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by @levelsio

3d Startup Ideas

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A 3D printing platform that helps business owners create 3D-printed products


A startup that allows users to draw straight lines and then automatically create a 3D model of the object with a computer vision model.


A startup that uses 3d printing to create custom constructed homes for people who need homes quickly


A startup that sells 3D printing services to the medical industry


A free web-based platform for creating and sharing 3D models of objects.


This is a startup that sells the parts needed to build a 3D printer.


The aim is to let consumers to pay for a 3D-printed object. One feature is that the 3D-printed object is scanned and then the user can print out an accurate digital version they can then use in their homes.


A startup that plans to disrupt the $20 billion handbag industry with a new line of handbags by using 3D printing. The startup is teaming with luxury fashion brand Michael Kors for the launch of the first products.


A startup for companies to build, edit, and manage custom 3D content and virtual reality experiences.


A web service that takes a single photo and turns it into a 3D model.


A tool that allows people to create their own 3D models of objects and designs and have them printed on a 3D printer.


A post-production startup that helps video editors create a 3D environment for their videos.


A startup that’s building a 3D printing platform for mixed-use buildings. The tech allows for 3D printing of 3D models to be used in building construction.


A tool that turns a photo of a painting into a 3D model that can be shared on the web.


A company that is building a marketplace for 3D printers.


A company that’s exploring augmented reality for the creative industries, by allowing artists to create art using a simple 3D app.


A tool to create a photo-realistic simulation of an office environment with a 3D avatar. Its founders say it’s the first 3D avatar platform that is both accessible and real-time.


A startup that’s building a tool to help companies create an online studio for virtual, remote teams. The startup wants to help companies have a team wherever they are. It’s a platform for companies without 3D graphics talent to create virtual environments and use them for video conferencing, live training, and more.


A 3D-printed eyewear company that’s looking to disrupt the eyewear industry with a direct-to-consumer approach.


A platform for building 3D objects where you can customize them to get the exact look you want.


Symmetry is building a digital taxidermist, a tool to help users turn their photos into 3D digital models. It can be used for anything from creating a doll of a family member to making a taxidermy mount of a dead animal.


A startup that takes your photo and turns it into a 3D model. The app lets you print it into a model that you can then take on a journey.


A platform for making and editing 3D models and rendering them in real-time, with a cloud-based service for sharing and collaboration.


A company that helps its customers build their own hardware. Once they have the specs for the product, they can create a 3D design, and get it printed at Shapeways at a fraction of the cost of other companies that do the same thing.


A startup that lets you create videos and images with text in the background in real-time to create what’s called a "Voxel" — an image with a 3D representation of a text sentence.


This startup is building a platform that allows users to book tattoos online. The platform will allow clients to view their tattoos in 3D and choose designs, colors and sizes.


A tool for visualizing 3D objects within a computer’s memory.


A hardware startup that builds medical devices. It’s the first company to make a 3D printer for producing pacemakers.


Bringing the consumer’s head into the product design process by using 3D printing.


A startup building a mobile app that allows users to upload and share 3D models that can then be used for business, education, art, or other purposes.


A series of 3D filters for the Oculus Rift


A startup that wants to make open-source software for 3D printers. The founders are tech veterans who have built digital fabrication tools before.


 A tool for making 3D-printed furniture and other DIY items.


A startup that provides a set of tools for designers to create their own custom-designed clothes. The company uses a 3D printer to produce knit fabrics.


An online service that wants to help companies manage their manufacturing process. Their first product is a $2,000 kit that comes with a 3D printer and 3D printer-compatible materials.


A 3D facial recognition tool that allows users to take selfies and instantly identify who they are and where they are. The idea is that it can help businesses reduce the risk of theft.


The startup is working with partners to bootstrap the growth of a small-scale 3D printing community by providing the equipment and resources to move from a maker-model printer to a high-quality commercial printer.


A high-speed and cheap way to create custom-made, high-resolution 3D printed parts.


"We now take a picture of a building, point the camera at the digital building model, and a 3D model of the building pops up over the image.”


A micro-invention technology startup that lets anyone print 3D objects using simple DIY kits.


A startup that provides a “digital home” where someone can design and build a custom home online, and then have it shipped to them. The startup creates a 3D model of the house, and then puts it into a CAD program, which allows them to directly see the design, and put in every detail.


A company that helps homebuilders and architects create and share 3D renderings of properties


A company that builds 3D-printed prosthetic hands and other medical devices that can be 3D-printed at home, with a focus on helping veterans.


A company that generates 3D models of structures, which it sells to architects and engineers.


A startup that worked with a university to develop new materials for 3D printing that are conductive and conductive-free.


A startup that makes custom-made, 3D-printed female prosthetics that can be used to treat urinary incontinence in women.


A platform for making free, web-based 2D and 3D models.


A startup that’s helping dental offices reduce costs and improve patient experience by adding a 3D tool that lets dentists see what they’re doing in real-time.


A startup that will take waste from 3D printers and turn it into bricks.


This company is building an artificial intelligence engine that can build 3D models of anything in real time.


A company that designs and manufactures 3D printed medical devices. The startup wants to build a device that helps the blind navigate and helps the visually impaired to see better. It’s working with an area hospital and hopes to have a product out this year.


An online marketplace for making and selling custom-made products using 3D printing. The startup is building a one-stop shop for all 3D design, 3D printing, and 3D scanning needs.


A startup focused on virtual reality and augmented reality wants to make it easier to create and share 3D models on the web, allowing designers to upload their 3D models into its platform for sharing and collaboration.


