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Accurate Startup Ideas

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A team on a mission to build better and more accurate algorithms to predict the future of the US presidency.


The aim is to let consumers to pay for a 3D-printed object. One feature is that the 3D-printed object is scanned and then the user can print out an accurate digital version they can then use in their homes.


A startup that uses a software program to crunch open data to predict land value The startup claims that it can predict land value more accurately than appraisers and cheaper than buying survey data


A startup that helps people track their workouts and plan healthy meals. The startup is focused on helping people who are healthy and want to keep it that way, and the company says that because the company’s algorithms are based on historical exercise data, it’s able to identify trends that are more accurate than what a person might individually determine for themselves.


A OCR startup that’s building AI to help companies with manual transcription. The startup wants to make the process easier and more accurate.


A startup that helps small businesses use big data to improve their operations. The company’s software helps companies make accurate trade-off decisions between labor and capital in order to optimize their operations.


They’re looking to build an AI that can be used by investors to evaluate the risk of a loan, and is meant to be more accurate and faster than existing methods.


A startup that helps people fill out job applications and offers more accurate insights about what they’re truly interested in.


A platform that lets families, friends, and neighbors connect, find, and support each other for their mental health issues, using a big data approach to help the right people at the right time. Through its platform, Bensound plans to provide a virtual space where people can post their symptoms, get support, and connect with each other. The platform reaps the insights provided by the data from all the posts to offer people with mental health issues the most personalized, accurate diagnosis possible.


A company building a tool for sites to accurately measure page views and clicks, as well as help them gain better insights into user behavior.


A process control startup that enables companies to monitor and control processes that don’t have sensors. It’s a more accurate way of gauging process performance than the traditional approach of sending a technician to the site.


A startup for recording and sharing gameplay footage, enabling faster, more accurate collaborations between developers and players.


This company is building a service for restaurants that will help them manage their money and track the cost of food. The startup aims to keep a more accurate tally of expenses, which will allow restaurants to save money.


 A French company that runs AI-based time tracking software for employers, helping them monitor employees’ time and pay them accurately.


A startup that helps patients get more accurate diagnoses of their conditions by providing them with a collection of data from specialists via an app on their smartphone.


A "social speech recognition" app that uses the power of crowdsourcing to help people with speech disabilities get the most accurate possible transcription.


Startup that is building an AI-based language model to make text analysis faster and more accurate


A tool to automatically and accurately edit videos from your iPhone, so that you don’t have to use the stock iOS app


A startup that converts your expense reports into a simple, accurate, and painless monthly report that your boss will actually read.


Blackbox is trying to tackle the problem of consumer credit scores, which are used to help determine creditworthiness, but are not very accurate. The startup is building a credit scoring tool that uses data from places like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to determine creditworthiness.


A tool that helps fuel station cashiers and shopkeepers make accurate purchases from in-store kiosks, and creates new revenue opportunities for both.


A virtual assistant, error-correcting software, and chatbot that helps you empower your team to deliver more accurate and better customer service.


This startup wants to solve the problem of keeping track of customers’ payments for businesses and helps them with a phone app and a digital solution that they claim are more accurate and cheaper.


A remote brain-computer interface startup, which claims to be cheaper, faster, and more accurate than existing solutions.


This personal finance startup wants to help people build a complete and accurate picture of their finances. The startup itself is based on a DIY personal finance blog.


A company that uses machine learning to provide a better, more accurate and faster search tool for genealogists.


An in-house recruiting tool for companies. It’s meant to help recruiters quickly and accurately fill jobs via a platform that can be set up on their own web domain.


A startup that offers subscriptions to on-demand tasks, like cleaning, lawn mowing and house cleaning. The startup is the first to use an AI and deep learning to get accurate pricing for each task.


The startup’s software enables users to track and report on their time and productivity more accurately and efficiently, and is currently being used by 100,000 people at more than 1,000 companies.


An organic fertilizer app designed to help farmers track their production and make accurate decisions based on their crop yields.


A startup that wants to make credit card checks less expensive and more accurate by automating the process with artificial intelligence.


The startup aims to “reduce fraud and improve user experience” by using AI to make fraud detection faster and more accurate.


A software platform that helps recruiters and hiring managers find and hire employees more efficiently and accurately, and helps them understand up-to-date employee data.


A company that helps nudge businesses to ensure they accurately report their sales tax to the government.


A machine learning platform that helps companies make more accurate predictions about when they’ll run out of inventory. The startup is looking to build a “data factory” to make its predictions more accurate.


A new type of hardware, the “fiducial marker,” which is meant to replace the fiducials in your product data, making it more accurate and useful.


A company that helps organizations create accurate sales forecasting reports by automatically collecting the data from multiple sources.


A startup that makes accurate, high-resolution 3D models of the things in the world. The company charges designers and architects in-person visits in which they can see prototypes in person and get one-on-one feedback.


The service is meant to make it easier for sales reps to get accurate pricing, get the right product, and get paid for their sales.


A tool for businesses to plan and manage their expenses and make them more accurate. It pulls in data from other services like Salesforce, Google Docs and more, so you can plan an expense with a spreadsheet and see it instantly reflected in your online banking.


A way to monitor and track the usage of a person’s electric car. The startup is pitching their product as a way to accurately track a person’s gas consumption and make sure they’re charging when they’re supposed to.


A startup that builds predictive analytics for marketers to help them make more accurate decisions about the products they want to sell.


A startup that aims to make a better, cheaper, faster and more accurate way to calculate the radiation dose you receive from the sun and other sources of radiation.


A startup that helps people get a more accurate assessment of their health by having them take pictures of their belly/stomach throughout the day