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Actually Startup Ideas

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A fake account that updates you on trending topics and stories that others are talking about, but are too boring or too niche to actually care about.


As we reported last week, Blue Capital is building a “wage engine” for the gig economy that will help people figure out how to actually pay their rent.


A smart electric car startup that is working on creating a platform that makes battery charging more efficient, using AI to actually learn from the owner’s driving habits.


A self-storage company that provides monthly payment structures to make customers feel like they’re paying less in rent than they actually are.


An insurance-focused startup that collects data from drivers using their Android phones and then uses the data to sell insurance to them. It’s an insurance company that doesn’t actually write the policies.


A tool to help you make music from a series of notes without actually playing them.


“We pride ourselves on being one of the few VCs in the Bay Area that can actually speak the language of our portfolio companies, and we are happy to have the opportunity to learn Spanish and Portuguese.”


Microfinancing platform that uses a machine learning algorithm to do credit checks and a risk assessment in order to make sure the capital they lend is actually utilized. Microfinance is a $2.6 trillion industry where millions of people lack access to loans, and that’s where the startup wants to come in and help.


A startup for people who want to start a business, but don’t have the time or resources to actually do it. The app aims to provide education, mentoring, and a place where entrepreneurs can network.


The company is building something called “Zero-Effort”, which allows you to get a lot of stuff done at once without actually doing anything. When you get the app, you get a list of tasks that have been done for you.


The company is centered around a new product called the “Activity Tracker”, which is actually a wristband with sensors that measure the wearer’s activity throughout the day. The wristband communicates with a phone that then records the data on the app. The data can then be synced with a HealthKit-enabled app for tracking progress.


In the US, 90% of people’s social media profiles use photos, but only 50% of those photos are actually being used for social purposes. A company that wants to solve the problem, BuildFace is a tool that uses facial recognition to curate a digital photo-portfolio, using contextual photos to augment a person’s personal brand.


A health app that helps people track their food intake from the point of purchase to the point of consumption, using a unique algorithm to allow users to get a sense of how much of their food they’re actually eating.


Someone that wants to sell you a guitar in exchange for your soul. (It’s not actually happening)


A startup that converts your expense reports into a simple, accurate, and painless monthly report that your boss will actually read.


While all of these startups are doing great things, are they actually doing anything


A lot of startups ask for your email address, but few of them actually send you an email using it. Lab9 wants to be the company that helps you get emails from your favorite startups so that you can see what they’re working on and when they’ll be launching on their product.


A startup that wants to build a cloud storage service that’s actually useful. The company wants to build a storage system that’s useful for organizations, not just consumers.


Seems like the startup is building a lightweight, stylus-driven browser that looks like Chrome, but is actually built from scratch. The company is looking to make it a more natural way to interact with your phone’s browser, and create a more “personal” experience.


The startup’s website says that it has “the best product”, but its pitch doesn’t give details about that product or what it’s actually doing.


A financial management tool for people who want to stick to a budget. The company wants to help people use their credit cards to buy things they actually need.


This startup is building an API for API companies to build API integrations into their API. API integrations are a key part of growing an API-powered business by letting users access the API without actually running the API themselves.


This startup is creating “predictive messaging” tools that allow people to get notifications, like when they have a doctor’s appointment, before they actually do.


Idea : A tool for managing relationships between people with similar interests. The company is building a platform to help people share interests with others, and it’s using data science to help people actually find each other.


A platform that helps law firms and real estate agents sell homes that they didn’t actually list on the MLS.


A company that aims to help companies determine which labor-saving devices are actually more efficient and cost-effective for their operations.


A mobile chat platform that lets you video chat with your friends. It actually built a mobile chat platform the same way it built the messaging platform, with no outside funding. It’s now in private beta after launching in December.


A dashboard that helps companies monitor which customers have opened an account, and which they have actually paid.


A messaging platform to facilitate in-person meetings between people who never actually met before. It’s designed to streamline the matchmaking process by connecting people with similar interests, and to make it more efficient for those who like meeting in-person.


A startup building a customer relationship management platform for small businesses based on the idea that business owners spend more time servicing customers than they do actually doing their own work.


A company that helps overcome the threat of a patent lawsuit from a patent troll. They’re working on a system to help you determine which patents you’re actually violating, and what it’ll cost to license them.


 A startup to help companies manage their intellectual property in a cohesive way. The company says they’ve done a lot of research and found that a lot of companies are spending a lot of time and money on this work that’s actually not that important.


A startup that provides a service where they help people prepare for job interviews by actually going to the company and getting a tour and pretending to


Idea: A tool for reducing the time between when a company identifies a bug, and when that bug is actually fixed The startup says their product is 80% cheaper than competitors


Idea: A startup that is making a new type of surface that feels a bit like paper but is actually a plastic material This material can then be molded to make all types of different things, like a fridge that can be rolled up The surface is also programmable, so it can be made to change color or texture when a button is pressed


Idea: This startup is building a service that uses computer vision to verify that a politician is actually at an event.