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Activity Startup Ideas

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A fitness app for everyone, not just professional athletes. The app helps users track their daily activity and exercise goals.


A tool that allows users to manage their calorie intake and physical activity.


A Facebook app that compiles all your Facebook activity into one place.


A company that helps recruiters find candidates by tracking their activity on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.


A web-based tool for investors to check a portfolio of investments for fraud and patterns in investment activity.


A startup that aims to help keep track of all the activity happening in a company’s Slack.


A startup is building a way to help people track their fitness activity, allowing people to connect with people and challenges with similar fitness goals.


A technology that helps retailers track customer activity from the moment a customer opens the door to the moment they leave.


This startup’s goal is to prevent ad fraud. It uses a combination of machine learning, data mining, and crowdsourcing to help companies like Amazon and Google detect fraudulent activity on their platforms.


A startup that helps people take more control over their finances by giving them more information on their activity and offering a way to earn rewards.


A SaaS platform that helps you manage your sales pipeline. It provides tools to help sales reps track their pipeline activity, and allows reps to manage leads.


This startup is building a platform for sharing pictures of food. It’s simple and turns the act of eating into a social activity. It’s a way to get people together around food and helps businesses promote their products in a way that’s both fun and useful.


A digital marketing platform that lets companies target users based on their social media activity.


 A security/protection service for businesses, working to identify threats and mitigate them before they become a problem. The company has an AI component that’s meant to flag risky behaviors in real time, and has a proactive component that flags any unusual activity.


A startup that sells a tool for people to track their physical activity so they can learn what their body needs to be healthy


A technology that helps to monitor the health of workers, including health risk factors and physical activity levels. The startup believes that the technology will be important for companies who want to make sure their employees are healthy.


This startup’s utility is powered by the sharing economy. The app allows people to connect with local drivers and couriers to take care of what can be a labor-intensive activity, like moving a couch to a new apartment or delivering art to a new home.


A company that makes credit scores that are based on a person’s social media activity, rather than their credit history.


A startup that wants to help organizations build better customer service experiences. The startup builds artificial intelligence to help organizations capture customer insights with its software. It claims to be able to predict customer service issues by scanning a customer’s social media activity.


 A SaaS platform that aims to provide real-time updates for companies on their brand's social media activity.


The company is centered around a new product called the “Activity Tracker”, which is actually a wristband with sensors that measure the wearer’s activity throughout the day. The wristband communicates with a phone that then records the data on the app. The data can then be synced with a HealthKit-enabled app for tracking progress.


A startup that “provides an AI-powered, ad-free content-based search experience for social media that allows users to see engagement, content, and activity across multiple social media channels and news outlets.”


A solution for businesses to track all their employees with a single dashboard, including social media data like likes and comments that can be filtered to show only in-house activity. The startup is aiming to make it easier to manage social media in-house.


A startup that helps brands track influencers’ social media activity and potentially tweak marketing campaigns.


A startup that tells you how good a product is based on Alexa ratings, reviews, and social media activity.


A startup that builds “lifelogging wearables” for people to track their health and fitness habits. It tracks blood sugar, blood pressure, heart rate, sleep, and activity.


A startup that wants to use mobile devices as a way to track and visualize illicit activity.


A mobile app that helps people in the UK stay well by tracking their health and activity, using data from Fitbit, Apple Watch, and Moves.


A mobile app that allows people to create real-time surveys and quizzes about their day, with a social component so they can share the activity with friends.


A US-based startup that wants to help businesses and nonprofits track and report on their social media activity.


A tool to track and visualize a person’s social media activity. It’s a hit with marketers who want to see the impact of their social media campaigns.