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Advantage Startup Ideas

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A startup that helps small businesses take advantage of a new type of insurance: self-funded insurance.


Health insurance is so complicated that people often prefer to just pay the tax penalty and ignore it. This startup wants to make health insurance easy, with an automated system encouraging people to enroll and take advantage of the tax savings.


This startup is building an app that connects big companies with local small businesses in order to take advantage of the buying power of the millions of small business owners in the US.


A company that helps small businesses buy and sell all their equipment in one place, avoiding the disadvantages of Craigslist and other marketplaces, with a process that’s automated and secure.


A company that wants to make it easy for large companies to take advantage of technology and automation to save money, while still ensuring employees have access to human resources, benefits, and security.


A “Social Commerce Platform” that allows brands to tie social media to their sales. The startup wants to help brands take advantage of social media to interact with their customers and drive sales. It’s working with a number of brands including Lululemon, Gatorade, and, most recently, Kia.


A B2B company that helps banks take advantage of underutilized data in their systems. The company claims its technology can help banks save up to $500m a year.


A tool for HR leaders to manage employee reviews, with a focus on making sure employees have a voice in their reviews, and that the company is using the information to its advantage.


People are still not taking advantage of the benefits of peer to peer lending in the US, so Peervest is trying to change that through a marketplace that compares the best rates at peer to peer lenders in the US to traditional bank rates.


A company that aims to build a web-based, third-party curator for Amazon. The startup’s founder says that by offering a third-party curator of Amazon, a company can take advantage of the huge inventory of products that Amazon offers and cut out the middleman.


A “collaboration platform for freelance workers,” allowing them to find one another and take advantage of their “world of expertise”


A startup that helps people understand their credit score and how to use it to their advantage


A tool that helps companies take advantage of their Amazon Web Services infrastructure, and helps them automate tasks.


A startup looking to make the world’s best desktop security software, and taking advantage of the increasing need for it as the world becomes more connected.


A startup that makes it easier to buy and sell tickets online, using a system that takes advantage of the optimal price for the item based on demand.


A startup that helps its users take advantage of split-work hours that their employers or school offer


A startup that’s building a platform to help people take advantage of free food and services. It’s a way to get free food and services from restaurants, or even the government.


Canvas is a Y Combinator company that creates “smart” pillows that “take advantage of the unique wireless signals from your body to automatically adjust your sleep position”.


A company that helps you evaluate the best investments to take advantage of growing trends — and withdraw money if you want.


The company is creating a platform for companies that want to take advantage of their networks of publicists, leading to more effective, more affordable marketing.


A SaaS platform that helps companies take advantage of the new EU GDPR regulations by making compliance faster and easier. The startup has raised $1.4M.


The startup wants to make it easier for small businesses to take advantage of the benefits of online marketplaces. They are building a platform that helps small businesses to connect with a variety of online business networks.


A platform to let consumers connect with the right people and businesses for their needs, and then to take advantage of the discounts and services that are available. The startup is building a "social commerce" platform, designed to make “bid-for-deals” a thing that users want and businesses want.


LogMeIn is an online business continuity and disaster recovery tool used by businesses and organizations of all sizes. Users can access their computers and data in times of trouble, and moreover, take advantage of its free iPhone/Android apps for remote access and file sharing.


A B2B company that helps companies take advantage of their collective buying power to negotiate better prices.


A startup that helps users make a case for charitable donations in their life, so they can take advantage of tax benefits and make a donation to charity.


A B2B business that lists items for sale on the web, allowing users to take advantage of the millions of people who are selling on Amazon. The startup has already made a $100,000 sale.


A new kind of grocery store that takes advantage of the fact that many people can’t shop alone. The concept is that it’s one person browsing the store while the other is cooking.


A startup that allows people to rent wheels for their car and take advantage of local deals


A startup that aims to solve the problem of long-distance relationships between people who are both working in the tech industry. The app takes advantage of voice and video chat to help people remain connected to one another.


Acorn is a service that helps companies manage their data and privacy, and also allows them to take advantage of AI to extract more information.


A company that brings the advantages of machine learning to enterprise workflows.


Idea: A startup that helps restaurants in India optimize their kitchen workflow, and take advantage of technology like smart fridges and credit card processing.


Idea: This startup wants to help India’s 600 million smartphone users take advantage of the country’s rapidly growing e-commerce market.