 A platform for creating 3D models on top of a 3D model. The startup is building a way to create 3D models of buildings and other structures, and create 3D printable models of them.


This is a 3D blockchain game built on the Ethereum blockchain. The game pits users against each other, where they compete for virtual game cards and battle for blockchain-based prizes.


A social network for all of the robot hobbies out there including 3D printing, futurism, robotics, and more.


Fits a 3D scanner into a backpack so you can easily scan objects on the go.


 A free 3D printer for students and educators. The company is also launching a subscription service to provide access to more advanced models and features.


A tool that will take a photo of your face in the palm of your hand and then generate a 3D print of your face.


A new modern camera made with 3D printing.


A company that makes custom, 3D-printed eyewear.


This startup is building a platform to help users build their own phone cases. Its mobile app lets customers customize the case, and a 3D printer can then print it out.


The world’s first interactive robot taxidermist. It combines 3D scanning technology and a robotic arm to automatically fuse together a stuffed creature out of real animal parts. The startup says the process is simple for consumers to use, and can be done from their homes.


A company that sells 3D printed case covers for smart phones.


A 3D printing solution for printing custom parts on demand, or as a service for companies with regular customers.


A 3D facial recognition app that helps you find the closest barbershop or stylist.


An augmented reality platform that allows users to create and share 3D scenes and experiences, including through the iPhone’s camera.


A platform for printing 3D objects on demand.


A company that takes your design, draws it on a screen, and then 3D prints it.


An iPad app that helps you find a matching style for your home and then shows a 3D model of your home in 360 degrees.


A 3-year-old startup that’s building an AI that can generate 3D models of objects using consumer video.


A 3D printable gun that allows you to modify the shape of your weapon. The idea behind the technology is that it can be used to make semi-automatic weapons capable of being fired more quickly.


A startup that allows users to create and edit high-definition 3D models of real-world objects


A new way of building products that uses 3D printing to make them faster.


A startup that wants to bring a model airplane shop to 3D printing.


This startup is building an online marketplace for building and selling custom-designed 3D printed products. The company has raised over $1m so far, and has its own 3D printer.


A way for people to build their own low-cost homes using 3D printing, with a focus on the poor.


New startup that generates and sells 3D models of buildings for architects and designers to use.


A platform for 3D printing and prototyping tools. The company’s software platform helps users create and sell 3D-printed products online.


A virtual reality headset that can show you a 3D map of your home when you’re on vacation.


 A CNC milling machine for 3D printing that has a heated build plate, a 3D printer kit, and a software program for designing and controlling the machine directly from your computer.


3D printers designed specifically to work with medical devices.


A series of “4D” experiences, intended to place users into virtual 3D environments and cause them to do things like race cars or play with dinosaurs.


The startup offers a tool for companies to make their own custom, branded products, using a 3D printer and a factory in China. The company has partnered with Unilever, United Parcel Service, and Chipotle among others.


A startup that’s building a platform to allow users to create their own custom-engineered blocks on a 3D printer. Those blocks can be used to construct robot arms, medical devices, and other tools.


company that creates and sells 3D printed furniture.


An iOS app that allows users to make “3D-printed” earrings and pendants.


A startup that wants to make it easy to make furniture with 3D printing. A woodworker or designer can go to their website and select a model, upload their CAD files, and in just a few hours they’ll get a 3D-printed version of their design.


A startup that builds 3D printers that can build custom iPhone cases.


A patent-pending technology for making 3D-printed objects from photos.


A startup that’s building a tool for creating interactive 3D models of objects, which are then easier to ship. The company wants to help them more efficiently use their 3D printers.


A tool for building custom, customizable, 3D models of things.


A startup that helps you design your home by giving you access to 3D models, walkthroughs, and virtual tours of homes on the market.


One of the most common complaints about shopping carts is that it’s hard to compare prices. 3D Cart hopes to help with that by showing the prices from the retailer’s site directly on the cart page.


A startup that makes accurate, high-resolution 3D models of the things in the world. The company charges designers and architects in-person visits in which they can see prototypes in person and get one-on-one feedback.


A company that makes 3D printing filament for 3D printers. According to the company, “no one else makes what we make”, which is particularly important for companies that are new to 3D printing.


3D scanning of objects, with a database for maintaining 3D models. With the help of the database, the company wants to build applications for things like digital signage, construction, art, and even retail.


A startup that makes a 3D-printed prosthetic hand to replace a lost or damaged hand.


A startup that sells physical gifts that you can print out on a 3D printer (IE: A keychain, a tissue box, a phone case)


Idea: An online marketplace for buying and selling 3D-printed objects. The startup aims to be a marketplace for a new generation of makers, with a platform to bring together designers, engineers, and 3D-printers. They currently have 500 open-ended jobs, and a $1k average order size.


Idea: A startup that automates the process of making a 3D scan of a person using just a smartphone and a standard webcam.


Idea: A business that sells plastic tubes with powder that you can use to print your own 3D objects.


Idea: A startup that is building a tool that makes it easier for users to edit 3D models in VR. It’s a combination of a 3D modeling tool and a 3D rendering engine, currently available for Oculus and HTC Vive.


Idea: A soft-keyboard for mobile devices. The startup says their product is meant to make it easier to type on touch screens, leveraging a 3D-touch feature that allows users to press in harder on their mobile phones.


Idea: A 3D audio startup that is trying to make podcasting more immersive by using binaural audio. The app has a pretty strong take on the future of podcasting, and its founder says that the company is profitable.


 A startup that makes a custom-designed and usable 3D printer