit their own “competition packs” of decks for a given game, which they then use to play against friends or strangers online.


A tool for sports teams to create their own fantasy sports leagues, allowing fans to compete against each other.


Video game streaming service that helps customers play their own game against other users, using “bots” to create artificial opponents.


A counter-intelligence platform that gathers information on how anti-poaching firms are competing against each other, and shares that data with clients, allowing clients to more effectively compete against poaching firms.


On the heels of the success of its first product, the startup is ramping up to launch a new product, which it hopes will help landlords protect against the threat of stolen property and vandalism.


Idea: A way to track your spending against your income, which is kind of like a spending tracker but more sophisticated.


A startup meant to help people with albinism in Tanzania, where many people are discriminated against, find employment