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Accessible Startup Ideas

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A startup that uses AI to make video games more accessible to colorblind people


The startup was founded in May with the goal of making banking more accessible in the US.


A tool to create a photo-realistic simulation of an office environment with a 3D avatar. Its founders say it’s the first 3D avatar platform that is both accessible and real-time.


This startup is building an app to help people with mental illness manage their health. The app aims to make mental health care more accessible and affordable.


A startup focused on offering a new way for people to get around. The company is focused on making public transit faster, more reliable, and more accessible, and it wants to do that by buying out bus companies and running them as its own private transportation network.


A customer service platform that lets customers ask questions about their accounts in a more accessible way.


A platform for building art, where anyone can create a piece of art in minutes. The app uses a unique algorithm to make it easier and more accessible for people to make art, and it’s often seen as the most unique aspect of the platform.


A startup where the US government buys excess military equipment and resells them to civilians. It’s not the first attempt to make the surplus military equipment market accessible, but it’s the first to be backed by the US government.


Real Democracy is a platform for elections, designed to make voting more accessible while improving the quality of elections.


A toolkit that allows developers to add in-game social features to their games and make them more accessible to players.


A startup that makes learning about the world more accessible to people around the world


A platform for the design and manufacture of solar cells. The startup wants to make solar cells more accessible for people in the developing world, with a focus on the Middle East.


We have been taught that investing is for the financially sophisticated. But SICAV’s goal is to make it simpler, more transparent and more accessible to people everywhere.


A team of PhD students and professors are building a system to allow “mostly science-based” investors to bet on the stock market with a goal of making it accessible to those who are currently excluded from investing.


The startup is building a platform for genomics data that is both more accessible, and more useful in the long run than other existing options. They are digitizing research from thousands of articles to make their platform the definitive source for scientific information.


A company that makes using real estate listings data more accessible to the public.


A platform that promises to help people manage their personal finances by combining the power of artificial intelligence with the power of crowd sourcing. The company wants to make the financial management process more efficient and accessible.


This startup aims to make a hiring tool that is “instantly accessible and easy to use” that can “make every hire the right hire”. They have 1,000 happy customers and are profitable.


A social network for the connected car. It aims to make car ownership more accessible by providing access to smartphone-based services that include vehicle diagnostics, maintenance, and selling services.


A startup focused on making home security more affordable and accessible. The company has raised $5 million from investors including General Catalyst, T. Rowe Price, and others.


A startup that wants to make fitness apps as accessible as possible. It’s developing a service that can do things like send texts to your phone with workout time reminders and sets reminders on your phone for you to work out.


A startup that is helping companies make their data sets more accessible to marketers and researchers.


A platform for data science and machine learning that’s meant to be accessible for non-technical users.


A startup that builds apps for the military to manage their supply chains. The military has developed a unique supply chain management process that needs to be made more accessible to civilians.


This startup is building an Uber-like app that it says will be cheaper and more accessible for those who can’t afford a car. It will also have a carpooling component, so you can share a ride to work and your car with others.


A startup that provides a way for people to book and pay for their medical appointments from their mobile phones, the startup plans on democratizing the healthcare system by making it more accessible to the general population.


An automated service that can help users organize and keep track of healthcare benefits to make them accessible and easy to access.


While the idea of a self-driving car might look like far-fetched science fiction, the reality is that the technology is already at work on the roads of the United States and Europe. However, it is still too expensive for consumers to access. The startup, which is still in stealth, is working to make the technology accessible at a consumer level.


A startup that wants to make healthcare more accessible by building an artificial intelligence platform that can diagnose and manage symptoms of common ailments


A mobile shopping app that hopes to make managing your online shopping easily accessible by letting you order products from within the app.


A system for putting the power of machine learning into a more accessible tool.


A tool that helps organize things in a way that’s more accessible for the blind.


A digital ecosystem for data science to collaborate and do research. It’s meant to help make the field more accessible to smaller teams and startups.


Building a company focused on making modeling, simulation and optimization more accessible to researchers, engineers and scientists.


Founded by a pair of former Stripe engineers, this startup helps companies store and deliver their data in a way that is accessible to developers.


A French startup that wants to bring a more accessible way to access financial services to the unbanked in developing countries. The startup is building a mobile app that connects to the bank account of the unbanked, and then allows them to make international transfers and even cash out to a local currency.


The founder of Code.org, a nonprofit working to make computer science education more accessible, wants to create a foundation to encourage high school students to learn software and programming.


This startup is building a more accessible interface for data scientists to get more out of the data they have.


The company’s vision is to make the process of creating a video game “as simple as making a PowerPoint presentation”. It wants to make video game creation accessible to non-programmers, and today’s software for that is too difficult to use.


A platform that helps people with no access to banking services, get small business loans and savings accounts. They’re a nonprofit and are building a platform to help people build their own financial products and have it administered by a bank, thus making it more accessible.


This startup is looking to create a digital tool that allows people to make and manage their own legal agreements, aiming to improve efficiency, and making the legal process faster and more accessible.


A startup that aims to create an app that lets people create, share, and curate content, with the goal of making the creative world more accessible.


A startup for building community gardens. The startup wants to make urban farming accessible to anyone.


This startup wants to make online real estate investing more accessible to millennials, with a platform that helps investors manage investments and track performance.


This startup is trying to make content creation a more accessible experience for anyone.


This startup is building a way of getting more people involved in investing. Think about it as putting a more accessible and polite version of robo-advisors front and center.


Ever the entrepreneur, Aaron Hinkley (of 25% Happier fame) co-founded a new startup, Arana, with his wife. It’s an online platform focused on promoting and discussing the benefits of meditation in a way that’s accessible to everyone.


The startup helps companies build their own personal training programs in order to make in-person training more efficient, cheaper, and more accessible.


A management platform for managing the data of people on your team, making it easily accessible to all team members. It’s currently used by organizations like the Department of Defense, the Leukemia Lymphoma Society, and the National Park Service.


Idea: An open source CSS framework for building accessible, high-performance interfaces


Idea: A startup that makes it easy and cheap to make custom shirts for businesses, with the goal of making custom garments more accessible to small businesses


Easily accessible credit. The idea here is to enable people to set up accounts and be able to borrow money for things like furniture, or home improvement. So far, they’ve raised $5.2 million.


A software company that helps businesses build and scale their content marketing programs. A financial services company that aims to make trading more accessible for small and medium-sized businesses.